Map. History of Iran conflict

18 قد 2021
Iraq FM says not obliged to abide by Iran sanctions, seeking bypass to continue trade
The attorney of arrested steelworkers of Ahvaz Steel Company says there are still seven workers in prison.
Jan 2 - Isfahan, central Iran More Scenes of the riot forces' clashes with the protesters
On Kurds, "I didn't like that fact that they're selling the small oil that they have to Iran" per @POTUS "We're not thrilled about that. Ok. I'm not happy about that at all"
Trump says Iran "hates ISIS more than we do"
Iranian anti ship ballistic missile with active radar guidance. Shown at the great prophet 12 drill.2 سنة منذ
Iranian anti ship ballistic missile with active radar guidance. Shown at the great prophet 12 drill.
Trump on Iran's role in Syria: "they can do what they want there, frankly"
Trump: I like Kurds but I don't like them selling oil to Iran.
Trump says he had a meeting about Iran and the Middle East with lots of good-looking generals: "Like from a movie. Better looking than Tom Cruise, and stronger."
"Russia and Iran, everything we're doing over there helps them" per @POTUS, adding Moscow Tehran don't want US to leave Syria "We're down to final blows" vs ISIS, per Trump
2 سنة منذ
Khamenei: Science fictions are important. Things that once existed in fictions have turned into realities. Reading science fiction opens new horizons to one's mind. Isaac Asimov's "The Bicentennial Man", the story of a robot that develops conscience and cognition, is one example. 4/2/1992
Iranian farmers in Isfahan province scuffle with riot police Farmers object local resources of water being piped to other provinces
SyAAF IL-76 cargo plane [YK-ATB] from Tehran to Aleppo/Kweres Airbase today2 سنة منذ
SyAAF IL-76 cargo plane [YK-ATB] from Tehran to Aleppo/Kweres Airbase today
Anti riot truck to disperse Iranian farmers peaceful protest in Isfahan today
2 سنة منذ
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 22km NE of Borazjan, Iran
بومبيو خلال لقائه نتنياهو في البرازيل: قرارنا الانسحاب من سوريا لا يعني أي تغيير في دعمنا لإسرائيل
2 سنة منذ
Khamenei: Slavery Abolition by Abraham Lincoln is a lie. Historical inspection shows it wasn't about ending slavery; it was about the years-long war between North and South and disputes over lands, farming and industry. Blacks are still oppressed and their lives imperiled. 2015-04-26
2 سنة منذ
Netanyahu: White House won't present peace plan before Israel's elections - my report on @axios from Rio
2 سنة منذ
رئيس هيئة الأركان الإيرانية اللواء محمد باقري يزور جزيرة أبو موسى المتنازع عليها مع الإمارات
Israel's army top spy says Iraq is under growing influence of Iran, suggests Israel could attack there as it does in Syria
Anti-government student protests in Tehran, Iran. "Don't be afraid, we're all in this together."
2 سنة منذ
Khamenei: Heavy pressures on the Islamic Republic of Iran by the arrogant powers will never make us to give up on our divine, religious and logical duty of supporting Palestine.
2 سنة منذ
Khamenei: The Zionist government—which begged for ceasefire after 22 days in one case and after 8 days in another case of war against resistance groups— was brought to its knees in recent attacks and asked for truce after only 48 hours: this means defeating usurper Zionist government.
2 سنة منذ
Khamenei: The Palestinian nation's victory didn't mean establishing a government in Tel Aviv—of course that will happen, too. The main victory was the fact that Palestinian people and resistance groups defeated the Zionist government, which Arab armies failed to defeat.
2 سنة منذ
Khamenei: If you resist, you will gain victory. As long as resistance exists, the decline and perishing process of the Zionist government will continue. Palestine will strongly persist and the final victory of the Palestinian nation will occur in the near future, by the grace of God.
Afghanistan Taliban arrived in Tehran, started negotiations: foreign ministry
الخارجية الإيرانية: الحوار مع حركة طالبان في طهران كان بعلم الحكومة الأفغانية
Islamic Jihad leader Ziad Nahaleh said in an interview with Iranian media: In any future campaign, the axis of resistance will act as one from the north and the south, and Israel must understand that the resistance axis today is the one"
2 سنة منذ
Khamenei: Given the unique role of the Expediency Discernment Council in the management, persistence andconsistency of the establishment, andfollowing the passing of Ayatollah Shahroodi, I appoint Ayatollah Amoli-Larijani as the new chairman of this counciland a jurisprudent in Guardian Council.
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