Map. History of Iran conflict

14 August 2018
Der Irak will sich vom US-Iran-Konflikt fernhalten, sagt Premierminister Abadi
4 Monat zuvor
Khamenei: Besides, there are numerous valuable metals, grasslands, forests and numerous other resources in our country. If these resources are utilized, the economy of Iran will be among the first 12 countries out of 200-plus countries in the world.
4 Monat zuvor
Khamenei: Iran ranks first in the world gas reserves, fourth in oil, and the first in the world in terms of oil and gas resources altogether. Because of Iran's resources, the enemy wants domination and custody over our country.
Saudi crown prince says Iran's aim of nuclear weapons would be to act freely in M.E. without fear of retribution: NYT
US-Botschafter in Bagdad: Washington ist besorgt, dass der Iran dazu beiträgt, den Irak daran zu hindern, seine Beziehungen zu den Ländern der Region und der Welt wiederherzustellen
Hisbollah-Führer behauptet, dass Saudi-Arabien angeboten hat, die Unterstützung für syrische Rebellen abzuschneiden, falls Bashar Assad seine Verbindungen mit dem Iran abbrechen würde
Die IRGC weist Saudiarabiens Behauptung zurück, dass iranische Raketen in Jemen gezeigt werden. Saudi-Arabien will die Aufmerksamkeit von ihren Verbrechen in diesem Land ablenken, indem sie Vorwürfe gegen den Iran erheben.
DeirEzzor: mögliche Koalitions-Militärflugzeuge zielten auf Kontrollpunkte und Hauptquartiere der iranischen Revolutionsgarden in al-Bokamal, al-Isharah und Mohassan
Saudi-Botschafter für US @kbsalsaud: Iran unterstützt Terror in Syrien, Irak, Libanon, Bahrain, Jemen
German FM @HeikoMaas: The current IranDeal is better than no deal. PM @Netanyahu reportedly responded: "The Munich agreement from 1938 was also a deal. I also want to remind you what happened to the nuclear deal with North Korea."
German FM tells Netanyahu situation with an Iran deal better than situation without it
Netanyahu tells French and German FMs, post Trump's withdrawal from Iran nuke deal, "will have to choose between Iran's small economy and huge U.S. economy"
Arab Coalition: Iran should stop backing terrorist groups or else the world will take action
Alliance spokesman: Iranian missiles are divided into parts and then smuggled through the port of Hodeidah
Arab Alliance: We reserve the right to respond to Iran
Saudi exhibited the missile pieces he threw out. He explained that Iran is a constructor.
Iran slams US sanctions over hacking scheme
U.S. Attorney Berman says alleged Iranian hacking campaign stole entire email inboxes from some victims, believes all 9 defendants are currently in Iran
Trump administration sanctions Iranian individuals and entity that U.S. says sought to hack U.S. Department of Labor, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, states of Hawaii and Indiana, the United Nations and the United Nation's Children's Fund
US sanctions nine Iranians with conducting massive cyber theft campaign on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
US Department of Justice Accused 9 Iranian and Iranian hackers of electronic piracy for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
US imposes sanctions on 10 Iranians, institute for hacking
Saudi-Arabien hat Optionen, wenn die USA aus dem Kernenergie-Deal ausgeht: Minister
4 Monat zuvor
Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 - 51km NE of Bandar 'Abbas, Iran
Koalition: Iran, der den Houthis Waffen liefert, bedroht die Region und die Welt
Koalition: Die Rakete, die den Kampfjet anvisierte, wurde aus dem Iran geschmuggelt
4 Monat zuvor
Khamenei: Our involvement in certain parts of the region was upon the request of those nations, we have taken measures based on logical and wise motives, rather than based on emotions. We did so without interfering with their domestic affairs or ordering them on what to do or not to do.
Netanyahu sagt, dass Israel verhindern wird, dass Feinde Atomwaffen erhalten
4 Monat zuvor
Khamenei: In our country, there exists freedom of thought, freedom of expression,and freedom of choice. No one with ideas and thoughts opposing the establishment is pressured, threatened, or persecuted by the establishment. However, freedom is observed within the framework of law and religion.
4 Monat zuvor
Khamenei: In the world today, no country's independence equals to that of the Iranian nation. All nations of the world have some sort of compromise with major powers. The nation whose decisions are not influenced by any other nation is the Iranian nation.
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