Map. History of Iran conflict

18 قد 2021
Deir ez-Zur: A military delegation of the Russian army arrived to al-Bokamal city this morning, met with leaders of the Iranian and Iraqi militias to share the border control in the province.
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Unofficial data shows that Iran exported 1.1m barrels per day of oil last week, down from an average of 2.5m in the spring.
Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani: Israel will not make any serious move in Syria after the receipt of Damascus systems "S-300"
Security forces of Iran's Islamic government today in the city center of Tabriz. Massive Iran Protests as a result of today's nationwide strike of Iranian shopkeepers is expected to start from tomorrow.
Major Kurdish cities of Baneh Sanandaj Kermanshah kermanshan and other cities across Iran have joiend the Iranian General Strike
Mashhad, northeast Iran: Video shows a growing number of stores closing down and joining the nationwide general strike.
Borazjan, southern Iran: Reports indicate a nationwide general strike has begun in a variety of cities.
Baneh, western Iran Reports indicate a nationwide general strike has begun in a variety of cities.
Mashhad, northeast Iran Stores are closing in this important city. Iran Protests This movement is parallel to the truckers' nationwide strike, spreading to over 310 cities across the country.
Tehran, Iran: Sources say all gold market stores are closed.
Oct 8 - Mashhad, northeast Iran More footage of stores closed in this city.
Sanandaj, western Iran Images of stores closed as the general strike spreads across the country.
In Iraq, 2 bodies found in Basra City near provincial government building. There has been a noticeable increase in assassinations of activists and prominent persons in Basra and Baghdad. Some accuse Iranian backed militias as responsible.
Deir ez-Zur: Iranian militias withdrew from al-Myadin city towards al-Bokamal city and handed over the city to Russian forces.
Iran's parliament approves bill for country to join the convention for the Combating of the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Iranian media report. Hard-liners had opposed it.
Top Iran General says PM @netanyahu should 'practice swimming', again reiterating call to destroy Israel.
Saudi Crown Prince to Bloomberg: Qatar and Iran have recruited a number of clients
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India to keep buying Iranian oil despite U.S. sanctions
Iran calls Saudi Arabia to build a "strong region" after Trump remarks
Bolton: The United States faces threats from al-Qaeda and Daesh, as well as Iran and its militias
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Khamenei: An Iranian proverb: Camels dream of cotton seeds, Sometimes eating a mouthful, sometimes seed by seed
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[email protected]'s Gen Votel: "I don't think we're seeking to go to war with Iranpart of my responsibilities is to be prepared for the unexpected"
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Votel in briefing w Pentagon press corps says Iran is building up advanced mil capabilities in Syria and says recent missile strikes were 'reckless' and 'escalatory,' says they should have been deconflicted with US
Germany, Israel agree Iran must never have nuclear weapons-Merkel
Pentagon: Deployment of the S-300 missile system in Syria is an unnecessary escalation and protects Iranian activities
The Pentagon vows to hold the Iranians accountable if they target US facilities or US citizens
Pentagon: Iran continues its malicious activities in the region
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Pentagon: Iran is prolonging the life of the Yemeni crisis and exacerbating it by providing the Houthis with weapons
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Khamenei: Media tools in the hands of enemies act like chemical weapons. They won't destroy equipment, but they take the people's power to use them.
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Russian Foreign Ministry welcomes the Iranian missile strike on targets in Deir al-Zour.
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