24 July 2021
Qassem Soleimani: Israel's insane operations will be its last breath
US Department of State: [email protected] spoke today with Israeli Prime Minister @Netanyahu regarding recent Israeli airstrikes in Syria. They discussed how Iran is leveraging its foothold in Syria to threaten Israel and its neighbors. The PM noted that Israel would strike IRGC targets threatening Israel
1 year ago
German chancellor says talks at G7 summit on Iran "constructive"
1 year ago
Merkel: We must use all means to resolve the Iranian issue peacefully
Unidentified drones strikes convoy of Iranian-backed Shi'a milita cars near the Syrian-Iraqi border
Geolocated: Attacked site in Aqraba village1 year ago
Geolocated: Attacked site in Aqraba village
An Iranian plane from Tehran has just landed at the local airport in Biarritz France were the G7 summit is being held.1 year ago
An Iranian plane from Tehran has just landed at the local airport in Biarritz France were the G7 summit is being held.
1 year ago
Israeli army confirms 4 Iranian drone operators arrived in Damascus from Iran. They planned to use drones similar to the Houthi drones used in recent attacks (Qasef-2K). Israeli army are prepared for additional attacks using other capabilities
IDF: In recent weeks, the equipment of drone attackers cell landed at Damascus International Airport with Iranian instructors. They gathered in Aqraba village south of Damascus in a special compound belonging to the Quds Force.
IDF: Iranian elements chosen to carry out drone attack mission are members of the Shiite militias - terrorist elements brought by the Quds Force and Qasim Suleimani to Syria, trained and armed. Talk about militias operating according to the agenda of the Quds Force for its purposes in order to carry out an operation and not in any other name or framework
1 year ago
Macron: I didn't get a G7 mandate to talk to Iran
Iran denies that its positions in Syria have been targeted by Israeli strikes
1 year ago
Trump: We did not discuss at the G7 summit the possibility of delivering a joint message to Iran
Syrian Observatory: Two Hezbollah,Iranian killed in Israel's Damascus strikes
1 year ago
The task of the G7 is to ensure international peace and help overcome crises around Iran, in Syria, Libya and Ukraine - Macron
Netanyahu chairs a meeting of the General Staff
Netanyahu says the Israeli air force targeted the Iranian Qods Force south of Damascus
IDF: The strike targeted Iranian Quds Force operatives and Shiite militias which were preparing to advance attack plans targeting sites in Israel from within Syria over the last number of days
Type 45 destroyer @HMSDefender will join the @RoyalNavy's efforts to support the safe passage of shipping in the Middle East.1 year ago
Type 45 destroyer @HMSDefender will join the @RoyalNavy's efforts to support the safe passage of shipping in the Middle East.
1 year ago
Macron during his meeting with Trump: We have a common goal of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and maintaining regional security
IRGC commander: Tehran test-fired a new missile
AP: An Iranian oil tanker held in Gibraltar is heading to a Turkish port
"We support Iraqi sovereignty and have repeatedly spoken out against any potential actions by neighbors that could lead to violence in Iraq" adds @DeptofDefense's Cmdr Sean Robertson - "Iraqis have a right to control their own internal security and protect their democracy"
Zarif: The nuclear agreement cannot be renegotiated
Iranian FM describes his talks with French President on the nuclear file as "constructive"
1 year ago
British official: There is no change in London's support for the nuclear deal with Iran under the Johnson government
The New York Times: The headquarters that was bombed north of Baghdad was used by the Revolutionary Guard to transport weapons to Syria.
U.S. State Department official: US shipping sector has been notified of sanctions on Iranian tanker
Official head of Iraq paramilitary forces walks back his deputy's accusations that the US was behind a string of recent explosions at bases
Israel PM Netanyahu tonight: "We are not giving Iran immunity anywhere, We are operating in many places against a country who wants to destroy us" (Netanyahu in an Interview to Israel Channel 9)
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