Map. History of Iran conflict

20 September 2018

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IRGC Com.: We have prepared small armed groups in some countries in the Region
IRGC Commander: The PMF was established on the basis of the Iranian Basij forces.
Iran's IRGC commander Jafari: Today the experience of Basij has been transferred to other countries. Armed resistance cores have been established in regional and other countries in the world. We'll see the valuable results in future.
Iranian commander tells EU, Iran’s key ally in nuclear deal after questions over missiles: “Europeansthey should recognise our defensive power. Since we have not been threatened by Europe, we have not increased the range (of Iran’s missiles) to reach them, but we can."
4.6 magnitude earthquake hits the border areas of Iraq and Iran. Kermanshah
Iran's Rouhani calls Sochi summit 'right step, at right time' for Syria
9 month ago
Deputy chief executive of Afghanistan Mohammad Mohaqiq in his trip to Tehran has met with Major General Qasem Soleimani, commander of foreign operations for Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and a founder of Fatimiyun Brigade in Syria
Lebanon's Jumblatt calls for Saudi-Iranian discussions
Alaa Arafat, who represents the “Moscow Platform” political grouping, made it clear that he was against any clause in the communiqué calling on Assad to step down and any criticism of Iran role in Syria
Saudi-led Coalition spokesman says Iran smuggled ballistic missile through Houthi-held Hodeida port
Saudi-led Coalition spokesman says Iran smuggled ballistic missile through Houthi-held Hodeida port
Russia,Turkey and Iran send a joint letter to UN Secretary General and demanded to release the recent Sochi joint statement on Syria as a UNSC document
Iran says Saudi crown prince following path of regional dictators, calls on him to 'think about their fate' - state TV
Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar: Iran refused a Saudi offer through Russia for an exclusive agreement about Yemen. No separate agreements, all or nothing
Saudi Crown Prince calls Iran leader 'new Hitler': NYT
Press TV report inside the Syrian town of Bukamal that was recently released from the hands of Daesh
Imam Khamenei: Iran to support all those who need in the battle against hegemony
Iran's Jafari says guards will play an active role in Syria to form lasting ceasefire - TV
Iran Emphasizes maintaining the Revolutionary Guards in Syria
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Chief Ali Jafari says disarming Lebanon’s Hezbollah is non-negotiable: Iranian state TV
Iran's Revolutionary Guard commander: Iran has a policy of restraint with Saudi Arabia and does not want to face it
IRGC Jafari rejects France's demands to curb Iran's missile work, says Macron "young and inexperienced"- TV
Commander of IRGC Gen. Mohammad Ali Jaafari, in a press briefing today, accepts Iran role in Yemen war, says his force is 'advising' the Houthi militia. This is the first official confirmation of Iranian ties to the militia
Sochi: Syria summit in photos
Putin shakes hands with Erdogan and then pushes his chair to the ground
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani hold bilateral meeting on the sidelines of Syria summit in Sochi
Rouhani: Some countries have not abandoned the use of terrorism to achieve their short-sighted goals
Erdogan: Russia, Iran and Turkey are seeking solutions to the Syrian crisis
Rouhani: There is no justification for the presence of foreign forces in Syria without the consent of Damascus
Rouhani: Those who created, funded Daesh in Mideast will face repercussions of terrorism
Rouhani during the Sochi Summit: The road is paved for a political settlement in Syria
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