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20 September 2018

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A Russian troop deployment in Syria near the Lebanese border this week caused friction with Iran-backed forces including Hezbollah which objected to the uncoordinated move, two non-Syrian officials in the regional alliance backing Damascus said
Macron warns of the risks of escalation after Iran announced a plan to enrich uranium
3 month ago
Netanyahu: I didn't ask President Macron to withdraw from the Nuclear deal with Iran because I think it is going to collapse anyway soon under pressure from U.S. sanctions
3 month ago
Palestinian authority tells French official Iran behind Gaza protests: Channel10
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We are in contact with the governments of Turkey and Iran to ensure that measures taken by the two countries don't adversely affect Iraq's water security
Netanyahu says Iran uranium enrichment plan aims to destroy Israel
Iran uranium enrichment plan aims to destroy Israel, Netanyahu says
Netanyahu says not surprised by Iran's enrichment intentions
Iran wants nuclear arsenal to destroy Israel - @netanyahu
Salehi: JCPOA is a confidence-building factor. If it collapses, the established trust will collapse and NPT will basically lose its foundations. I believe JCPOA is an important factor in strengthening NPT. On Iran's withdrawal from NPT, senior officials need to decide ACC conditions
AEOI chief Salehi on IAEA inspections and commitments in the aftermath of Iran's new measures: 'Nothing will happen to the commitments that we have kept to so far. We still act in compliance to Additional Protocol and our JCPOA commitments.'
AEOI chief Salehi: US UN envoy @nikkihaley had previously said that Iran will not withdraw from he JCPOA under any conditions. Our response to them is that "you should not test the will of Iranian nation".
Liberaman: Iran decision to advance centrifuges a 'sign of hysteria'
On Salehi announcement today on Iran nuclear-related work, @FedericaMog spox @MajaEUspox says "we are currently studying it" and for now, can't say more
Netanyahu answers to Khamenei: We will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons
Netanyahu in Paris to discuss Iran with Macron
Israel Defense Minister says all options on the table against Iran, adds that recent statement by Iranian leadership show panic
'Iran, in the letter to IAEA, announced that it will begin the process of increasing the capacity needed for production of UF6 and UF4 gases on Monday as well as the construction and montage of a centrifuge rotor factory', said AEOI spox Kamalvandi.
Salehi: On modernizing Arak reactor, we're ahead of the schedule. Basic and conceptual designs been completed and been technically verified. Iran is currently developing its technical and detailed designs. We've submitted detailed designs to the Chinese side and our team is in China
Iran notified UN it will add centrifuges: vice president
Director of the Atomic Energy Agency of Iran: Tehran has begun work on the infrastructure needed to build sophisticated centrifuges at the facility of Natanz
AEOI chief Salehi: Iran's reaction does not mean that the talks [over saving JCPOA] have failed. Our colleagues in MFA have relative satisfaction.These measures are done to make sure that the other side does not imagine that we're in a situation to accept both sanctions and JCPOA
AEOI chief Salehi: The instructions given by the president to AEOI consisted of three cases: production of UF6, production of UF4, and the assembly center for new machines
AEOI chief Salehi: Today, we have started the necessary measures to follow up the order of the leader Yesterday, in a letter to IAEA, we announced the commencement of some works
AEOI chief Salehi: We will soon open a new advanced center for assembling new centrifuges
AEOI chief Salehi: We have prepared the electrical infrastructure of Nataz for some hundred thousand SWU [enrichment] We have prepared much infrastructures and all our measure are in the framework of regulations
Iran to inform @iaeaorg of plans to ramp up uranium enrichment. "Will submit a letter announcing the start of the process to increase the capacity to enrich UF6 and UF4."
3 month ago
Khamenei: Supporting the Palestinian nation is a source of grace for the Islamic Republic of Iran. سنصلي_في_القدس Palestine
3 month ago
Khamenei: Today the young generation has made Iran the 1 missile power of the region. Our enemies know that if they hit us with one missile, they will be hit by 10 of them. Missiles are for security, they're a source of power.
3 month ago
Khamenei: By using psychological pressure, they've targeted Islamic Republic's strong points-which they introduce as challenging points to make the Iranian nation disappointed in those strong points. Progress of nuclear technology is one example. Another example is the missile power.
3 month ago
Khamenei: The result enemies have sought out, through economic pressure and sanctions, is not aimed at merely pressuring the government and the establishment; they seek to bring the Iranian nation to a state of despair. They don't know the Iranian nation or the [Islamic] establishment.
3 month ago
Khamenei: Today the enemy's plan is to exert economic, psychological pressures and unrest to dominate over our beloved nation of Iran, just as they dominate some disgraceful countries in our region.
Iran leader: EU wants Iran both endure sancxns and continue JCPOA; AEOI obliged to prepare for 190K SWU enrichmnt, preparations starting tomorrow; Some in Iran, wanting to impose a defective JCPOA, say no benefit in missile; If enemy fires a missile at us,we'll fire back 10
3 month ago
Merkel, Netanyahu agree Iran is a concern for Israel's security
3 month ago
Khamenei: Iranian nation and government will not stand being under both sanctions and nuclear restrictions. The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran must immediately make the preparations for achieving 190K SWU- for within JCPOA- starting tomorrow. IranDeal
3 month ago
Netanyahu to Merkel: Iran's goal is to wage religious war in the Middle East – it must leave Syria
3 month ago
Netanyahu: If we don't stop Iran there will be religious war in the Middle East
Iran's leader: We will not get excited or sentimental with margins that are created for us. We absolutely will not trust enemy. We will not be passive and weak. We will not yield to bullying and excessive demands of enemies
Iran's leader: The enemy's goal by economic pressure and sanctions is to make Iranian nation tired in order to make the Islamic establishment surrender. But they (enemies) neither know the nation, nor the system
Iran's leader: Enemy knows that if it fires a missile at Iran, it will receive 10 missiles backToday our youth made us become 1st missile power of the region. Some inside country are saying what enemy says and that what is the benefit [of missile].
Iran's leader: Today some inside the country want to impose a defective form of the JCPOA to the country. Some say that if this doesn't happen, there will be a war. No, this is not true. This is a lie and is an ad in interests of enemy
Iran's leader: Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is obliged to prepare for reaching 190 thousand SWU [of uranium enrichment], 'for now' in the framework of JCPOA, and from the very day of tomorrow to start some other preparations that president has ordered
Iran's leader: Some statements by European governments indicate that Iran needs to both endure sanctions and also stop its nuclear activities and continue [implementation of] these limitations. They need to know that this troubled dream will not come true
Iran's Khamenei says Tehran's missile program crucial for country's defense
3 month ago
Khamenei: The moves the enemies of the Islamic Republic make against Iran do not emerge from their power, but from their being nervous and desperate with the greatness of the Islamic Republic and the resistance of the Iranian nation.
Khamenei says Iran will attack 10 times more, if attacked by enemies, missiles are for iran: state TV
3 month ago
Khamenei: The commencement of the ceremony commemorating the 29th anniversary of Imam Khomeini's demise Live coverage:
Iran condemns deadly suicide attack on religious scholars in Kabul
I'll raise two issues in Europe: Iran and Iran, Netanyahu tells reporters before embarking to meet Merkel, Macron and May - the need to maintain pressure against the nuclear deal and the prevention of Iranian attempts to establish a presence in Syria
U.S. in negotiations to dismantle Tanf base in exchange for Iranian withdrawal from southern Syria, report says. Also claims this was US proposal.
Iran calls on world to stand up to Trump, save nuclear deal
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