9 December 2021
Jasem Heidari the Ahwazi political activist was executed by Iranian government last night
Netanyahu: "This [Helios Ray incident] is indeed an action by Iran, it is clear, it is Israel's greatest enemy and we are beating it in the whole region. The Iranians will not have nuclear weapons - with or without an agreement. I also said this to my friend Biden
"Iran is behind the attack on an Israeli ship this weekend in the Gulf of Oman", Israel PM Netanyahu tells @kann_news
Deir ez-Zur: Clashes between SDF and Pro-Iranian militias with heavy weapons in the Hawaij area, east of Deir ez-zor
Suspected Tunnels and Underground Facility 5 km West of Shiraz Industrial Town Iran. This highly secured site known since 2010 now has common features with other Underground Ballistic Missiles found in Iran
Israeli PM Netanyahu convened a security discussion after the attack on the Helios Ray. The Defence Minister, Chief of Staff, Mossad head, Shin Bet head & National Security Council head participated. Assessment: Iran will try to hit more targets
Hezbollah and Iranian militias impose a security cordon in the vicinity of Sayyida Zainab in Damascus countryside
Iran foreign ministry: time not 'suitable' for nuclear deal meeting
Leaders of Israel's security establishment met this evening to discuss the Iranian attack on the Israeli-owned vessel in the Gulf of Oman. Kan 11 reports that Israel is expected to respond
9 month ago
Khamenei: Of course, in response to the West's breaches of the agreement, our respected administration didn't leave the JCPOA. It gradually withdrew from a part of its commitments. This is reversible. If the other side carries out its duty, Iran will also reconsider its decision
Israeli media reporting that an investigation into the explosion that hit an Israeli owned ship in the Gulf of Oman was caused by MINES, not missiles, as previously reported. Israel believes that Iran's IRGC Navy was behind the blast
9 month ago
Khamenei: The Islamic Republic abided by all its JCPOA commitments for a long time, because according to Islamic teachings, commitments should be fulfilled. After they repeatedly breached the JCPOA, Iran acted upon the Quranic verse, "break off with them in a like manner
9 month ago
Iran has rejected a European Union and US offer to hold direct nuclear talks in coming weeks, according to two senior western diplomats, risking a new hike in tensions with Washington: WSJ
Sen. Warner: U.S. airstrike in Syria "appropriate pushback" against Iran's proxy forces. "The Iranians are always going to test a new government and when Iranian proxies are putting our troops in Iraq in harm's way, there needs to be punitive actions taken
9 month ago
Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons Turkey's ambassador to protest 'unacceptable' allegations and 'unjustified' remarks by Ankara: IRNA
The Israeli-owned MV Helios Ray has docked in Dubai while Iran's Kayhan newspaper, hinting at Iranian involvement, alleged it was on an "espionage" mission and could have been "trapped in an ambush by a branch of the resistance axis
There is a noticeable uptick in strategic transport activity this evening, with numerous C-17/5 airframes en-route to Ramstein->CENTCOM.9 month ago
There is a noticeable uptick in strategic transport activity this evening, with numerous C-17/5 airframes en-route to Ramstein->CENTCOM.
"We are thinking of an appropriate response. It cannot go unanswered," Israeli officials told Ynet regarding the Israeli-owned vessel struck in the Gulf of Oman
The spokesman for the Arab coalition: The Houthi militia's attack on Saudi Arabia is linked to the orders of Iranian generals
Another Venezuela flight for Iran's Qeshm Fars Air EP-FAB as QFZ9970 currently underway9 month ago
Another Venezuela flight for Iran's Qeshm Fars Air EP-FAB as QFZ9970 currently underway
Internet disruption registered in Iran from ~10:30 pm local time; incident has partial impact observable at nation scale, and follows days of reported disruptions during protests in the southeast; incident ongoing
Russian destroyer accompanies Iranian tanker from Syrian Baniyas port to Suez Canal9 month ago
Russian destroyer accompanies Iranian tanker from Syrian Baniyas port to Suez Canal
9 month ago
Israeli assesment: The Iranian navy fired two missiles at the Israeli cargo ship. An Israeli team went to Dubai and will participate in the investigation of the attack
The Israeli Defense Minister says that the initial assessment shows that Iran is behind the targeting of the Israeli ship on Thursday
Israeli defence establishment has been formulating an intelligence assessment, as well as options, for a future response to the explosion targeting the Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman- Ynet
Iraq foreign minister @Fuad_Hussein1 met Iran foreign minister @JZarif today in Tehran
Iranian opposition websites: Baloch activists announce that protests will continue in Balochistan province
A before/after of @Maxar satellite imagery shows the small area at the Syria-Iraq border that was targeted by seven U.S. airstrikes on Feb. 25. The destroyed buildings were reportedly used by Iranian-backed militias Kataib Hezbollah and Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada
Some of Iran-backed groups "are also on high alert", an Iraqi military source says "There are possibilities of an attack by groups linked to Iran on Coalition in Iraq and an immediate counter attack by the US" he says.
Threat level for US service members in Iraq went up and high alert rotating_light for contractors working with Coalition, military sources say This comes after US airstrikes on Iran-backed groups' bases in Syria in response to recent rocket attacks on US forces in Iraq
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