2 August 2021
State Department says threats from Iran are "real," "imminent," and centered on US assets in the Middle East.
2 year ago
[email protected]: ..Different opinions are expressed and I make a decisive and final decision - it is a very simple process. All sides, views, and policies are covered. I'm sure that Iran will want to talk soon.
IRGC Commander says "we are on the verge of a full-scale confrontation with the enemy.The Islamic Republic is at the most decisive moment of its history."
US Dept of State Bombardier Dash 8 Q300 N589AW  heading Baghdad for the third time today2 year ago
US Dept of State Bombardier Dash 8 Q300 N589AW heading Baghdad for the third time today
Iranian morality police arrest 204 individuals in the western city of Kermanshah for not observing Islamic month of Ramadan
2 year ago
Khamenei: West cunningly evades tapping on the issue of family. In any discussion they raise, they talk about women but not about families. Family is West's sore point. They raise the issue of women but never talk about family, while women are an inseparable part of family. 2012-01-04
Qatar's FM Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani met his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif in Tehran over US-Iran tensions
US withdrawal of diplomats from Iraq due to "imminent" Iran-linked threat, officials say
Al-Houthi group has the right to conduct operations against Saudi Arabia targets - an Iranian military source says.
Syrian AIr (Force) IL76T YK-ATB departed Damascus heading Tehran  Iran2 year ago
Syrian AIr (Force) IL76T YK-ATB departed Damascus heading Tehran Iran
Putin: Iran is one of the most inspected and the most honest countries and committed to the agreement on its nuclear program
Exxonmobil has, reportedly, evacuated its staff from Basra oil fields, in southern Iraq.
United States Navy Los Angles-class USS Olympia (SSN-717) arriving at HM Naval Base Gibraltar2 year ago
United States Navy Los Angles-class USS Olympia (SSN-717) arriving at HM Naval Base Gibraltar
Pompeo: Iranian militias have deployed missiles near US bases in Iraq
US Embassy in Baghdad: We are confident that Iraqi security will be able to protect us, but the threat remains serious
UK MoD explains Maj. Gen. Ghika's comments: the UK has long been clear about our concerns over Iran's destabilizing behavior in the region2 year ago
UK MoD explains Maj. Gen. Ghika's comments: "the UK has long been clear about our concerns over Iran's destabilizing behavior in the region"
2 year ago
Khamenei: When we needed the 20% enriched uranium for medications and medical purposes, I said that the most difficult part of the enrichment is the 20%; from there to higher levels, it's much easier. Our youth managed to pass this difficult part.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Whenever we relied on our youth, we progressed. One example is our military products: the precision missiles, including ballistic and cruise missiles that can hit their target from 1500-2000km distance.
Iranian Defense Minister: Our armed forces are at the state of full readiness to respond to any aggression from U.S. and ts lackeys in the region
Iran will defeat the American and Israeli alliance: Defence Minister
Unprecedented high security alert status reported in and around Kuwait's oil facilities and regional waters. This follows a recent warning of the Kuwaiti Emir to the country's national guard.
US Embassy Staff to leave Iraq amid tensions with Iran. @StateDept: "Given the increased threat stream we are seeing in Iraq, which we shared with the Iraqi government during the Secretary's visit on May 7.the Secretary has decided to place Mission Iraq on ordered departure"
2 year ago
Khamenei: To improve affairs, don't look to foreigners. Others won't help us; they'd even harm us. You see Europe We didn't have disputes. Interestingly they reiterate: We're committed to JCPOA. What does Germany, France and UK's commitment to JCPOA mean What commitment do you abide by.
Iranian official: The outbreak of a new confrontation in the region will harm the Middle East
US Navy C-2A Greyhound COD RG02 USSAbrahamLincoln is currently in the Gulf of Oman  close to the Strait of Hormuz2 year ago
US Navy C-2A Greyhound COD RG02 #USSAbrahamLincoln is currently in the Gulf of Oman close to the Strait of Hormuz
The Iranian presidency: the end of the 60 days without securing our interests will be met with a new reduction of our commitments to the nuclear agreement
The US State Department calls on its non-essential staff to leave Iraq
US-led coalition fighting ISIS at a "high level of alert" due to a "possible imminent threat to US forces in Iraq," according to @DeptofDefense statement.
CENTCOM is pushing back on a statement made by a senior British general that "there has been no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq and Syria.". CENTCOM says comments "run counter to the identified credible threats available to intelligence from U.S. and allies."
