30 July 2021
Pompeo says he is willing to go Iran for direct talks
Lufthansa Airbus A340 flight DLH600 Frankfurt - Tehran U-turn over Bulgaria and descending for Frankfurt Airport, reason unkonwn
French Defense Minister: Paris, London and Berlin decide to coordinate their forces in the Gulf region
Sky News has learnt a Royal Navy warship has been tasked with accompanying British-flagged vessels through the Strait of Hormuz
Saudi Energy Minister: Concerned about the situation in the Strait of Hormuz
Al-Falih: We hope to increase the capacity of pipelines to transport oil from eastern Saudi Arabia to its west to 7 million BPD within two years
Saudi energy minister calls on global oil importers to secure energy shipments through the Strait of Hormuz
UK-owned (waving Liberia's Flag of Convenience) VLCC supertanker MESDAR has managed to navigate the Strait of Hormuz overnight with no less than 1.7 million barrels of Saudi crude oil, heading to China. She was released by the IRGC last Friday after brief stop.
British-flagged tankers Sea Ploeg (registered in the Cayman Islands) and Stena Important (Bermuda) passed through the Strait of Hormuz, escorted by 'NATO warship M110', which is believed to be HMS Montrose
US Defense Secretary: European naval force in the Strait of Hormuz is an addition to the US alliance for the same purpose
@EsperDoD Esper said he will travel to @CENTCOM next week
On 1st day as SecDef, @EsperDoD talked with press about efforts to build maritime coalition in the Gulf. Said US military will escort US-flagged commercial ships "to the degree that the risk demands it" to prevent an Iranian action like we saw with the British-flagged ship last week
Swedish Foreign Ministry: We are holding talks with Iran, Britain and other countries to find solutions to reduce tensions
Israeli security services uncover Iranian operation to recruit agents in Israel, West Bank and Gaza via fake Facebook profiles
Hossein Dehghan, senior Iran military advisor: All U.S. military bases and units in the region will be targeted if Washington decides to go to war
Advisor to the Iranian Advisor for Defense: any change in the situation of the Strait of Hormuz may open the door to a serious confrontation
2 year ago
London has not sent any envoy to Iran to mediate on the release of the detained tanker, a British source said
The Iranian defense minister denies that Washington is shooting down any Iranian aircraft
Rouhani: We do not seek any tension with the European countries
Rouhani: If negotiations on the nuclear agreement do not reach a conclusion, we will take a third step towards reducing our commitments to it
The Iranian president: Tehran's reduction of its obligations to the nuclear agreement is temporary, and we can go back to the pre-reduction level in the event of the commitment of the rest of the parties
Rohani: If Britain corrects the mistake of detaining the Iranian carrier, it will find an appropriate response from Iran
UK has sent mediator to Iran to discuss seized British-flagged oil tanker and get Iranian authorities to free it- senior aide to Khamenei
2 year ago
[email protected] says a second Iranian drone was targeted in the "defensive action by the USS Boxer" but could only confirm that one drone was in fact downed. [email protected]: "We observed one UAS crash into the water but did not observe a "splash" for the other."
French Foreign Minister: We have assured the Assistant Foreign Minister of Iran the need to abide by the nuclear agreement
"We hardly use it," says @POTUS of Strait of Hormuz. "Yet, we're the ones for many, many decades who policed it."
IDF: For the last year, the Iranian Quds Force has been smuggling missile manufacturing equipment purchased from CIVILIAN companies through CIVILIAN ports directly into the hands of Hezbollah. Well Iran, if you'd planned to keep this a secret—that ship has sailed
2 year ago
Asked how he'll respond to Iran crisis, Boris Johnson said he'll build more naval ships according to an MP in the room
2 year ago
CENTCOM Commander Gen. McKenzie tells @CBSDavidMartin the US believes it may have brought down TWO Iranian drones last week, more than previously reported
French Foreign Minister after meeting Iranian President's envoy renews Iran's demand to return to fulfill its obligations in the nuclear agreement
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