Iran's central bank governor in majlis after recent rial devaluation against USD, but it doesn't go well

Map. History of Iran conflict

21 April 2018
Prince Mohammad bin Salman: Iran should not possess nuclear weapons and the 1938 agreement that caused a global war must not be repeated
Macron: We share with Saudi Arabia the need to confront Iran's expansion in the region
#Saudi foreign minister Jubeir says #Iran nuclear deal is lacking and shortcomings of the agreement have to be fixed
Israeli defense minister says 'he do not know' who attacked T4 base in Syria, but warns that Israel would not allow Iranian entrenchment beyond the border
Top Iranian official says 'Israel's crime' in attacking T4 airbase 'will not remain without response': Al Mayadeen
1 week ago
German Foreign Minister: Russia and Iran have not yet fulfilled their commitments in Syria
Reports this morning IRGC left their headquarters in Abu Kamal and went to Iraq.
Central Bank of Iran bans Iranians cash possession of more than 10K euros or its equal in forex. Governor Seif blames social media, UAE and Saudi Arabia for currency crash.
Muqtada Sadr says he is willing to mediate between KSA and Iran, 'despite the difficulty'
1 week ago
Erdogan: We insist on continued cooperation between Turkey, Russia and Iran on Syria
According to Fars news agency, bodies of 7 Iranian Forces who were killed in the attack on T4 airfield have been transferred to Iran
Iranian media: Seven Iranians were killed in strike on Syrian air base
Russian President's special envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev is scheduled to visit Tehran today and to hold discussions with senior Iranian officials, most probably following the recent Israeli attack
Iran's central bank governor in majlis after recent rial devaluation against USD, but it doesn't go well
Iran's Vice President Jahangiri says that, 'from tomorrow on, USD will be exchanged only with the single rate of 42,000 rials (4200 Tomans) for all purposes in the country and any other rate higher than that will be illegal'. The rate, on Monday, crashed through 60,000 rials.
Rouhani says Iran and Russia stepping in path of reaching strategic partnership: Tasnim
The Israel strike in Syria killed an Iranian colonel who works with UAVs, such as the one Iran flew into Israel in February from the same T-4 base.
[email protected]: We strongly condemn the Israeli attack on Syria, and consider it a blatant violation of international law.
1 week ago
Khamenei: The Islamic Republic has been created based on crucial ideals like monotheism, justice, liberty and independence and is different from common forms of government in the world.
In a rare move Iran announces the death of 3 Iranians in Israel|i airstrikes carried out last night on Tiyas (T4) Airbase. Iranian presence on same AB was already confirmed in Feb. when Israel destroyed command vehicle of stealth drone.
Fars News Agency: Two Iranian fighters were killed in the attack on the Syrian airbase
Angry farmers of Isfehan are chanting against government in the streets.
Iranian rial's free-fall continues, declining to 61,000 to the dollar and 70,000 to the euro today
Protest in Isfahan over water shortages
Iraq, Iran,Assad government and Russia established a joint intelligence-sharing operations HQ in Baghdad's Green Zone
1 week ago
German govt spokesman says Assad government would not be able to continue its military operations without Russia and Iran
Iran tells Trump he would regret dropping nuclear deal
Iranian Rial in a Downward Spiral as Fear Rises on Return of Sanctions
1 week ago
Khamenei: Despite all conspiracies, against the enemies' will, the power of the Islamic establishment will accelerate day by day.
1 week ago
Khamenei: The current era is one of dignity for the Islamic Republic of Iran. The reason for the unprecedented attacks against Islamic Republic of Iran is due to its increase in power; because the enemies have been terrified by this increasing power, they have accelerated their attacks.
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