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20 September 2018

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Jordan withdraws it's ambassador from Tehran, no alternatives named yet.
Iran's leader: POTUS announced that US spent $7 trillion in the region with o achieving anything. This means the Great Satan has been defeated in the region. In the future too, Satanic powers will be defeated in West Asia, no matter how much they spend
3 month ago
Khamenei: Like all free countries, people of Palestine-real Palestinians- should be polled to determine the political system of Palestine; that governing body will decide on future of immigrants in Palestine. There's no other solution and this leads to elimination of the Zionist government.
3 month ago
Khamenei: The Zionist government was founded based on falsehood. They have forcefully and by means of coercion, threat and armed forces, expelled a historical nation from their own country. Is it possible to eliminate Palestine from the historical-geographical memory of the world?.
3 month ago
Khamenei: Zionist government's issue isn't about diplomatic ties with other states, to be solved if a few spineless states in region established ties with it. It's about nations; it won't be solved by White House's efforts, moving its embassy. It's about the government's fundamental illegitimacy.
3 month ago
Khamenei: It is the policy of the arrogant front to foment discord among Muslim nations and within the nations. The solution is that Muslim nations discover the pivotal point— i.e. arrogant friend front's enmity with the Islamic society and Islamic Ummah— and stands up to it.
3 month ago
Khamenei: The U.S. President announced that U.S. spent $7 trillion in West Asia without achieving anything. This means the Great Satan has been defeated in the region. In the future too, Satanic powers will be defeated in West Asia, no matter how much they spend.
Parts of missiles fired at Saudi Arabia came from Iran: U.N. chief
3 month ago
Khamenei: According to reports by reliable and skilled experts in moon sighting gathered from across the country, the new moon of the month of Shawwal has been sighted at the sunset of Thursday June 14, 2018; hence tomorrow— Friday— will be the EidulFitr.
Head of Israel Military Intelligence warns Iran is continuing to entrench itself in Syria where it continues to improve its missile capabilities in order to strike Israel
The Iranian Foreign Ministry: Concerned about the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Hodeidah, Arab coalition has to stop it's attacks
3 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 87km ENE of Ravar, Iran
3 month ago
UN Envoy to Syria: Iranian, Russian and Turkish officials to meet in Geneva on Syria
Iran says will begin uranium enrichment at Fordow if nuclear deal unravels
Iran has completed the planning stage of the project of a new nuclear reactor in Arak and can proceed to the construction within 2-3 months, if the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is terminated, spokesperson for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran says.
Iran's top human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been arrested at her home in Tehran and transferred to Evin's court, her husband Reza Khandan writes on his Facebook page.
Prince Crown Reza Pahlavi, Iranian Opposition leader told @VOANews that after Iran government Change, Iranians will need a democratic, secular and constitutional republic or parliamentary or constitutional monarchism. After government Change, a King couldn't have absolute power
3 month ago
[email protected]: "The Iran deal was one of the worst I've ever seen." Hannity
A hostage-taking is underway in the 10th district of Paris. The BRI is on site. Area is closed. The individual holds several people and claims to be in possession of a bomb. He asks to be put in touch with the embassy of Iran
"Intensive expert consultations" on "most urgent" challenge, says @FedericaMog, - to maintain bank and finance links with Iran. She gives no fresh detail on any measures
"Our determination to preserve the deal is also in the interests of the United States," says @FedericaMog, arguing that nuclear arms race could be sparked in Middle East
Work on Irandeal implementation continues, says @FedericaMog. Work on Arak continues. Work on Fordo conversion continues. Will be another workshop on Fordo work in coming days, she says
If Iran steps away from nuclear commitments under Iran deal, it would have "tragic consequences," says @FedericaMog. She says everyone will be "less secure with no exceptions."
Iran's Ababil-3 UAV drone in Syria
Iran government spokesman warns North Korea leader Kim Jong Un about nuclear agreements with Trump: Fars news agency quotes Iranian spokesman as saying on Trump-Kim deal "we are facing a man who revokes his signature while abroad"
3 month ago
Trump: I hope the Iranians will return to negotiate a new agreement
Iran FM @JZarif, leading a political-economic delegation, will depart for South Africa on Tuesday early morning
3 month ago
India's Nayara Energy begins cutting Iran oil imports - sources
Alexander Zasypkin, Russia's ambo to Lebanon, in an interview with Al Nour radio: Under the current circumstances there is no possibility that Iran or Hezbollah leave Syria bc this serves the agenda of militants and the elimination of terrorism in Syria has not yet been achieved
Iran: North Korea must remain 'vigilant' in Trump-Kim talks
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