24 Juli 2024
Zahedan, southeast Iran Protesters are chanting: "We swear on the blood of our compatriots that we will stand to the end."
EU-FP-Chef @JosepBorrellF und Iran FM @Amirabdolahian hatten ein Telefongespräch, in dem sie über JCPOA-Gespräche, die Ukraine-Frage und die Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Iran und der IAEO sprachen. Iran FM sagte: „Der Iran und die @IAEAOrg-Beziehungen gehen in die richtige Richtung". Zur Ukraine sagte er: „Der Iran hat sich immer für Frieden und nicht für Krieg eingesetzt"
"Remains to be seen" if Saudi Arabia will hold China accountable if Iran continues to ship weapons to Yemen for use vs KSA, per @CENTCOM's Gen Kurilla
UAE President HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed receives Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani — WAM
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Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 - Northwestern Iran
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Turkish sources: the postponement of the four-way meeting that was scheduled for today in Moscow at the level of deputy foreign ministers of Turkey, Syria, Russia and Iran
A convoy of 10 cars carrying plainclothes forces attacked and stopped the car carrying civil rights activist Sepideh Qoliyan and her family home and arrested her again, just hours after she was released from jail after 4 years of imprisonment
Mass demonstrations of the people of Bukan protesting the killing of Shirzad Ahmadinejad, the arrested protester, under torture, the protesters lit fires in the streets and chanted the slogan of Shaheed Namr (Martyr does not die).
Bukan, northwest Iran: People are blocking roads and protesting the killing under torture of a local by the government's IRGC intelligence in the city of Urmia
A Saudi official said Wednesday that resuming diplomatic ties with Iran does not mean we are allies. Asked if Iran will remain committed to the deal, the official said China has leverage on Iran and Tehran will find it difficult to explain if the deal isn't honored
Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani will visit UAE tomorrow on Thursday to meet his Emirati counterpart and other senior officials to discuss bilateral, regional & international issues. Some economic and banking officials will also accompany him
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China, Iran and Russia begin naval exercises in the Gulf of Oman, they will last until March 19, - Chinese Ministry of Defense.
Karaj, west of Tehran, Iran Locals in the city's Khorramdasht district are turning the annual Fire Festivities into anti-government protests.
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Iran's mission to the United Nations says a breakthrough agreement with Saudi Arabia restoring bilateral relations will help bring a political settlement to Yemen's yearslong war, Iranian state media reported on Sunday
Two pick-ups of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia set off from the militia's headquarters in the Al-Tammou neighborhood in Al-Mayadhin and headed towards Abdel Moneim Riyad School, Corniche Street. The cars were covered from the back with a shade and loaded with a mortar, followed by an attack with artillery shells that targeted the base of the Al-Omar oil field.
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Khamenei: Today's world needs spirituality. Spirituality can be a factor to help nations move ahead
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Khamenei: The full launch of the North-South transport corridor (INSTC) will benefit Iran and Belarus as well as Russia and the region. Both countries must work to make the corridor operational
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Khamenei: Under the sanctions, Iran has been able to make enormous progress in different fields, including science and technology, the medical and biological sciences, space sciences, nuclear sciences, and nanotechnology
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Khamenei: The harsh sanctions have enabled Iran to discover its domestic potential and forces, and Iran has found many opportunities for progress during these past years while under sanctions
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Khamenei: Countries subject to US sanctions must counter the scheme of sanctions through cooperation and by setting up a joint assembly, and this can be done
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Khamenei: Belarusian President, Alexander Lukashenka, and his accompanying delegation met with Imam Khamenei just an hour ago
March 11—Protesters using Molotov cocktails attacked a base of the government's IRGC paramilitary Basij forces in the city of Mahshahr, southwest Iran. The Basij are known for their crackdown of popular protests
Near Chabahar, southeast Iran IRGC units raided the Mir Abad and Mordad Abad districts in the outskirts of Chabahar and demolished the homes of Baloch locals early Monday morning local time
Lukaschenka führt Gespräche mit dem iranischen Präsidenten Raisi in Teheran1 Jahr zuvor
Lukaschenka führt Gespräche mit dem iranischen Präsidenten Raisi in Teheran
Lukaschenka kam mit einem offiziellen Besuch in den Iran
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The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to the Iranian Ambassador to Baku in connection with the flights of an Iranian military aircraft over the state border of the two countries, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and Defense Ministry said in a joint statement.
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Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We look forward to the Saudi-Iranian agreement contributing to easing tension in the region and enhancing stability
The Saudi and Iranian foreign ministers will meet to activate the agreement, arrange the exchange of ambassadors, and discuss ways to strengthen relations
Iranian government and Saudi Arabia came to agreements and china was the mediator between the countries, which decided to renew their diplomatic relations
Official Iranian media: a close meeting between the foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia