Iranian official: Partial cut-off of electricity and communications in some Iranian cities bordering Iraq as a result of the earthquake

Map. History of Iran conflict

22 September 2018
10 month ago
Earthquake death toll of Iran to 210 and more than 2,500 injured
Iranian Legal Medicine Organization: Latest Deathtoll in iranEarthquake : Sarpol-e Zahab: 142; Eslamabad-e Gharb: 22; Salas-e Babajani: 15; Kerend-e Gharb: 14; Ghasr-e Shirin: 14; Total: 207 and still rising.
10 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 4km SW of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
The city of Ilam is most affected in Iran as a result of earthquake
Iranian official: 14 injured in the cities of western Iran because of the earthquake
6 people have so far lost their lives in the earthquake in the city of Qasr-e Shirin, Kermanshah province: Governor of Qasr-e Shirin. Iran
Iranian official: Partial cut-off of electricity and communications in some Iranian cities bordering Iraq as a result of the earthquake
Building collapse cause Iran-Iraq Earthquake in Sarpol-e Zahab, West Kermanshah Province, Iran
A 7.2 magnitude has hit 32 kms SW of Halalbja, near the Iraqi-Iranian border
Arab League to hold urgent meeting on Iran at Saudi request: diplomats
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Saudi Arabia adopts immature policies and undertakes dangerous and unaccountable adventures
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Saudi Arabia fuels conflicts in the region and drives them to explode
Iranian Su-22 aircraft crashed near Shiraz. The pilot dead
10 month ago
Nasrallah: Saudi can't handle Iran so they come to Lebanon so they take out their frustration here
10 month ago
Nasrallah: Difference between KSA and Iran, is Iran doesn't interfere in Leb internal affairs, demanding who should be Prez etc.
10 month ago
Nasrallah: They continually down talk the Yemenis due to their defiance by blaming everything on Iran
10 month ago
Nasrallah: Look at how smart Saudi intelligence is; they say the ballistic missile was from Iran given to Hezb in Yemen and fired it @ Riyadh
10 month ago
Nasrallah: Hariri situation is only part of problem. The real anger from the Saudis is towards Iran/Hezb
10 month ago
Nasrallah: There are many that walk more than 300km, all the way from the Iran-Pakistan border. No international help only from Iraqi people
U.S. Air Force general says ballistic missile that targeted Saudi capital was Iranian and bore "Iranian markings"
10 month ago
Macron: Iran's activities in the region is deeply concerning
Macron: It is clear that the rocket fired by the Houthi militias on Riyadh is an Iranian missile
France's Macron says sanctions could be possibility over Iran's ballistic missile program
10 month ago
“There are many other implications of this that take us down the wrong path” says @TulsiPress of pulling out of Iran nuclear deal, says weakening US hand with DPRK
“I would support withdrawing from it" says @RepStefanik of Iran nuclear deal "…need to strengthen it on ballistic missiles”
Kurdish political prisoners Diyako Resulzade and Sabîr Şêx Ebdullah have been sentenced to death by Iran
Iranian Ambassador in Iraq says Iraq is working on visa-free entrance for Iranian citizens after ISIS completely defeated
10 month ago
Sisi rejects Iranian interference in the affairs of the region
Ahmad Mola Nissi, a member of a Ahvaz Arab separatist movement has been killed tonight in a shootout in The Hague. People close to him are saying he was assassinated by the Iranian government
Eastern Syria: IS killed two commanders of IRGC Fatemiyoun Brigade east of T-2 Station.
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