The fire at the Tabriz Petrochemical Company is under control, the refinery's spox claims. Albeit rumors of a Saudi cyber attack, the fire was the result of hydrochemicals transfers inside the facility, he says.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Look how enemy's calculation system is messed up that their president says: there are protests against the establishment in Iran every Friday. Firstly, it's not on Fridays, but on Saturdays. Secondly, it's not in Tehran, but in Paris.
2 year ago
Khamenei: U.S. govt needs to make uproar. They say: our behavior changed Iran. Yes: Iranians' abhorrence towards U.S. increased 10 times and U.S.'s chance of infringing on Iran's interests got slim; our youth's determination to be prepared and our armed forces' vigilance have increased.
2 year ago
Khamenei: There're no doubt that U.S.'s animosity that started with the Revolution, has become very explicit now. The animosity existed before but it wasn't so explicit. One should know that an enemy who makes an uproar by threatening, doesn't have much real power.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Negotiating with decent people is also wrong let alone negotiating with U.S. officials who aren't even decent and don't abide by anything. No noble and wise Iranian would trade their strong points. Of course no one among our wise men seeks negotiations.
Putin's spokesman Peskov: you have to wait end of Pompeo-Putin meeting something between 30 minutes and 3 hours
UAE: Saudi Arabia, America, France and Norway participate in the investigation into the sabotage operation off Fujairah
2 year ago
Khamenei: They say let's negotiate your defensive arms, and why you make missiles with certain range; reduce the range so that if we strike your bases you won't be able to strike back at us. Or they say let's talk about your strategical influence in the region, i.e. you give up on it.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Negotiations are like a poison as long as the U.S. remains the same way it is. And with the current U.S. government is additionally poisonous.
2 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu called the attacks by Syrian forces a flagrant violation of a September ceasefire. He said in a tweet it went counter to spirit of Turkey's efforts to work with Russia and Iran to reduce hostilities and casualties in Idlib and neighboring areas
2 year ago
Khamenei: This confrontation is a confrontation of willpowers and our willpower is stronger because in addition to our willpower we also enjoy relying on God.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Iranian nation's definite option is resistance against U.S. and in this confrontation, U.S. will have to withdraw. This is not a military confrontation because no war is to happen. We don't seek a war nor do they. They know a war wouldn't be beneficial for them.
Pompeo: We do not seek war with Iran, but we will respond appropriately if US interests are attacked
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "I have spoken with European ministers and informed them of the details of the current Iranian risks"
A US official told Reuters: Security agencies believe that Iranian proxies rather have attacked the ships of Fujairah, not Iran itself
US Secretary of State: US will continue to pressure Iran
Trump calls NYT reporting WH is reviewing plans to send 120K troops to Middle East "fake news." "Would I do that Absolutely. But we have not planned for that. Hopefully we don't have to plan for that." Says if he did, ostensibly to counter Iran, it would be more than 120K
Lavrov: I discussed with Pompeo a number of issues, including the status of the Iranian nuclear file
U.S. State Department: The Iranian Revolutionary Guards arm militias in camps in Lebanon for proxy wars
In Pentagon briefing from Baghdad top British General says "no increased threat from Iranian backed forces" to coalition troops in Iraq, adding "we have no part of Iran in our mission," Maj Gen Chris Ghika.
An advisor to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani @hesamodin1: @realDonaldTrump : You wanted a better deal with Iran. Looks like you are going to get a war instead. That's what happens when you listen to the mustache. Good luck in 2020.
"The U.S. government has taken a decision outside of the framework of what had been agreed with the Spanish Navy," acting Defense Minister Margarita Robles said.
Iraqi Prime Minister: Tehran and Washington do not want war
Speaking through a translator, Lavrov tells Pompeo that Russia hopes to move relations with the US out of its "regrettable state" He said there's suspicion and mistrust on both sides, and its time to build a better relationship. Both note it's their 2nd meeting in as many weeks.
USS Lincoln carrier group spotted Arabian Sea, off Oman coast. Two C-2 Greyhounds landed on it today, from Bahrain (earlier from Crete,  Amman) (162143 , 162165)2 year ago
USS Lincoln carrier group spotted Arabian Sea, off Oman coast. Two C-2 Greyhounds landed on it today, from Bahrain (earlier from Crete, Amman) (162143 , 162165)
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is discussing with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov the Iranian and Syrian dossiers in Sochi
Iraq: Vandalism against ships threatens the security of the entire Gulf
Unusual path flight for Syrian Il-76 YK-ATB from Damascus2 year ago
Unusual path flight for Syrian Il-76 YK-ATB from Damascus
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