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1 يونيو 2020
Dasht-e Azadegan, SW Iran Flood dam in the city of Rafi ruptures early this morning. Many villages are engulfed today and all the farms are literally destroyed. Locals complaining of authorities failing to provide adequate aid.
Advanced home-made satellite dubbed "Dousti (friendship)" is planned to be launched in near future: Iranian Minister
Iran's @JZarif called Russia/n counterpart Lavrov just as Deputy FM Vershinin and Putin's Syria envoy Lavrentyev are in Israel. Moscow engaged in new round of efforts to tone down latest Iran, Israel escalations amidst rumors of Russian own escalations with Iran
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Huawei CFO Meng's lawyer: Meng has never plotted to violate any U.S. law, including the Iranian sanctions
Iran says it has no intention to increase range of missiles
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مجلس الأمن القومي لإيران: سنعمل في تكنولوجيا الأقمار الصناعية رغم الضغوط الغربية
US indicts Huawei for economic espionage and collusion with Iran.
إيران تعلن أنها ستبني محطة للكهرباء في مدينة اللاذقية السورية
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Lavrov, Zarif discuss Venezuela in telephone call - Russian foreign ministry
المتحدث باسم الحرس الثوري الإيراني "رمضان شريف": حديث تل_أبيب عن مقتل 12 إيرانياً في الضربات الأخيرة على سوريا "أكاذيب لا أساس لها"
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Ghani says millions of Afghan migrants have returned home from abroad over the past few years, "but still we do not have an exact figure on the number of our citizens living as migrants in Pakistan, Iran and other Gulf countries."
Iranian government Airbus A340-313 EP-IGA A340 arriving Damascus
Senior Iran ian revolutionary guards commander Salami says Iran's strategy is to wipe "the Zionist government" off the political map
الحرس الثوري الإيراني: أي حرب جديدة تبدأها إسرائيل ستنتهي بإزالتها وتدميرها بالكامل
الخارجية الإيرانية: ليست لدينا أي مفاوضات مع أي كان بشأن برنامجنا الصاروخي
ظريف: لا يمكن تأكيد وجود محادثات سرية مع فرنسا بشأن برنامج إيران الصاروخي
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Khamenei: US's logic is that world should be run by force. They say we have coercion and weapons, so we coerce the world. Hitler had the same notion. When US entered Vietnam, they had no doubt they'd win. They committed crimes for 10 years, but finally left in shame and debacle. April 5, 2002
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Khamenei: Since 1945, US has played a role in overthrowing 40 independent govts including Iran and had military intervention in over 20 countries. These interventions entailed mass destruction andcatastrophes: an example is Vietnam and consequent disasters, with US leaving in fiasco. 18/3/2002
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Khamenei: For many years you slaughtered innocent humans in different parts of the world. What did you do in Vietnam They killed not only the men, but also so many women and children. They killed so many farmers and destroyed farms. Then they talk about HumanRights. 6/5/1992
Reports that clashes broke out between Assad militants, Iran militants and Russian soldiers in the area of Sahl Ghab. It is reported also that heavy weapons are being used in the clashes.
Second G-V Nachshon Shavit airborne Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) with 676 serial number is   airborne assisting the other Shavit of Israel Air Force1 سنة منذ
Second G-V Nachshon Shavit airborne Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) with 676 serial number is airborne assisting the other Shavit of Israel Air Force
Iranian Cargo Pouya Air IL76TD EP-PUS Tehran-Damascus, First Iranian cargo flight since the last Israeli attack, EP-PUS arrived yesterday from Moscow to Tehran
Rally in Toronto, Canada to support the uprising of the Iranian people1 سنة منذ
Rally in Toronto, Canada to support the uprising of the Iranian people
SaudiArabia added to EU draft list for countries with lax Terror Finance controls, joining 16 other offenders including Iran and North Korea
Iran Army Ground Force hold exercise "Eqtedar-97" during which practiced defensive tactics in case of land invasion by a foreign country. IranArmyAviation AH-1Js including modernised Towfan-IIs played key role in the Close Air Support missions at Shahreza, Isfahan
Iranian ground forces end drill to simulate massive ground attack1 سنة منذ
Iranian ground forces end drill to simulate massive ground attack
Iranian Cargo Pouya Air Il-76 EP-PUS heading Moscow1 سنة منذ
Iranian Cargo Pouya Air Il-76 EP-PUS heading Moscow
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وزير الخارجية الفرنسي: مستعدون لفرض عقوبات قوية على إيران إذا لم يتحقق تقدم في المحادثات بشأن برامجها الصاروخية البالستية
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Khamenei: By pressuring Venezuela, U.S. seeks to diminish Venezuelan govt and nation's inspiring resistance. World's wars today are in fact "wars of willpowers" and you can overcome problems through resistance, strong willpower and using the multiple capacities of your country. 23/11/2015
Iran arrested more than 7,000 dissidents last year —Amnesty
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