24 June 2021
Iran has no intention of withdrawing from OPEC - Iranian oil minister
Japanese PM Abe to stress JCPOA significance in Iran visit: report
Iran says new US sanctions make call for negotiations "hollow"
Pompeo: We will deprive the Iranian government of the money it uses to destabilize the region
Full text of joint statement from Saudi Arabia, UAE and Norway on the tankers attack
US sanctions target 39 Iranian petrochemical companies as well as agents in foreign countries
New US sanctions target Iran's petrochemicals sector
Preliminary report shows damage to UAE Norway SaudiArabia vessels attributed to 12 May limpet mine detonations "most likely carried out by a state actor"
Israeli PM Netanyahu had a phone call with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe ahead of trip to Tehran - Abe updated Netanyahu on his trip and Netanyahu told Abe that the world needs to keep pressure Iran
OLIVE58 623582 USAF WC135C ConstantPhoenix - tracking out of the Middle East- westbound. 1140z
Footage of Saudi navy operation to evacuate one of Iranian flagged cargo vessel Saviz crew members after its health deteriorated off Jizan coast2 year ago
Footage of Saudi navy operation to evacuate one of Iranian flagged cargo vessel "Saviz" crew members after its health deteriorated off Jizan coast
2 year ago
Zakharova denies the Al Jazeera reports on the willingness of Washington to recognize the legitimacy of Assad in exchange for the removal of Iranians from Syria
2 year ago
Commander of US Central Command: We thank our Iraqi partners for what they have done
2 year ago
Commander of the US Central Command: The level of the Iranian threat is still high
2 year ago
U.S. Central Command commander in press statements: Iranians or their agents may launch an attack at any moment
2 year ago
Trump: Iran supports terrorism in Yemen and Syria, we want to reduce Iranian missile activities and Tehran's influence in the region
2 year ago
French President: We want to curb Iran's activities in the region
2 year ago
Macron: Iran must abandon its nuclear weapons program
Putin: Iran is the most censored country in the world with regard to its nuclear activities
The Wall Street Journal: The US State Department forced an official to resign for his role in a move to announce a contingency plan on Iran
FM @jzarif will go to Majlis floor next week to answer to inquiries put forward by 3 lawmakers. No details yet about the content or subject of questions. Iran
Fire breaks out at oil product storage facility in Iran
Syria: closely monitored by Iran ian drone(s) Jebal Zawiyah locations are heavily bombed today by SyAF warplanes and "barrel bombers".
2 year ago
Khamenei: Iran's proposal is a referendum by Muslim, Christian and Jewish residents of Palestine and Palestinian refugees on governing system. Till then, Resistance should continue; by God's grace Palestinians will be victorious; youth will see the day Palestine is returned to Palestinians.
2 year ago
Khamenei: The Islamic Republic's viewpoint, unlike that of certain old Arab leaders who believed Jews should be thrown to the sea, is that Palestinian nation's pervasive fight including military, political and cultural resistance should persist until usurpers surrender to this nation's will.
2 year ago
Khamenei: A usurping enemy in the heart of Muslim countries—i.e. Palestine— is criminally active. This obliges Muslims to prevent it from committing crimes. Instead, there are govts in World of Islam that compromise with it while attacking their brethren. The door to repentance is open.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Why should in a Muslim country like Libya, two groups line up against one another to shed each other's blood Why should a country claiming to be Islamic bombard people and infrastructure of Yemen, acting based on enemies' desires
2 year ago
Khamenei: Today we see Muslims have lined up against one another instead of lining up against invaders. There are Islamic countries with Muslim nations but remiss rulers who ally with Zionist government rather than opposing it and fight against Muslims. The World of Islam should resolve this.
2 year ago
Khamenei: We insist that the concept of Muslim Ummah be revived in collective mind of Muslims, esp. Muslim officials. Enemies of Islam tried to make Muslims forget the title Muslim Ummah, that the 2 billion population in Islamic countries are a single unity. Sadly, they've succeeded.
2 year ago
Khamenei: The "Deal of the Century" is a major act of treason against the World of Islam. We thank Muslim and Arab countries and Palestinian groups that opposed the deal. We hope Bahraini and Saudi rulers will understand what a quagmire they're stepping into and how harmful it will be for them.
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