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18 八一 2018

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This is the geolocation of what Israel says - is the "secret location" where Iran had moved its Project Amad atomic archives to in southern Tehran: 35.494257, 51.356535
This is the geolocation of what Israel says - is the secret location where Iran had moved its Project Amad atomic archives to in southern Tehran: 35.494257, 51.356535
3 月 前
[email protected]: Maybe We'll Negotiate 'Real' Iran Nuclear Deal After Revelations by Israel
Netanyahu calls Putin to update him on Mossad's Iran findings. Putin responds: "The deal, which is of paramount importance for ensuring international stability and security, must be strictly observed by all parties."
Netanyahu announced that he had spoken with the leaders of France, Germany about what he had revealed about Iran's nuclear program
3 月 前
Mattis: "There are parts of the JCPOA [Iran nuclear deal] that certainly need to be fixed," defense secretary tells Pentagon reporters moments ago
Iran deputy FM Abbas Araqchi: "What we saw from Mr Netanyahu tonight was truly a very childish and even a ridiculous play. The reason he is playing this show 10 days before Mr Trump's decision is clearly because it is a prearranged show with the aim to impact Trump's decision."
Mattis told reporters when he met with Israeli Defense Minister last Thurs at DoD they did not discuss the Iran nuclear deal, nor any new evidence that Iran lied or has broken the JCPOA. "The Israeli Minister of Defense and I discussed a host of issues. That was not one of them."
Members of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of Israel are being pressured to vote tonight to allow PM and Defense Minister to declare a war in "extreme circumstances"
Trump, asked on Israel PM Netanyahu speech, says he thinks that pulling out from Iran nuclear deal would send positive message to North Korea
U.S. official confirms it verified Iran info obtained by Israel
Israel PM Netanyahu says that he sure that Trump will do 'the right thing' about the nuclear deal with Iran next month
Netanyahu: Iran didn't come clean to IAEA. The Iran nuclear deal is based on lies.
Netanyahu shows alleged Iranian plans for putting a nuclear warhead in a Shahab-3 missile
Netanyahu presents document that according to him prove the Fordo centrifuges are part of Iran's military nuclear program - the Amad plan
Netanyahu says Israel will transfer all the documents from Iran's nuclear archive to the IAEA and Western governments
Netanyahu: Head of Project Amad is Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.
Netanyahu shows Iran's ballistic missile range - to reach Tel Aviv
Israel PM Netanyahu says Israel reveals Iran secret project Amad, that intends to develop nuclear weapons
[email protected] 's "new intel" for now: Iran saved its nuclear program files in a secret archive
Project Amad: to design produce and test 5 warheads each with 10 kilotons of explosives each.
Netanyahu: 2017 Iran moved nuke secret weapons files to Shorabad district secret location. Weeks ago Israeli mossad found half ton material inside these walls. 55,000 pages in 183 safes.
Netanyahu displays evidence Iran lied about nuclear program
Netanyahu: Iran lied. big time. after signing the nuclear deal it intensified it's efforts to hide it's nuclear files
Pompeo, Jordan's king agreed on 'urgent need' to confront Iran's 'destabilizing' activities in Syria during Monday meeting
Iranian heavy lift - Airborne from Moscow VKO Pouya Air IL76 EP-PUS
ISI satellite images of 47th brigade base in Hama
Demonstrations in Iranian Kurdistan Baneh, against the governor of the city. Kurds call for the dismissal of the governor.
FM of Iran Javad Zarif: The boy who can't stop crying wolf is at it again. Undeterred by cartoon fiasco at UNGA. You can only fool some of the people so many times.
Jordan state media released a statement from gov spokesman Mohammad Momani denying reports on Assad state owned daily that yesterday's airstrikes in Syria were launched from a military base in Jordan.
Iran's Judiciary bans using telegram instant massaging app - state TV
Iran's Khamenei warns regional rivals over confrontation with Tehran, says they will be defeated - TV
Iranian deputy foreign minister Abbas Araghchi says nuclear agreement "unsustainable" regardless of whether or not the U.S. withdraws, notes that Iran is "preparing all necessary options for any scenario."
