20 September 2021
A U.S. official tells @BusinessInsider on Asphalt Princess: "Our aircraft photographed the Iranian gunmen onboard & observed them removing something from the ship as they departed." They wore coast guard uniforms & assaulted the crew. Iran
EP-FQN Airbus A300B4-605R Qeshm Air From IKA Tehran Iran To Najaf Touchdown at 1607Z Veers off the runway during the landing. No casualties reported
The US State Department: We believe that the hijackers of the Asphalt Princess are Iranians, but it cannot be confirmed
IRNA: Iranian President meets Houthi leader Muhammad Abd al-Salam
The US State Department: Coordination continues with our partners regarding the next diplomatic steps to confront Iran's threats
1 month ago
Dominic Raab:The UK & US are united in our condemnation of Iran's attack on MV Mercer Street off the coast of Oman. I spoke to @SecBlinken about the situation & need for Iran to stop its destabilising behaviour. We continue to work together to protect international peace & security
Iran warns against "false flag on Persian Gulf coasts" after tanker incidents blamed on Tehran. Its embassy in UK says "no confirmed" info on any events yesterday. UK reported "potential hijacking" & said it's over. Embassy says "For us the issue is not over yet"
With the open source estimates cited by the U.S. that Iran's breakout time is 2-3 months right now. But that breakout time is about amassing enough 90% nuclear fuel for a weapon. Not about producing a working weapon. Even worst-case estimates of experts put a weapon at 1 year.-2-
Israeli Defense Minister to ambassadors to the Security Council: The suspect in the Mercer Street tanker attack is Saeed Arjani, who is in charge of the unmanned aircraft unit in IRGC
The Israeli Foreign and Defense Ministers: An Iranian named Saeed Areh Jani is responsible for targeting an Israeli-operated ship
Israel's defense minister names head of Iran's IRGC Amir Ali Hajizadeh and Commander of the IRGC's Drone Unit Saeed Ara Jani as responsible for drone attacks on shipping. Would note other accounts list his name as Saeed Aghajani.
1 month ago
Dominic Raab:The UK has written to @UN Security Council President @ambtstirumurti alongside Romania & Liberia to raise Iran's attack on MV Mercer Street. The Council must respond to Iran's destabilising actions & lack of respect for international law
1 month ago
The UK Chief of the Defence Staff said: "What we need to be doing fundamentally is calling out Iran for very reckless behaviour
1 month ago
General Sir Nick Carter, the UK's military chief, says Iran made a "big mistake" by attacking an Israeli-linked tanker off Oman, killing a UK national & a Romanian, & warned "ultimately we have got to restore deterrence". He was speaking in an interview on @BBCr4today
1 month ago
British Navy: The hijackers evacuated the hijacked ship off the Gulf of Oman
Britain, Romania and Liberia told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that it was "highly likely" that Iran used one or more drones to carry out a deadly tanker attack last week off the coast of Oman
1 month ago
The United States military is expected to reposition at least one vessel in the general vicinity of the Asphalt Princess to keep a closer eye, U.S. officials say. The officials add this is to monitor the situation rather than any imminent military moves
USAF B-52H 60-0023 returning from a sortie over Afghanistan after ~13 hours up.  ADSB AE587C1 month ago
USAF B-52H 60-0023 returning from a sortie over Afghanistan after ~13 hours up. ADSB AE587C
Oman are keeping an eye on the Asphalt Princess1 month ago
Oman are keeping an eye on the Asphalt Princess
State Department Spokesman: The United States' interest is to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons once and for all
The White House: We are closely monitoring developments in the Gulf of Oman and coordinating with the British and other international partners regarding what is happening in the Gulf waters
1 month ago
"We are fully prepared to return to Vienna to continue negotiations" about the Iran nuclear program "and hope we can do that," says @PressSec
Saudi Foreign Minister: We will support the nuclear agreement with Iran if it ensures that Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons
Saudi Foreign Minister: We are working with Washington to ensure global maritime navigation
Romanian FM: Just had an insightful conversation with HR/VP @JosepBorrellF on t/unlawful attack against MercerStreet. Reiterated its gravity&deliberate nature and Romania's strong condemnation. Pleaded for strengthened solidarity & adequate response measures of t/int'l community, including EU
1 month ago
Lloyd's List: Heavily armed individuals hijacked the tanker Asphalt Princess(mmsi:374947000/imo:7382988) and demanded it sail to Iran
1 month ago
Iran's Revolutionary Guard says it is not responsible for the hijacking of a ship in the Gulf of Oman
Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said he sees an emboldened Iran acting in a negative manner around the Middle East, endangering shipping, arming the Houthis and contributing to Lebanon's political deadlock
1 month ago
British naval security sources: Iranian-backed forces have seized a ship in the Gulf of Oman
UKMTO: An Incident is currently underway in position 2502.00NN 05728.54E. Incident upgraded to Potential Hijack1 month ago
