Map of Iran with diplomatic and economic data

Map. History of Iran conflict

21 September 2018
Iran's FM: UN security council rebuffed U.S. naked attempt to hijack its mandate
Iran's FM @JZarif: UNSC meeting on Iran another foreign policy blunder for Trump admin
US Haley says Trump admin puts Iran government 'on notice' and that US will not be quiet and will 'unapologetically' stand with Iranians
Iran's U.N. ambassador says Iran has evidence violence 'directed from abroad'
State TV of Islamic Republic censored the sound of a football game today because thousands of supporters chanted slogans against the government in the stadium of Tabriz.
Iran's ambassador to the UN, Gholamali Khoshroo: US' call for a Security Council meeting on Iran Protests is "an abuse of its power as a permanent member."
China, Russia protest over inclusion of Iran issue in UN Security Council agenda
Russia at UNSC on Iran: Wars and crisis in MiddleEast are "open wounds that remind us of the dangers of geopolitical engineering." Iran Protests Security Council
Russian delegate to the United Nations: We see again how the United States is undermining the Security Council
In UNSC - Permanent Representative (Number 1 Ambassador) of Iran has arrived, taps his colleague on the shoulder, takes over the front seat. There's one seat between him and @NikkiHaley. He'll speak last - then any rights of reply / additional statements
Lahijan, N Iran Anti-government rally and protesters chanting: "No fear, we're all together"
Tabriz, NW Iran Protesters chanting: "Azarbaijan will not succumb to shame" Iran Protests
Protest in Tehran
Bane, W Iran Activists reporting authorities hiring mercenaries armed with AK-47 assault rifles to protect banks.
Ahvaz, SW Iran Footage shows entrance gate of IRGC Basij base set on fire
Takestan, Qazvin, reportedly today.
Friday: Protestors break into governor's office in Arak
Map of Iran with diplomatic and economic data
Iran Intelligence Ministry detains 90 students, reformist MP Parvaneh Selahshouri says
People of Khomeyn, Markazi province have started their protest against government of Iran. They are chanting now: "Reza Shah [Pahlavi], God Bless your soul". Khomeyn was hometown of cruel dictator Ruhollah Khomeini.
Today during a football match in Tabriz, spectators chanted slogans against government of Iran and called the police forces: "Bisharaf/ Dishonourable men!"
Parents of protesters arrested stage a sit in outside Evin prison8 month ago
Parents of protesters arrested stage a sit in outside Evin prison
Iran's foreign minister lumping in ISIS with KSA SaudiArabia and @POTUS
Tehran footage Friday of very heavy deployment of forces in streets
Trending hashtags in Iran "We will be like Tunisia" تونس_میشویم versus "We will not end up like Syria" سوریه_نمیشویم
8 month ago
Russian deputy foreign minister says U.N. Security Council meeting on Iran directly interferes with Iranian sovereignty
Iranian opposition said that 50 protesters have been killed by security forces
Iran: At least 1,700 ppl arrested in the past 9days during Iran Protests in Tehran, Markazi, Kerman, Golestan, West Azerbaijan, Gilan, Ardabil, and Razavi Khorasan provinces.
8 month ago
Coalition: The launch of the missile on Najran evidence of Iran's support for the Houthis
8 month ago
Turkey's president Erdogan accused the US and Israel of interfering into domestic affairs of Iran and Pakistan just like they have been doing in many parts of the world.
Ambassador Nikki Haley on the situation in Iran: "This is a matter of fundamental human rights for the Iranian people, but it is also a matter of international peace and security." The United States has requested a UNSC briefing at 3pm EST tomorrow.
Urmia, NW Iran Major anti-government rally, activists report.
Kermanshah, reportedly tonight.
Erdogan told a French channel: Rouhani assured me that the situation in Iran will stabilize within a day or two
Tehran, #Iranprotesters chanting " Down with Khamenei, Referendum is the people's wish". People want a referendum to be organised so people can decide whether they want an Islamic Republic or Democracy
AFP: Washington asks for an emergency meeting on Iran at the United Nations on Friday
Iran blames CIA for week of protests; US denies any role
U.S. Department of Treasury sanctions Iranian entities "These sanctions target key entities involved in Iran's ballistic missile program As the Iranian people suffer, their government and the IRGC fund foreign militants, terrorist groups, and human rights abuses."
Students of Art University in Tabriz protested on the arrest of students in the campus
US sanctions five entites that violated sanctions on #Iran
Big demonstrations in Sanandaj, Kurdistan region and reports of casualties.
Report of killed in demonstrations in Sanandaj in Iranian Kurdistan
8 month ago
Massive demonstrations in Aromiya in the province of Azerbaijan Sandaj in Kurdistan and Shiraz
The presence of security forces in the streets of Hamedan
Protest in Aligudarz
Clashes with police reported in Shiraz
People of Aligudarz, Lorestan are protesting
State Dept. condemns arrests, deaths in Iranian protests: "To the government's victims, we say: You will not be forgotten."
IRGC hackers tried to hack Iran FM @JZarif email during nuclear negotiations, @bbcpersian reporting.
Reportedly a video of protest today in Dezful, Khuzestan.
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