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19 نوفمبر 2019
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Khamenei: Relying on prepared youth represents carrying out great tasks and a clear example of amazing outcomes of relying on the youth was the formation of Hashd Al-Shabi (Popular Mobilization Forces) amidst the fight against Takfiri terrorism- and this must be endorsed.
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Khamenei: Some states inside and outside the region hold strong grudges against Islam, Shias, Sunnis, and Iraq and meddle into Iraq's internal affairs. They should be powerfully confronted and there should be no compromise in resisting the blatant, shameless enemy.
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Khamenei: While after eras of rule of arrogance, Iraqi nation owns the country and is independent, some spiteful govts seek to deprive Iraqis fr joy of victory, rob Iraq and region of peace. Only way to defy such plots is securing unity among Iraqis including Arabs, Kurds, Shias and Sunnis.
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Khamenei: The bond between the Iraqi and Iranian nations is peerless and the great ArbaeenWalk is one example of it. Upon their return, the hearts of the Iranian pilgrims were filled with gratitude for the hospitality of the people of Iraq.
Iran: The 13th day of the strike and demonstration of the Haft Tape sugarcane workers in Shush (SW) To end the occupation of the company under the name of privatization.1 سنة منذ
Iran: The 13th day of the strike and demonstration of the Haft Tape sugarcane workers in Shush (SW) To end the occupation of the company under the name of privatization.
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Dunford: "we do not have a military mission in Syria associated with Iran we do have a goal of Iran leaving Syria which we are pursuing in the political space."
Close relations between Iraq and Iran are a 'fixed principle': Iraqi President Barham Salih.
Iraq has assigned relevant authorities to work on establishing a free trade zone on the Iraq-Iran border: @BarhamSalih says in press conference with @HassanRouhani
Iraqi President Salih said he came to Tehran with a clear message that Iraq cares about its relations with Iran, rooted in shared history, faith, and geography.
Iraqi president @BarhamSalih visits Iran and welcomed by iranian president @HassanRouhani in Tehran.
Trump preparing to submit a formal finding to Congress that Iran is violating the Chemical Weapons Conventions for its role in Asad's terror-war against Syria's civilians.
KRG @PMBarzani and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran @AndrewLPeek welcomed the resumption of Kirkuk oil exports that will 'benefit Iraq as a whole': KRG
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 96km S of Bam, Iran
Iran is objecting to any government withdrawal from Tal Rifaat Pocket,that the Assad government and SDF control,Iran demands that the Syrian Opposition withdraw from 14 villages West of Nubl and Zahraa,in order to agree to withdrawing government Forces from Tal Rifaat Pocket
In Iran, workers at Haft Tappeh are chanting: "We are hungry".
IRGC Chief-Commander Jafari says Assad government has asked Iran to deploy peacekeeping units in Idlib and northwest of Aleppo. Currently there's no conflict in Syria, and peacekeeping forces will have a limited presence there
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IRGC tells Press TV: Pakistan informs IRGC of freeing 5 of 12 Iranian border guards abducted by militants
US special envoy to Syria says goal to convene UN committee to revise constitution before end of year; its work is "critical step" toward advancing political process. US holding Russia to account to use its influence to bring Assad govt to negotiating table
US special envoy to Syria : getting Iranian forces out of Syria is not US military goal but should be outcome of process to end the civil war and only way to achieve lasting peace. The newly reinstated US sanctions against Iran will encourage it to scale back its presence in Syria
Iran executes 'Sultan of Coins' for financial crimes
إيران: قائد الجيش الإيراني: الانتصار الأخير في غزة هو صفحة جديدة من انتصارات المقاومة
Protests all over the country In Yasouj, marketers opened an empty tablecloth in protest of an increase in rental rates and their short circuit in front of the Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad Governorate.
التحالف العربي: استهداف ميليشيات الحوثي للمنشآت المدنية بالصواريخ الباليستية يؤكد استمرار الدعم الإيراني لها
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Belarusian Bank "Trading Capital" cut of the SWIFT cause of violations of the sanctions imposed by the US against Iran
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Khamenei: A chador-waring lady as the flag-bearer of your caravan meant you're uniquely standing against indecency in the world; you fortified your religion, national values and national clothing, i.e. Chador and hijab, in an intl' arena. I thank you ladies. It was a display of cultural power.
Iran's president says US has chosen the wrong path in sanctioning Iran and will be defeated
رويترز عن مصدر عراقي: بغداد تسعى لموافقة واشنطن على اتفاق مع إيران على تبادل الغذاء مقابل الغاز بعد فرض العقوبات الأميركية على طهران
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Khamenei: That disabled war veterans and differently-abled athletes play sports represents stimulating hidden potentials in mankind. All of us- regardless of age, but particularly the youth- should learn from you. You are doubly influential in inspiring the people to do sports.
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Khamenei: You shined at this field despite physical challenges. That is why I say achievements by you the disabled war veterans and differently-abled athletes are worth twice as the championship of those without physical problems. Your championship represents firm, manifold determination.
Nov 13 - AL-Ahwaz , National Steel Group employees on strike and chanting: "Our enemy is right here; they lie and say it's America"
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