Israel national security advisor to hold calls with U.K., France, Germany counterparts to them on new Iran intel: Channel10
The Israeli stock market crashing after @netanyahu's office said he'd be issuing a statement on a "significant development regarding the nuclear agreement with Iran"
Netanyahu relayed new info on Iran to Trump Saturday and Pompeo Sunday: Channel10
According to Israeli journalist Amit Segal, Netanyahu is set to disclose a set of documents uncovered by Israel that prove Iran did not abide by the nuclear agreement
PM Netanyahu will give a speech 8PM and expose new intelligence on the Iranian nuclear program, Israeli official says
Iranian Foreign Ministry spox Bahram Qassemi slammed Trump's @StateDept secretary Pompeo's statements about the 'alleged destabilizing role of Iran in the Middle East," blamed ALL on the U.S and Saudi "partnership"
Israeli cabinet meeting just ended, after an hour and half of discussion #Syria #Iran #Israel
@obretix: Lots of planes at Hmeymim air base on 15 Apr 2018: 12 Su-34, 9 Su-24, 3 Su-25, 4 Su-30, 4 Su-35, 2 Il-76, An-26, An-30, 2 A-50, Il-38(?), Il-20/22, An-124 and 2 IRIAF C-130 and 3 SyAAF MiG-29 that were flown to safety from Damascus
3 air strikes of the International Alliance aircraft on the positions of the Assad forces in the east of Deirzzour (Ashara, Subikhan, Mahakan)
Israeli officials lately sent messages to Russia and the US saying that in case of an Iranian attack on Israel directly from Syria or through Hezbollah, Israeli army will "go to town" on all the Iranian bases in Syria
Iran might retaliate against Israel after the elections in Lebanon: NYT
Putin, @EmmanuelMacron support preservation of IranNuclearDeal, implementation of agreement – Kremlin
Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali , following Israel's attacks on Syria last night: "The time of attacking us and fleeing has ended. your strikes will be met with strikes"
3 月 前
Khamenei: Wherever U.S. entered, it created instability, brought misery to people; that's why U.S.'s feet must be cut off from West Asia; U.S. must exit this region. The one whose feet should be cut off is U.S., not Islamic Republic. We are from here. Persian Gulf, West Asia are our home.
3 月 前
Khamenei: U.S. officials agitate Saudis, creating discord and chaos in West Asia. Why don't you agitate the Zionists? Because they want to turn Muslims against one another; thus, avoiding the burden of an outcome from confronting the Islamic Republic and the powerful Iranian nation.
3 月 前
Khamenei: U.S.'s plan is to provoke some ignorant govts. with little knowledge, in our own region, to confront the Islamic Republic. If these govt. officials gain some wisdom, they won't confront the Islamic Republic; but, if they stand against Iran, they will certainly suffer from defeat.
Israeli ministers were briefed that the urgent security cabinet meeting which was schedule for today will deal with "Intelligence and diplomatic update about the Iran nuclear deal"
Pics from alleged Israel'i airstrikes on Aleppo's Malikiyah Industrial area near airport
Hezbollah media quote Iran's @mehrnews_fa denying reports on western media of the presence of any Iranian military specialist at the site of targeted Assad base that was hit in Syria's Hama countryside yesterday night
Netanyahu met with Mike Pompeo in Tel Aviv yesterday and spoke to Trump by phone. Both conversations centred around Iran. The strike in Syria seems to have happened hours afterward.
Iran|ian commander denies that the base of the IRGC's Fatimiyoun (Afghans) in Aleppo was targeted last night. He does not deny, however, the attack in Hama.
18 Iranian fighters killed in strikes on bases operated by the Syrian Army and its allies in Aleppo and Hama in Syria, ISNA reports, citing local sources and activists
This is being reported in Israeli media: The base attacked last night was used to produce ballistic missiles with the help of North Korea
Russian Air Force An124 RA82032 Airborne from Latakia AB, Syria - heading over Iran
Macron confirms in talk with Rohani to work together to maintain the 2015 nuclear agreement
Rouhani tells Macron Iran nuclear deal "not negotiable"
In Saudi Arabia, new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talks tough on Iran and Gulf dispute
Merkel, Macron and May are ready to discuss additional agreements on Iran - the cabinet of Germany
Pompeo starts Mideast tour with call for new Iran sanctions
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