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20 September 2018

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3 month ago
[email protected]: Obama, Schumer and Pelosi did NOTHING about North Korea, and weak on Crime, High Tax Schumer is telling me what to do at the Summit the Dems could never set up. Schumer failed with North Korea and Iran, we don't need his advice.
Iran slams U.S. for seeking Saudi oil output hike, says OPEC won't comply
3 month ago
Khamenei: Be sure about God's promise of victory. Friday is the QudsDay: defending the resistant Palestinian nation and its self-sacrificing combatants is a big step in this direction. I ask Allah the great to bestow success and the continuation of resistance on this bright path.
3 month ago
Khamenei: I deem it necessary to make this statement to zealous Arab youth: Today your nations rely on you for the realization of their hopes. Prepare yourself for a tomorrow when your countries are free, independent, and developed. Qudsday2018 سنصلي_في_القدس
Iran's parliament speaker says regional security threatened
3 month ago
Khamenei: You can't say that if Gaza didn't have missiles, Zionist government would retreat. Never. Look, there are no arms in West Bank, yet Zionists commit so many crimes. The only way to overcome this barbaric government is to give them a mighty response. 7/23/14 Qudsday2018 سنصلي_في_القدس
3 month ago
Khamenei: a cross-regional plot, a country is occupied, a nation forced out of their homes and replaced by a ppl from all over the world. The tragic story of Palestine and grief arising from oppression of this nation truly moves any justice-seeking human. 2/21/17 QudsDay4Return
3 month ago
[email protected]: The Obama Administration is accused of trying to give Iran secret access to the financial system of the United States. This is totally illegal. Perhaps we could get the 13 Angry Democrats to divert some of their energy to this "matter" (as Comey would call it). Investigate.
Trump requested Saudi oil support before Iran nuclear decision - sources
Rouhani calls on the Iranian public to participate in the Qudsday2018 rallies tomorrow across Iran, to express their support in the Palestinians' Right of Return
Iran's president Rouhani will depart Tehran for China on Friday to attend Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, to have a bilateral meeting with Chinese president and to meet other heads of SCO member states at the time of JCPOA with o US
Khamenei: Supporting Palestine is a source of pride for Iran
Saudi Arabia: Death row terrorists trained in camps in Iran
3 month ago
Netanyahu on Syria: ‘Assad has to consider this: when they waged this horrific civil war Israel did not intervene. Now the war is nearly over he invites Iran in? He is no longer immune. If he fires, we'll destroy his forces’
Joint Commission of the JCPOA has its session in experts level today on Thursday in Iran's capital city Tehran. First time the session is held in Iran
3 month ago
Netanyahu: 'Iran doesn't believe in a master race, it believes in a master faith The Arabs understand they're in great peril, they look around and see Israel'
3 month ago
Netanyahu: 'We have to smash Iran's cash machine'
Iranian Revolutionary Guard: The Palestinian issue has become a global issue and the thought of resistance and intifada has become deeply rooted in Palestinians
Iraqi oil minister Luaibi says trucking of Kirkuk crude to Iran has not started due to technical issues
3 month ago
Khamenei: This barbarism against Palestine—that truly astonishes any human looking at the extent of atrocities by Zionist government—should move world's alert consciences. Such savages, with no conscience, are the people against world of Islam. 21/11/12 QudsDay2018 GreatReturnMarch
3 month ago
Khamenei: The massacre of women, children and infants, destruction of houses, the food and medicine blockades and many other crimes of Zionists prove that barbaric instincts of the chiefs of that fabricated govt., not only haven't changed over past 70 years but has become more extensive. 4/3/09
3 month ago
British PM May to raise Iran nuclear deal with Israel's Netanyahu
Iran says in no mood to go extra mile on nuclear inspections
Lebanon's Berri says Iran, Hezbollah to stay in Syria until it is 'free'
AP: Secret Obama-era license would have allowed Iran to convert $5.7B by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after 2015 nuclear deal.
France, Germany, Britain formally demand exemptions from Iran sanctions: letter
Two Iranian border guards were shot and killed in a conflict with an armed gang of about 20 people, last night in Sardasht, near the border with Iraq, where the gang wanted to cross into Iranian territory illegally, said Iran's Border Guard Commander Rezaei
Europe seeks U.S. sanction exemptions for its firms in Iran
"These are serious differences between NATO allies," says @jensstoltenberg about steel tariff/Iran deal tensions, but notes (as he has been doing for some time since the list keeps getting longer) that allies can still "unite around NATO's core task" of mutual defense
3 month ago
European parties to the nuclear deal demand that the US administration exempt the European Union companies operating in Iran from sanctions
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