Map. History of Iran conflict

1 يونيو 2020
1 سنة منذ
Iranian navy thwarts pirate attack on oil tanker: state TV
In Iraq, spokesman for Arab Tribes in Baghdad-Erbil disputed areas: the US is not training a Sunni force separate from other security services. The MP from Fatah Coalition must reveal locations of Iranian bases in Tuz, Plains of Ninawa, and other locations.
Iranian diplomat Hossein Jaberi-Ansari: Russia has never stood by Iran regarding Israel, Tehran and Moscow for have shared interests in Syria but if the issue of Israel comes between them, they will part ways.
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Khamenei: I have appointed you for the fulfillment of this vital obligation, because you have major records and experiences gained on various sections of the Judiciary branch, you're a jurisprudent as well as a law graduate, and have shown trustworthiness, efficiency during your services.
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Khamenei: Give the highest priority to promotion of justice, revival of the public rights and legal freedoms and supervising the endorsement of the law. Benefit from and employ the pious, revolutionary and knowledgeable young individuals for various positions in the judiciary branch.
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Khamenei: The commencement of the 5th decade of Revolution requires that—by relying on gained experiences— a major change occurs in the Judiciary Branch and the justice department starts with fresh energy, powerfully marks a new era that is deserving and appropriate for Revolution2ndPhase.
قائد القيادة العسكرية الوسطى الأميركية: النظام الإيراني لا يزال عاملا مزعزعا للاستقرار على المدى البعيد في المنطقة
IRGC commander highlighted rapid advances in Iran's defense capabilities, saying country is on verge of turning into a world power
March 7 - Isfahan, central Iran: Protesting teachers and educators are saying state police used pepper stay to disperse their peaceful gathering. They're protesting poor economic conditions, low and delayed paychecks, and severe security measures on campus.
Mashhad, NE Iran: Clients of the state-run Padideh credit firm rallying outside the government's provincial governor office, protesting the plundering of their life savings and assets.
Cultural protest gathering in front of Education Department in Kermanshah
الخارجية الأميركية: محادثات مع 8 دول لوقف تام لاستيراد نفط إيران
وول ستريت جورنال: قراصنة إيرانيون استهدفوا آلاف الأشخاص بهجمات الكترونية خلال العامين الماضيين
Israel's navy could act against Iranian oil smuggling: Netanyahu
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Khamenei: National Day of Planting bears tidings that the Spring is around the corner; planting saplings on this day is a symbolic act aimed at endorsing the culture of valuing trees and plants.
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Turkey plans to conduct joint anti-terror operation with Iran against PKK terror group, says Turkish interior minister
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Interior Minister Soylu: "I hope that we will cooperate with Iran about the PKK."
روحاني يتهم واشنطن بالسعي لتغيير النظام ويستبعد التفاوض معها
Iraqi Shia militia 'Al-Nujaba' added to terror list from US treasury department.
Iran: 5 Placing empty tablecloth Dam workers in Gachsaran, south of Iran, place an empty tablecloth in front of the governor, for unpaid wages1 سنة منذ
Iran: 5 Placing empty tablecloth Dam workers in Gachsaran, south of Iran, place an empty tablecloth in front of the governor, for unpaid wages
Gilan Province, N Iran Locals rallying outside the provincial governor's office, protesting poor economic conditions. It is worth nothing that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is scheduled to visit this province on Wednesday.
Pakistan's Minister to meet Iranian President in Tehran to relay a message from Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan1 سنة منذ
Pakistan's Minister to meet Iranian President in Tehran to relay a message from Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan
The employees of the railway station at Zarei Station of Tabriz closed the railway from 8 AM protesting paycheck/pension delays
Tabriz, NW Iran: Shahnaz Crossroad Sources say mobile phone store-owners are continuing their strike, protesting poor economic conditions.
Tehran, Iran: Employees and retirees of the Greater Tehran Bus Company rallying outside the government's Labor Ministry, protesting paycheck and pension delays.
Urumia: The second day of the teachers' sit-in and the departure of students from a school whose teachers are on the sit-in.
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Netanyahu: I meant Azerbaijan, not Afghanistan
Iraqi Minister of Electricity: we will continue to import electricity from Iran until the end of 2019.
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الخارجية الهولندية تستدعي سفيرها من طهران بعد طردها موظفين هولنديين
Five killed in helicopter crash in western Iran. The helicopter went down in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province on its way to pick up a pregnant woman in urgent need of medical care, state television reported.
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