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20 September 2018

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5 month ago
Khamenei: Undoubtedly, the Palestinians will win over the Zionists and Palestine will be returned to the Palestinian nation.
5 month ago
Khamenei: A few days ago US pres. said: "US spent $7 trillion in West Asia and hasn't gained a thing." He is right: they didn't gain anything. U.S. should know that in the future, too, no matter how much money they spend, they will definitely not gain anything in this region.
5 month ago
Khamenei: The U.S. played a major role in creating ISIS, they entered where ISIS was trapped to save them. They raised the wicked creatures [ISIS] with Saudi money, turning them [ISIS] lose on Iraqi and Syrian nations; but, resistance against the US and their agents saved these countries.
5 month ago
Khamenei: In his speech a few hours ago, the US president said we managed to defeat ISIS in Syria-a blatant, obvious lie.
5 month ago
Khamenei: This morning's attack on Syria is a crime. I firmly declare that the Presidents of U.S. and France and British PM committed a major crime. They will gain no benefit; just as they did not while in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, over the past years, committing the same criminal acts.
IRGC Deputy Top Commander says the Saturday offensive "gave the Resistance Front a more open hand for showing reaction to such moves by the US and its allies".
Iran's IRGC warned US to "wait for the repercussions of its attack on Syria"
Iran's Revolutionary Guard: The United States bears the consequences of the Western strike in Syria
US allies in the MiddleEast, while not directly part of the operation to degrade/destroy Syria's chemical weapons capabilities, were briefed on/involved in some of the planning, including for possible response later from Iran, per defense official
5 month ago
Mattis: Expect full 'disinformation' campaign from Syria, Russia and/or Iran following US, UK, French strikes
Syrian State TV claims Syrian air defenses have down 13 missiles in the area of al-Kiswah, located south of Damascus
Syrian State TV claims Syrian air defenses have down 13 missiles in the area of al-Kiswah, located south of Damascus
As for Iran, "Increased engagement from our friends, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar Egypt and others can ensure that Iran does not profit from the eradication of ISIS" per @POTUS
President Trump: "To Iran and to Russia, I ask: What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women and children?"
Iran court approves death penalty for 24-year-old Kurdish activist Ramin Hossein Panahi after facing brutal torture and solitary confinement in prison.
32,000ft heading over Iran - Russian Air Force IL76 RA78847
5 month ago
Iran has granted Russia overflight and landing rights for strategic bombers, presumably for Syria operations
5 month ago
Israel's envoy to Russia Gary Koren calls Iran main culprit responsible for potential negative scenario in Syria, stresses Israeli army will continue strikes inside Syria to prevent Iran strengthening there.
In response to the Russian claim that Israel is destabilizing Syria an Israeli official said: "Iranian are those destabilizing Syria: They are trying to build permanent bases and threaten Israel"
Pompeo on Iran: "I have seen no evidence that they are not in compliance today" with the deal.
If Israel attacks, Tel Aviv and Haifa will be 'erased from the map,' threatens senior Iranian official
Supreme leader's representative at Quds force, cleric Shirazi, says Iran can destroy Israel: FARS
5 month ago
Azerbaijan, Iran Reach Breakthrough on Disputed Fields in the Caspian Sea
Saudi FM: Iran and terrorism are two sides of the same coin in the region
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubair: Riyadh does not tolerate terrorism and Iranian interference in the region
EU extends rights sanctions on Iran, at odds over new measures
Syrian news agency Sana says an Iranian official has told President Assad that threats by Western nations are based on lies
Netanyahu uses Holocaust event to urge action against Syria, Iran
Netanyahu told Putin Israel will not allow Iranian military entrenchment in Syria
Advisor to the Iranian President: Damascus and its allies will face any American aggression on Syria
5 month ago
Khamenei: Fatwa: Invading users' privacy on social media is religiously forbidden.
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