18 يونيو 2021
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Khamenei: The people and youth in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries hate the U.S. for it's domineering ambitions and insulting others; but U.S. officials are unable to understand this hatred, so they blame us for it.
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Khamenei: The Americans threaten us and indicate that if some country's youth attack U.S. or U.S. allies, they blame Iran for it. But we respond: To hell with you if you blame us; you better look at your hateful actions in those countries.
Central Bank of Iraq has sanctioned the Cham Wings Airlines "Belong to Rami Makhlouf", Syrian Arab Airline, and My Aviation Company Limited because of their role in supporting the terrorist groups.
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Khamenei: U.S.'s hard power— i.e., economic andmilitary powers— are also declining. U.S. military power is extensively confused andthat's why they have turned to companies like Black Water to achieve their military goals. The same is true about US economy: $15 tn debt and $800 b. budget deficit.
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Khamenei: Even liberal democracy is being exposed too. Trump as the President of U.S. has unmasked them and the U.S. and liberal democracy have been all exposed and disgraced.
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Khamenei: U.S.'s power is on a decline. Today, U.S. is much weaker than it was 40 years ago. It was the same during Obama's presidency, but it's more evident during current US pres. His every decision is opposed by the world; not just by the people but also by governments.
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Khamenei: The challenge between the U.S. and Iran has lasted for 40 years so far and the U.S. has made various efforts against us: military, economic and media warfare. There's a key fact here: in this 40-year challenge, the defeated is the U.S. and the victorious is the Islamic Republic.
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Khamenei: The U.S.'s goal in imposing sanctions is to paralyze and prevent the growth of national economy; but it resulted in a movement towards self-sufficiency in Iran. The Iranian nation used to import everything for years, it has developed a habit of producing everything.
الاتحاد الأوروبي وفرنسا وألمانيا وبريطانيا يعربون عن أسفهم لقرار واشنطن إعادة فرض العقوبات على طهران
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US DoD SECDEF - "Iran continues to export missiles, rockets, and unmanned aerial systems to Houthi militants in violation of United Nations strictures - Over the past 18 months, Houthis have launched more than 100 missiles at Saudi Arabia, including civilian targets."
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Turkey has been told it will receive a waiver on US sanctions against Iran. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US will issue eight exemptions to countries importing Iranian oil
The Trump administration announced Friday it was snapping back sanctions on Iran that were lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal - Fox News
إيران: لدينا القدرة على إدارة شؤوننا الاقتصادية في ظل العقوبات الأميركية
وزير الخزانة الأميركي: واشنطن تضيف 700 شخص وكيان إلى قائمة عقوباتها على إيران
بومبيو: الإعفاءات بشأن عقوبات إيران للدول الثماني مؤقتة وتهدف لاستقرار أسعار النفط
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Russian oil producer Zarubezhneft quits Iran projects due to sanctions: sources
Iranian FM writes for FT: "Europe should work with Iran to counter US unilateralism"
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Russia vows to help Iran counter US oil sanctions
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Netanyahu: A way must be found to achieve both goals on the Khashoggi issue because the larger problem is Iran and we have to make sure that Iran does not continue the malign activities. Blocking Iran is uttermost on our agenda for security"
Israel PM Netanyahu says that Saudi Arabia's stability is important for the region, Iran is bigger threat. He also confirms that Israel was the source that led Denmark to thwart Iran's plot in its soil
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Turkey has not received notification regarding Iran sanctions waiver - minister
On possibility of Iran Oil Import Waiver to India, @StateDept tells: We're prepared to work with countries that are reducing their imports on a case-by-case basis. US currently is in the middle of an internal process to consider significant reduction exemptions.
صندوق النقد الدولي: فرض العقوبات على إيران سيخفض نموها الاقتصادي
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Turkmen service says Middle East originated camel virus outbreak is happening in the bordering province with Iran. Turkmenistan authorities quarantined number of districts and enforced restrictions on camel milk and meat. No official comments, yet.
Taliban arrested the two fake 'leaders' who were using Taliban leaders' signs, names and letters; had traveled to Iran and Turkmenistan and held meetings with officials as Taliban representatives. One had also talked with Atta Noor and other Jamiyat officials.2 سنة منذ
Taliban arrested the two fake 'leaders' who were using Taliban leaders' signs, names and letters; had traveled to Iran and Turkmenistan and held meetings with officials as Taliban representatives. One had also talked with Atta Noor and other Jamiyat officials.
إيران: وزير الخارجية الإيراني ينفي الأنباء عن اتصالات سرية أجراها وزير الخارجية السعودي مع إيران بشأن اليمن
Gunman attack a hospital in Tehran
Israeli Mossad gave Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) the information about the assassination attempt planned by Iranian intelligence service against the leader of the Iranian opposition organization ASMLA, Israeli official tells
A 17-year-old Ahwazi young sets fire to himself yesterday evening in protest against Iranian police and municipal forces who seized their fruit stall and beat his mother, who tried to prevent forces from beating his mother.
Iran's FM in Islamabad to pursue fate of guards abducted by Pakistan-based militants @JZarif
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