Map. History of Iran conflict

27 قد 2020
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Israeli security delegation has recently arrived in Washington to discuss the tension between the US and Iran. The delegation conveyed sensitive information to the Pentagon about Iran's missile arsenal: @Independent reports
In Iraq, source says US has decided to arm the tribes of Anbar Province and allow them to play a role stretching to Baghdad Province. Some tribes welcome this move, others fear confrontation with Iranian backed groups.
Saudi king calls for emergency meeting of Gulf and Arab leaders (2 Summits) on May 30 to discuss recent attacks on Saudi Arabia and UAE
Lindsey Graham:Iran is causing this crisis — not the Trump Administration. While no one wants a war, it must be clear to Iran that aggression against American interests will be met with overwhelming force and the conflict will end on America's terms. Stand firm Mr. President.
The Federal Aviation Administration had issued a warning to US commercial aircrafts flying over the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, warning "heightened military activities and increased political tensions in the region present an increasing inadvertent risk to US civil aviation."
الخارجية البحرينية تحذر رعاياها من السفر إلى العراق وإيران بسبب الأوضاع غير المستقرة
مصادر في وزارة النفط العراقية: الانتاج من حقل القرنة الغربي في البصرة لم يتأثر بمغادرة موظفي شركة إكسون موبيل
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Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 35km ENE of Kazerun, Iran
High activity this morning over the Persian Gulf1 سنة منذ
High activity this morning over the Persian Gulf
US warns aircrafts flying in Persian Gulf amid Iran tensions
Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries agree to a US request to re-deploy forces in Gulf waters and lands.
An unidentified drone flew near the US Embassy in Baghdad Thursday, prompting security staff to issue an alert, officials tell CNN. The incident, which was first reported by @ckubeNBC, comes amid US concerns about a possible Iranian threats to US personnel in the region
Israel reportedly hit Iranian targets in the Al Kisweh area near Damascus
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[email protected]: With all of the Fake and Made Up News out there, Iran can have no idea what is actually going on.
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UK advises against all travel for British-Iranian dual nationals and for Iranian nationals who work for organisations seen as linked to UK government. Follows conviction this week of a British Council employee. Means even essential travel to Iran be avoided by dual nationals.
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[email protected]: The Fake News Media is hurting our Country with its fraudulent and highly inaccurate coverage of Iran. It is scattershot, poorly sourced (made up), and DANGEROUS. At least Iran doesn't know what to think, which at this point may very well be a good thing.
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رئيس لجنة الأمن القومي في البرلمان الإيراني: هناك جهة ثالثة تستعجل قيام حرب برغم نفي واشنطن وطهران لذلك
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المتحدث باسم الرئاسة الروسية ديمتري بيسكوف: لا خطط لعقد قمة ثلاثية بين روسيا وتركيا وإيران حولسوريا
نائب قائد الحرس الثوري يقول إن أميركا غير قادرة على تحمل حرب جديدة لعدة اسباب
الحرس الثوري الإيراني: حتى صواريخنا قصيرة المدى قادرة على بلوغ السفن الأميركية في الخليج
Two U.S. Warships Enter Persian Gulf Without Incident1 سنة منذ
Two U.S. Warships Enter Persian Gulf Without Incident
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The Pentagon is working to declassify and release images to back up the Trump administration's claims of a growing threat from Iran, officials say
Pelosi on Iran: We asked for a classified briefing for the House. We will have one for the 8 later this afternoon
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Meeting between the Kuwaiti parliament and the government taking place to discuss preparations for any war in the region
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وزير خارجية بريطانيا: نتفق مع التقييم الأميركي بشأن تهديد إيران الخطير
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USS Abraham Lincoln is now on station in northern Arabian Sea two weeks early to deter Iran. Four escort ships carry hundreds of Tomahawk cruise missiles: officials
Two pro-Iran Iraqi armed groups reject US claim of threat against American personnel
البيت الأبيض: إذا قام الإيرانيون بأي فعل فلن يكونوا سعداء بنتائجه
وزير الخارجية الإيراني: لا مجال لعقد محادثات مع الولايات المتحدة
وزير النفط العراقي: العراق يملك خطط طوارئ في حال توقف إمدادات الغاز الإيراني
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