15 June 2021
Hamas chief meets slain Iranian general's successor in Tehran
US military convoys enter the Taji camp, north of Baghdad
Pompeo: Welcomed @kbsalsaud to @StateDept today to discuss @realDonaldTrump's defensive action to safeguard U.S. personnel abroad. The U.S.-Saudi relationship remains critically important to counter the Iranian government's destabilizing behavior & bring about stability in the Middle East
[email protected] on presenting the Soleimani strike option: "We didn't put any option on the table that we didn't believe in & that we couldn't execute, & with each option we present the pros & cons, the costs & benefits. that's what we do all the time, that's my duty, my obligation"
[email protected] was asked about whether he will strike Cultural Sites in Iran and responded that "We will follow the laws of armed conflict."
Khalid bin Salman met with Pompeo
USA B-52 60-0001 Heading out of the US1 year ago
USA B-52 60-0001 Heading out of the US
US reportedly barring @JZarif from entering the country this week to address the UN Security Council
1 year ago
Hundreds of US-led forces are being moved out of a base in Baghdad's Green Zone to elsewhere in Iraq and Kuwait following Friday's killing of Major General Qassem Soleimani but the coalition says they will remain in their theatre of operation
Raids on "Iranian sites" near the town of Salihiya in the countryside of Al Bukamal, east of Deir Ezzor
Pentagon to begin sending 6 B-52s to Diego Garcia: US official. B-52s will be available for operations against Iran if ordered, the official said. But the deployment does not signal that operations have been ordered
1 year ago
Britain decides to cut the number of its staff at its embassies in Iran and Iraq
Defense Secretary Esper and Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Milley to brief Cap Hill lawmakers in classified session on Iran Wednesday morning: officials
French Foreign Minister: Iran must refrain from any reaction to the killing of Qassem Soleimani and must engage in broader talks
Senior Israeli defense officials are reported to have told security cabinet members that the chance of Iran attacking Israel is low
Netanyahu told security cabinet that Israel wasn't involved in the killing of Soleimani and stressed "it is a U.S. event and we should stay out of it", according to 2 cabinet ministers who attended the meeting
The UN calls to stop the escalation in the Middle East and asks for maximum moderation
Iranians hold mourning procession in Qom for lt. Gen. Soleimani assassinated by U.S.
Rouhani: Those who refer to the number 52 should also remember the number 290. IR655 Never threaten the Iranian nation
Yesterday, US Embassy in Saudi Arabia issued a security alert for US citizens for "Heightened Risk of Missile and Drone attacks"
Iraqi PM Abdul-Mahdi: Iraq is making efforts to prevent the slide towards open war
US Transportation Command Camber flights
Video Nightly farewell of people of Qom with body of assassinated Lt. General Soleimani
More than 2,000 Marines headed to Middle East aboard warships Bataan, New York and Oak Hill amid Iran tensions: officials
Houthi demonstrations in Saada, Yemen, protesting the assassination of Qassem Soleimani in the US air attack
US Mission to the UN @USUN accused Russia & China on Monday of blocking @UN United Nations Security Council statement "underscoring the inviolability of diplomatic & consular premises" after a Dec. 31 attack on US embassy in Iraq by pro Iran/ Iraqi militias
An extraordinary EU foreign affairs council on Friday as expected.
1 year ago
Trump's advisor confirms Washington's readiness to negotiate a new nuclear deal with Iran
USS Harry S Truman is conducting drills in the Persian Gulf where it will be joined by several other US Navy vessels very soon (including 3 Destroyers/ 1 Landing Ship)1 year ago
USS Harry S Truman is conducting drills in the Persian Gulf where it will be joined by several other US Navy vessels very soon (including 3 Destroyers/ 1 Landing Ship)
1 year ago
Johnson stresses by phone call to Abdul Mahdi on the need to reduce the escalation after Soleimani's death
1 year ago
A Downing Street spokesperson says Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken to Iraq's prime minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and both discussed the need to "de-escalate tensions" in the Middle East following the death of Iranian official major general Qassem Soleimani in a U.S. airstrike
1 year ago
The International Atomic Energy Agency: We are aware of Iran's decisions to reduce its commitment to the nuclear agreement, and we will inform member states of any developments
Speaker Pelosi announces war powers resolution as tensions with Iran escalate
Iranian Foreign Minister: The end of the negative US military presence in the Middle East has begun
Air Force commander of the IRGC: Trump must prepare coffins for his soldiers before he makes threats to Iran
Saudi Foreign Minister: We hope that there will be no escalation in the region
General Soleimani was a key figure in cooperation with Russia - Advisor to Khamenei
1 year ago
Merkel-Putin talks in Moscow Saturday over Mideast crisis
Funeral ceremony of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in the capital Tehran this morning
1 year ago
Çavuşoğlu: We are making efforts to reduce US-Iranian tension
NATO ambassadors to meet on Iran crisis: official
1 year ago
Khamenei: Live: Bidding farewell to the pure body of the Iranian nation's hero and the international figure of Resistance. You were assassinated by the most barbaric of mankind
Hamas Chief, Ismail Haniyeh, and his deputy, Saleh Arouri, arrive in Tehran to participate in Qasem Soleimani's funeral
President Trump isn't ruling out releasing some of the intelligence that led to the US killing of Iran's top commander Qasem Soleimani. "We may discuss that," Trump said when questioned aboard Air Force One about the possibility of releasing the intelligence
Trump on retaliation from Iran: "If it happens it happens. If they do anything there will be major retaliation"
POTUS doubled down on cultural sites in Iran as appropriate sites for retaliation
More military transports are heading from United States1 year ago
More military transports are heading from United States
1 year ago
German Chancellor, French President and Prime Minister of Britain express their grave concern over the negative role that Iran has played in the region, especially the Quds Force
Merkel, Macron, Johnson issue statement urging Iran to withdraw measures flouting nuclear deal
Vigil for Qassem Soleimani in Mashad, Iran
Soleimani's body at Teheran airport, tonight
CBP says re: viral tweet :" Social media posts that CBP is detaining Iranian-Americans and refusing their entry into the U.S. because of their country of origin are false. Reports that DHS/CBP has issued a related directive are also false."
Solemeini's body has arrived to Teheran
Alert in northern Israel borders with Syria
1 year ago
Iranian missile forces on alert across Iran: Reuters citing US official
1 year ago
Khamenei: The loss of our dear General Soleimani is bitter. The continuing fight and ultimate victory will be more bitter for the murderers and criminals
1 year ago
[email protected]: These Media Posts will serve as notification to the United States Congress that should Iran strike any U.S. person or target, the United States will quickly & fully strike back, & perhaps in a disproportionate manner. Such legal notice is not required, but is given nevertheless
Footage of tonight's rocket attack on the US Embassy, Baghdad
Iranian government announces the 5th and final step in reducing Iran's commitments to the JCPOA. Iran no longer faces any restrictions in operational areas including enrichment capacity, enrichment level, enriched material stockpile, & Research and Development
Former Revolutionary Guards Commander Mohsen Razai warns: "Tehran's revenge for Suleimani's killing will include Haifa, Israel and military centers"
The Iraqi PM resigned because of Iranian interference - Pompeo
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