USAF Nuke Sniffer 61-2667 AE0941 Boeing WC-135W Constant Phoenix Over Israel

Map. History of Iran conflict

29 May 2020
DOJ unseals indictments on Iranian-agents in plot to illicitly ship uranium enrichment materials
Mogherini: If Iran continues to reduce its nuclear commitments, it will be difficult to return to the agreement
USAF Nuke Sniffer 61-2667 AE0941 Boeing WC-135W Constant Phoenix  Over Israel10 month ago
USAF Nuke Sniffer 61-2667 AE0941 Boeing WC-135W Constant Phoenix Over Israel
Iranian Foreign Ministry: The tanker was pulled into Iranian waters to deal with its failures and provide further assistance
Iranian Foreign Ministry: We have responded to a distress call from a foreign oil tanker and are still providing the required technical assistance
10 month ago
According to @Reuters, the spokesman for the Iran mission at the UN says his country's missiles "are absolutely and under no condition negotiable with anyone or any country, period."
10 month ago
Portugal has suspended the issuance of entry visas for Irania n nationals for unspecified security reasons: Foreign Minister
10 month ago
Gulf escalation is not in anyone's interests: PM May's spokesman
10 month ago
An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale hits southern Iran
US wants Iran to get out of Yemen, adds @POTUS in Cabinet meeting.
US does not want government change in Iran, says @POTUS, stating desire to help and work with Tehran.
Iran is prepared to negotiate about its missile program, says @SecPompeo in Cabinet meeting.
10 month ago
UAE official: The carrier did not send any distress request and was carrying Panama flag and is believed to have disappeared while crossing the Strait of Hormuz
10 month ago
UAE News Agency: The missing oil tanker is not owned by the UAE and does not have an Emirati crew
[email protected]: "IRGC watercraft approached a British owned vessel carrying oil and they likely would've either assaulted it or brought in into the Iranian shore creating an international incident were it not for a British warship intervening"
10 month ago
Britain will send a third warship and a navy tanker to the Persian Gulf, but the move is not related to Iran crisis: Times
Pentagon officials: We believe that Iran is holding the oil tanker that have been lost in the Strait of Hormuz
[email protected] adds US "trying to foreclose the opportunity for any miscalculation andmisunderstanding by developing a concept.called Operation Sentinel whereby we do passive patrolling if you will in the Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf to deter any provocative acts"
[email protected] at his confirmation hearing for Defense Secretary: "I agree we do not want war wit Iran. We are not seeking war with Iran, we need to get back on the diplomatic channel."
"We must be prepared to respond to regional threats such as Iran and North Korea – all the while maintaining pressure on terrorist groups such as ISIS and alQaeda" per @EsperDoD "This need to balance current readiness with modernization. is the Department's central challenge"
10 month ago
Saudi Arabia has seized Houthis unmanned ship with explosives in Red Sea, believed to set to target commercial shipping
The commander of Iran's Air Force and the four Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) personnel responsible for shooting down a US military drone have reportedly been awarded the Imam Reza Service Medal for their actions.
10 month ago
Hamas official Musa Abu Marzuq: Despite various rumors, "there is no movement with Syria and there are no relations with Syria yet" but Hamas nonetheless continues to have "strong relations" with Iran "and it has not been broken at all at any stage."
Iranian Atomic Energy Agency spokesman: We have sufficient stockpiles of enriched uranium for reactor fuel
10 month ago
Khamenei: According to our Foreign Minister, Europe made 11 commitments, none of which they abided by. We abided by our commitments andeven beyond them. that we've begun to reduce our commitments, they oppose it. How insolent. You didn't abide by your commitments.
10 month ago
Khamenei: Western governments' major vice is their arrogance. If the country opposing them is a weak one, their arrogance works; but if it's a country that knows and stands against them, they will be defeated. Regarding our ties with Europeans, what makes problems persist is their arrogance.
10 month ago
Khamenei: Iran will continue the process of cutting down on its JCPOA commitments.
At least 13 people have been killed and 9 others wounded after a minibus fell into a gorge near the city of Khansar in Isfahan province, central Iran.
10 month ago
Khamenei: The vicious British government committed piracy and attacked our ship; they commit crimes and legalize it. The Islamic Republic and the believing members of the establishment will not leave such vicious acts without a response.
Khamenei vows Britain to respond to detention of Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar
Iran's judiciary spokesman confirms the arrest of a French researcher of Iranian origin in Tehran
10 month ago
Zarif: Iran's ballistic missile program is negotiable with Washington
Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense: I emphasized to Martin Griffiths the need to stop Iranian interference in Yemen
10 month ago
UN concerned by US curbs on Iranian FM in New York City
This is the last known position of the UAE (Panama flagged) oil products tanker RIAH in Iranian waters near Iran's Qeshm island 44 hours ago.10 month ago
This is the last known position of the UAE (Panama flagged) oil products tanker RIAH in Iranian waters near Iran's Qeshm island 44 hours ago.
CNN has learned: US intel increasingly believes UAE tanker MT RIAH forced into Iranian waters over the weekend by IRGC naval forces. UAE isn't talking. Some Gulf sources say ship simply broke downtowed by Iran. US says tho no contact with crew. Last location Qesham Island
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