Map. History of Iran conflict

4 April 2020
9 month ago
Khamenei: The Saudi government bears major responsibilities. Among their responsibilities is providing security for the pilgrims but they should not create a security atmosphere. While the pilgrims are in Mecca andMedina, they should treat the hujjaj properly, respectfully, andwith honor.Hajj
9 month ago
Khamenei: Hajj is a political act andthis political act is identically a religious obligation. That they prohibit such political acts is itself a political move,but an anti-religious one. That they say you have no right to talk against U.S. is a Satanic political act.
9 month ago
Khamenei: Among major mistakes is that they say do not politicize hajj. Creating unity is a political matter. Supporting and defending the oppressed in the World of Islam, like the Palestinian and Yemeni nations, is a political matter, exactly based on Islamic teachings and an obligation.
9 month ago
Khamenei: Hajj is a manifestation of submission to and humbleness before God; it also has the social factors of unity, brotherhood, and harmony. Moreover it is a display of congregation as well as morality.
Rouhani: Arak nuclear reactor will return to the level of its previous activities after the seventh of July, if the parties committed to the nuclear agreement did not meet their promises
Rouhani: We will be committed to the nuclear agreement if the other parties are also committed to it
Rouhani: From July 7th, our level of enrichment will not be 3.67%
Iran's Revolutionary Guard says it closed the military route of the "enemy"
9 month ago
[email protected]: Iran was violating the 150 Billion Dollar (plus 1.8 Billion Dollar in CASH) Nuclear Deal with the United States, and others who paid NOTHING, long before I became President - and they have breached their stockpile limit. Not good.
[email protected] @marcorubio and Ted Cruz sent a letter to @realDonaldTrump today after the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran is in violation of restrictions on stockpiling enriched uranium specified in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.
9 month ago
Khamenei: It is expected that the promotion of the defensive and security capabilities of the Armed Forces be realized.
9 month ago
Khamenei: Brigade General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani Upon the recommendation of the Head of the Armed Forces Headquarters and given your experiences and merits, I herby appoint you as the new Lieutenant Chief of the Armed Forces Headquarters.
European - French - German - British statement: We are deeply concerned that Iran has exceeded the ceiling of enriched uranium
Iranian media: Iranian prosecutors demand the execution of suspects, including Americans arrested last year on charges of spying for the United States
9 month ago
Lavrov: We call on Iran to abide by the main points related to the nuclear agreement
Macron calls on Iran to 'immediately' reduce enriched uranium reserves
US President Donald Trump: Iran is playing with fire
The White House: we are continuing the policy of imposing maximum pressure on Iran
9 month ago
"We must restore the longstanding nonproliferation standard of no enrichment for Iran," says @PressSec in statement. "The United States and its allies will never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons."
Syria: A hangar at SSRC Jarmaya was bombed and completely destroyed at night of 1st July.
Netanyahu calls on European nations to sanction Iran after uranium breach
Israel PM Netanyahu: "We will reveal more evidence soon" that Iran lied all the time
9 month ago
Britain urges Iran to stop the policy of withdrawal from the obligations of the nuclear agreement
Zarif: Iran's next step will be to enrich uranium by more than 3.67 percent
9 month ago
IAEA confirms Iran's stock of low-enriched uranium has exceeded the maximum amount allowed by its nuclear deal with world powers
Al-Jubeir: The Crown Prince told leaders of the G-20 countries that Saudi Arabia does not want a war with Iran
Senior Iranian parliamentarian: Israel will be destroyed in half an hour if the US attacks Iran
9 month ago
The IAEA, the UN's nuclear watchdog, says it is on the ground in Iran and is trying to verify the Iranian claims about its stockpile.
Iranian Foreign Ministry calls on European countries to intensify their efforts to maintain the nuclear agreement
Iraq FM urges Trump to replicate latest diplomatic overture to North Korea with Iran
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