UKMTO: An Incident is currently underway in position 2502.00NN 05728.54E. Incident upgraded to Potential Hijack
Iran denies any role in what is happening to the ships off the Gulf of Oman and warns against creating a biased atmosphere
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Reports of security incidents at ships in the Gulf raise suspicion
1 month ago
A UK maritime organisation @UK_MTO is reporting a "potential hijack" of a ship off coast of the United Arab Emirates as a security source said a tanker appears to have been seized. Armed individuals are believed to have boarded vessel, he said
1 month ago
UKNTO reports incident off UAE is a potential hijack - warning notice
1 month ago
Marine Traffic website: The command center of the oil tanker "ABYSS" experienced a technical malfunction in the Gulf of Oman
1 month ago
Iranian media: a new attack on a merchant ship in international waters off Fujairah
And KAMDHENU tanker also reporting Not under command. mmsi:518100888/imo:94402271 month ago
And KAMDHENU tanker also reporting Not under command. mmsi:518100888/imo:9440227
Oman's Royal Air Force CASA C295MPA maritime patrol aircraft heading to the area of the incident in the Gulf of Oman
1 month ago
The British Maritime Trade Organization advises ships in the area(UAE coast) to exercise caution
Oil tanker Golden Brilliant currently "not under command" in the Gulf of Oman. mmsi:565458000, imo:9539016
1 month ago
A British authority specialized in maritime transport UKMTO: An Incident is currently underway not related to piracy off the waters of Fujairah
1 month ago
UKMTO warning says non-piracy "incident" underway off coast of UAE
1 month ago
Khamenei: Presenting the 13th Presidential Endorsement Decree to Mr. Ebrahim Raisi
PM Naftali Bennett during a tour of the Israeli army Northern Command: Sitting peacefully in Tehran and igniting the entire Middle East from there - this is over1 month ago
PM Naftali Bennett during a tour of the Israeli army Northern Command: "Sitting peacefully in Tehran and igniting the entire Middle East from there - this is over"
Foreign Minister Lapid and Defense Minister Gantz to brief envoys of countries in the UN Security Council tomorrow, and present information tying Iran to the drone attack on the Mercer Street oil tanker
The NATO condemns the attack on Mercer Street vessel in the gulf of Oman
Cautious calm experienced by the areas of Daraa after attempts to storm and bombard those areas yesterday, with the continued presence of military build-ups of the militia of the government and Iran in the vicinity of Daraa alBalad there is no clear agreement until now
1 month ago
Khamenei: Another aspect of being the people's President involves a relentless fight against economic corruption. Well, Mr. President started the fight against corruption in his previous position and good measures were taken. However, the main job must be carried out here
1 month ago
Khamenei: In the respected President's slogans, the issue of being the people's President was emphasized. This is very important. Be with the people and beside them in the true sense of the word. People means all people without class or partisan privileges
1 month ago
Khamenei: The endorsement ceremony is a display of a transition in management & shows not only the rationality, peace & serenity ruling over the country, officials & people, but also the political diversity. This is very important. In many countries such transitions occur with conflicts
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi: The people want transformation and change in the country, and the government's program is based on this idea
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi: The elections were a message from the people to change the status quo, especially the economic one
1 month ago
Khamenei: Today, our dear country is thirsty for valuable service & it needs competent, jihadi, intelligent, courageous management that can use the manifest and hidden capabilities of the nation, which are much greater in scope than the problems, for constructive work and endeavor
1 month ago
Khamenei: While thanking our dear people & in accordance with their choice, I endorse the victory of the knowledgeable, untiring, experienced, popular scholar, Hujjat al-Islam wal-Muslimeen Sayyid Ibrahim Raisi, and I appoint him as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
1 month ago
Khamenei: By electing a popular personage from among the scholars who is adorned with piety & wisdom & has a brilliant managerial performance record, Iranians have shown their firm determination to tread the enlightened path of Revolution, the path of justice, progress, freedom & dignity
1 month ago
Khamenei: I thank the Omniscient, Omnipotent God Who helped Iran again with His grace & benevolence, to be honored in the test of elections. Our esteemed nation displayed the authority of its vote over the country's affairs with its honorable presence in complex, difficult circumstances
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi: The people wanted a government that cares about economic issues, unemployment and housing problems
Iran's Ebrahim Raisi has been inaugurated as president, according to Iran State TV
Noteworthy meeting today between @JakeSullivan46 and Israel's new National Security Advisor Eyal Hulata amid the marshaling of a collective response to Iran's attack on Mercer Street
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