Cell phone merchants protest in Tehran and shout "Let go of Syria, think of us."

Map. History of Iran conflict

21 September 2018
Cell phone merchants protest in Tehran and shout "Let go of Syria, think of us."
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) Council Vice Chairman, Abu Mahdi Muhandis: we will not be silent on US attack on PMF in Syria. We will respond with all possible means. We await orders from Qasem Soleimani of Iranian Revolutionary Guards. We take orders from Soleimani.
Iran FM @JZarif: We are all in one ship in Iran, principlists, reformists, non-partisan, opponents of Islamic Republic and opponents of the administration. Target is neither the establishment nor Rouhani administration, but the target is Iran
Iran FM @JZarif: The key to our problems are small and midsize firms. Small and midsize enterprises are driving force behind economies of European countries. Chamber of Commerce needs to establish a committee to identify small and midsize Iranian firms and their respective European firms
Iran FM @JZarif: We are used to difficulty. We spent a hard time and during war era, we ran the country with oil at $8 for a barrel. We cannot run the country with $75 oil?
2 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 115km SSW of Firuzabad, Iran
Syria: IRGC announces one of its senior officers, Brigadier General Shahrokh Daipour, was killed in Albu Kamal. No details on circumstances of death - @AFP
Pompeo warns Iran on nuclear arms; hopes military force will never be needed
Iran says OPEC, allies to increase oil output by 500,000 bpd
Syria: Iran announced the death of shahrokh Daipour, the IRGC commander for operations in Aleppo province. Location unspecified, but killed in combat (Daraa or E. desert).
Iran Deputy FM Araghchi met Russia Deputy FM Ryabkov today on Friday in Moscow. They discussed the JCPOA3 month ago
Iran Deputy FM Araghchi met Russia Deputy FM Ryabkov today on Friday in Moscow. They discussed the JCPOA
Iranian minister walks out of OPEC meeting to increase oil supply
It's old informationOld video (likely from 2015)
Syria Daraa: Liwa Fatemiyoun, the Afghan Shia militia, released a footage from Deir al-Adas. This confirms that pro-Iranian soldiers are still in Daraa. [email protected]
Shinzo Abe is considering visiting Iran in July for talks with President Hassan Rouhani. If realized, Abe will become 1st sitting Japan PM to visit Iran since 1978
Iran FM @JZarif is expected to attend Tuesday meeting of a parliamentary faction to brief the lawmakers on the latest developments regarding Iran's talks with European countries over the JCPOA
3 month ago
Iran's Oil Minister Met Saudi Energy Minister On Friday Morning Ahead Of OPEC Meeting - Iran Oil Ministry Official
As Iran's deadline to reach an agreement on saving Iran deal comes to an end, Iranian Deputy FM Araghchi says there is probability of Iran withdrawing from the JCPOA in coming weeks
Iran Deputy FM Araghchi: JCPOA is in 'intensive care unit' I cannot say that the prospect is bright and clear to have a good package, but we are still waiting and keep hoping that the package could be good enough for Iran to stay in the deal
Iraq, Syria, Russia and Iran confirm new mission to secure the Iraqi-Syrian border from all militants groups. The mission was devised in the operations room in Iraq's capital, Baghdad.
3 month ago
Iran oil minister leaves pre-Opec meeting early, says talks with Saudi Arabia and Russia not going well
On Iran, @StateDept Mitchell says he is optimistic that disagreements on handling Iran between Europe and US is "a distance that we will close." Says "self-policing of European companies" away from Iran "points towards a closer US and European approach."
Iran 'ready for deal' with other OPEC countries: minister
Iran's navy has sent a destroyer and a replenishment ship to the Gulf of Aden following "the intensification of conflict in Hudaydah" in Yemen, Tasnim news agency reports.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday said European countries shared concerns over Iran's ballistic missile program and called for solutions to its "aggressive tendencies" in the Middle East:
Merkel: Iran's 'aggression' in Middle East must be countered
3 month ago
German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Action is needed to counter Iran';s aggressive actions in the Middle East
3 month ago
Khamenei: You played excellently yesterday, may God grant you optimum power. IRN IRNESP WorldCup
3 month ago
Russia's Lavrov, U.N. Secretary-General discuss Iran nuke deal, North Korea
3 month ago
Khamenei: A few govts stand against people of Yemen to take away their port-which is a way out for oppressed Yemenis. They kill people with no hesitation. They're inherently brutal. They try to sabotage Islamic Republic because it seeks justice, advocates for Islam, andsupports the oppressed.
Iraq police in armed clash with pro-Iran militia in Baghdad: security official
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