Protests at Tehran streets now.

Map. History of Iran conflict

22 September 2018
2 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 34km NE of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran
"This is really unhelpful and part of an escalation plan. We strongly disagree with this plan," senior European diplomat on US announcement on zero Iran oil imports says @realDonaldTrump on Iran deal
US demands world halt Iranian oil imports by November 4: official
As we are entering the second day of Iran Protests specially in Tehran, the Iranian security forces are demolishing the property of the people in order to show to the world that there are riots and disturbance made by protesters.
In Shiraz shopkeepers and ordinary citizens are protesting against Islamic government of Iran in Dariush street. They are chanting "RezaShah, God Bless Your Soul and "We don't want government of Akhoonds [Ayatollahs]".
Iran's president Rouhani: The US withdrew from its commitments under the JCPOA with the highest price possible. The great wish of Trump was that we would exit the deal after him
Iran's president: We assure people that they will not have any problem for supplying their daily needs Increasing people's trust and hope is the best solution for stability of our system and economy
Three Iranian security personnel and three militants were killed in a cross-border attack on the frontier with Pakistan on Monday, Iran's Revolutionary Guards said in a statement
Iran's annual inflation rate measured for today, 6/26/18, is 121.58%.
Iran says it can handle fresh sanctions amid unrest reports
Britain's proposal to give the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons greater powers to assign blame for chemical attacks has been opposed by Russia, Syria and Iran
2 month ago
Khamenei: You are back victorious and prideful. Bravo. May God grant you success. IRNPOR IRN WorldCup
Cham Wings returns to Damascus from Tehran.
Massive rally in Tehran now
Rioting now at Tehran street
Protests at Tehran streets now.
This is Shoush district, South of Tehran. Iran's Islamic government security forces are attacking protesters and shopkeepers on strike.
More demonstrations in Tehran and appears Bazaar-e Bozorg is again closed in protest of economic crisis2 month ago
More demonstrations in Tehran and appears Bazaar-e Bozorg is again closed in protest of economic crisis
Protesters including shopkeepers are resisting the Iran's Islamic government security forces in LalehZar street of Tehran.
Orumiyeh's Grand Bazaar joined the nationwide strike and protests against the Iran's Islamic government.
KermanShah city is another 6 cities in Iran that start Closing their shops and continued to demonstrate in the streets. more than 6 cities joined Capital City Tehran demonstrations.
Protest in Tehran now
Iran: Massive protests on Tehran streets
Protesters in Tehran Shout: Our Enemies Are Right Here. America Is Not Our Enemy. No to Gaza, No To Lebanon.
Grand Bazaar of Arak joined the nationwide strike against the Iran's Islamic government.
Not only Tehran's Grand Bazaar is on strike rather Bazaars and shopping malls in tens of other cities of Iran are closed today. This video is sent from Kermanshah for the ManotoTV shows the city's Grand Bazaar right now.
Iran President Rouhani says the US has been trying to overthrow the Islamic Pepublic since 1979 revolution - state tv
Iran President Rouhani says Iran|ians will not give in to pressure from Trump, will defend independence and values: State TV
Peshmerga Forces released a statementregarding a clash with IRGC that took place on the evening of June 23. A number of IRGC soldiers were killed and wounded also Mohammed Hashmi, second lieutenant in the IRGC killed in the clash near Piranshar Iraq
Syrian TV: Israeli missiles struck Damascus airport, Syria; @SputnikInt reports: target was an Iranian cargo plane unloading at Damascus International Airport
Iran's president Rouhani, today in a phone conversation with Turkey's president, congratulated Erdogan's victory in election and emphasized on expanding Tehran-Ankara ties.
Iran bans 1,300 imports as protesters, police clash over currency weakness
"Death to the basis of the supreme leader" is another chant. People are sending a clear message that they want to change te government. In some parts protesters also chanted "death to @bbcpersian ", "death to Rouhani", "death to Khomeini".
Iran MFA spox: Mr Erdogan's winning in Turkey elections is a very good news and I use the opportunity to congratulate him and Turkish people who participated in a magnificent election
Iran MFA spox: There are daily and regular contacts between Iran and EU and other JCPOA members. Experts are in touch. We hope that EU's package will soon be given to us. As a diplomat, I am optimist and hopeful
Iran FM @JZarif and Syria Deputy FM Faisal Mekdad today met in Tehran
This video sent for BBC shows the wounded protesters in one of Tehran's hospitals named "Mohayyeri"
Some protests erupted today in Tehran's Bazaar and near parliament. Deputy of Tehran's governor said no one been detailed so far and coordination has been made to hold meetings with the protesters. Officials say calm being restored. Iran-Portugal match to be screened in Azadi Stadium
Iran: heavy police presence on the streets of Tehran. policemen are firing tear gas at the bazaaris, which are protesting the current economic situation in the country
Protesters in Iran today, chant "Palestine, Syria, are the causes of our miseries"
Several injuries were reported in the rally in Tehran
This video is sent by a citizen journalist showing protests against Iran's Islamic government following to the currency devaluation in Shiraz today.
Mass protest in front of Iran's parliament building. The narrator of the video claims there are at least 20,000 protesting near the parliament .
Protesters in Tehran shout "death to the dictator."
Another area in Tehran crowded by protesters
Street clashes; police using tear gas against protesters in Tehran
This video recorded shows IRGC anti-riot forces of Iran's Islamic government are ready to attack the protesters in Tehran near the Ferdowsi Square.
Protesters near the Iranian parliament in central Tehran, according to activists
Iran plans a secondary market for foreign exchange to help circumvent a dollar shortage
Protesters have swarmed Tehran's Grand Bazaar amid nationwide anger over the country's troubled economy - semi-official news agency in Iran
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