24 June 2021
Pompeo: Iran will never get a nuclear weapon
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: We want a peace agreement with Iran but the Iranians must decide if they want it too
Iranian forces killed 4 Kurds today in Urmia
Trump: If any US ship is targeted in the Middle East, the consequences will be dire
Pro-Assad Forces have brought massive reinforcements to Deir Ez Zor City, also sending Massive reinforcements to the fronts with SDF at Khasham Pocket
1 year ago
Khamenei: Saudis bombard Yemen, massacre women & men, young & old. the liberal West doesn't speak a word. UN issued a resolution that is among the most shameful resolutions & will never be forgotten. Instead of condemning the killers, they condemned the victims. 11/7/15
US Secretary of Defense: The sabotage attack on the KSA is a dangerous escalation against the whole world
US Secretary of Defense: Iran's aggressive policy that destabilizes the region must be curbed
Iran: a photo of Khamenei, Nasrallah and Soleimani has emerged. Probably from Iran, as the Supreme Leader has not left the country in the last years
U.S. Secretary of Defense in a call with Saudi Crown Prince: We will do everything necessary to help Saudi Arabia defend itself
Al-Jubeir: Iran pushed Hezbollah to establish the Abdali cell in Kuwait for the purpose of bombings and destabilization
Saudi MFA Jubair: Iran's aggressive behavior in the region is the reason for the presence of foreign forces
Saudi MFA Jubeir: We are discussing political, economic and military options against Iran after the end of investigations
Saudi MFA Jubeir: Iranian regime must be changed for the benefit of the all Iranians before anyone else
Al-Jubeir: Iran is the main sponsor of terrorism in the world according to the facts
UK Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab: "On 14 September, 18 drones & 7 cruise missiles hit an oil field & a processing facility. As the UK government we took our time to assess the facts carefully & independently. We are confident that Iran was responsible. The evidence is clear"
Jubeir: Houthi militias target Saudi civilian facilities with Iranian-made missiles and UAVs
Jubeir: Any deal with Iran must include its missile program and sponsorship of militias in the region
Al-Jubeir: Attemps to link Aramco attack to Yemen are ridiculous, as missiles came from the north and not from Yemen
Jubeir: We know that the missiles that targeted Aramco facilities came from the north and we are working to determine the location of launchpads
Al-Jubeir: UN and other investigators are involved in investigation of the Aramco attack
1 year ago
British Foreign Secretary says Iran has committed serious and systematic violations of international law
Iranian President: The region is on the brink and we will respond firmly to any aggression against our territory
Rouhani says "Middle East is a burning conflict"
Rouhani acknowledges sanctions on Iran work and impact the country
Pompeo: We will impose sanctions on Chinese entities that transport Iranian oil
Pompeo: We will tighten sanctions on Iran if it does not change its behavior
US Secretary of State: The world is aware of the nature of the threats posed by the Iranian regime
US Secretary of State: We will continue to apply sanctions policy to Iran tirelessly
US Secretary of State: Iran must stop threatening other countries
Pompeo: Iran continued to support its militias after the conclusion of the nuclear deal and received cash
US Secretary of State: Iran funds Hezbollah militias and Houthis
Lieberman: Trump sanctions imposed on Iran are harming the regime more than ever
The United States imposes new sanctions linked to Iran involving Chinese individuals and entities
Iran Central Bank Governor: US sanctions create serious problems for the bank
In rare comments on the subject, Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif accuses Israel of carrying out strikes in Iraq
Iranian Foreign Ministry says British tanker detention procedures completed but it still faces charges
Houthis promise more severe response in case Saudi-led coalitions fails to accept proposed peace plan: Houthis Foreign Minister warns
Rouhani: 'Embarassing' U.S. weapons and intel could not stop drone and missile strike against Saudi Arabia, Iranian president tells Chris Wallace
And @EmmanuelMacron asserting conditions have been restored for a rapid return for US-Iran negotiations
French President Emmanuel Macron: I think that conditions have been created for the rapid return of negotiations between the United States, Iran and other countries
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani weighs in on the 2020 presidential race: "For us, it doesn't matter where the United States president is a Democrat or a Republican. This is the purview and the prerogative of the United States of America and her people."
Macron tries to convince Rouhani to meet with Trump while they are both at the UN in New York, says it will be a lost opportunity since Rouhani will not be back soon and Trump will not go to Tehran
French President Macron visits Irans President(not-scheduled) then Britain's Johnson arrives for his scheduled meeting with President Rouhani and President Macron leaves
Deir ez-Zur: Unidentified warplanes fly over Iranian militia control areas in the eastern countryside
US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs: Aramco attacks completely separate from Yemen war
Al-Jubeir: Iran benefited from the nuclear deal to finance its militias in Yemen, Iraq and Syria
Al-Jubeir: Iran must act as a good neighbor and respect the sovereignty of its neighbors
Jubeir: I will not reveal our military options to respond after the Aramco attack, but we are looking at it
Al-Jubeir: Riyadh will consider all options, including the military, after the completion of the investigation into the attack on the two oil facilities
Al-Jubeir: We are fighting in Yemen to stabilize the region and prevent the spread of Houthi and other Iranian militias
Al-Jubeir: Iran provides ballistic missiles to Hezbollah and Houthi militias
Al-Jubeir: We are investigating the source of the rocket fire at the Aramco facilities
U.S. Defense Secretary Esper: In the last week, I talked with each of my counterparts from the UK, France and Germany about Iran. The consensus is clear - Iran is responsible for the extraordinary attack on Saudi Arabia
Chancellor Merkel spoke to @POTUS today at UNGA about Iran and trade issues, according to government of Germany
Iranian President: The success of the efforts of President Emmanuel Macron and the French initiative depends on the cessation of US sanctions
Trump: Iran must be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons
Trump: Iran funds conflicts in Syria and Yemen
Trump: Iran's repressive regime rejects peace and its strategy depends on destruction
Trump: Iran's repressive regime is one of the biggest threats we face today
1 year ago
Owner of UK-flagged Stena Impero says the tanker and crew are still detained at an Iranian port despite claims by Iran the ship is free to leave. "We continue to work hard to secure the release of the crew and vessel," Erik Hanell, President and CEO, Stena Bulk, said
Macron hopes to make progress on Iran in the next few hours
Rouhani: Ready to discuss small changes or additions to nuclear deal if sanctions are lifted
German official: Chancellor Merkel will meet Trump and Rouhani separately to discuss the crisis
Trump: We are in a very strong position towards Iran
Trump: The United States does not seek a conflict with any country, but Washington will defend its interests
US Senator Joseph Lieberman told Sky News Arabia: Time for limited military action against Iran
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres: 'we are faced with the possibility of an alarming armed conflict in the Gulf that we can not handle the consequences'
Guterres: The threat of ballistic missiles must be stopped
Guterres: Aramco's attack is unacceptable
Iranian Foreign Ministry rejects European countries accusations that Tehran was involved in the Aramco attack
Jordan's King confirms kingdom's support for Saudi Arabia after Aramco attack
ISI satellite images: The new Iranian border crossing is under intense construction. The official Iraq-Syria wasn't yet inaugurated
ISIS on Abu Kamal base - Construction is conducted within the bombed compounds, a few meters near the destroyed (9 Sept) fortified storehouses
ISI Satellite images reveals: despite the attacks in the region, construction is continuing intensively at the "Amam Ali" military complex and the Syria-Iraqi border crossing at Al Bukamal
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