Map. History of Iran conflict

20 April 2021
"We're looking into that. We'll see," responds @POTUS to question on what should be done about the advanced centrifuges announced today by Iran
Protesters hoisted the Iraqi flag and lowered the flag of Iran from the Consulate of Tehran in Karbala
US officials: US sees increase in Iranian motivation to attack Israel and other countries in the region. The reason, among others, is Iranian desire to break cycle of sanctions to create a threat that might remove them. Attacks may be carried out from Yemen
U.S. Administration officials: What happened in Iraq, particularly in Karbala, reflects dissatisfaction with the Iranian intervention
The new reward of up to $20-million for information leading to safe return of Robert Levinson represents a dramatic increase from $1-million offered in 2012 and $5-million in 2015. He was reported last seen alive in April 2011 according to a Sr Admin Official
US Sanctions Iran Khamenei's Second Son, Mojtaba, and 8 associates/advisors. Sanctions on anniversary of hostage crisis, 40 years ago
The Iranian entity that has received new US sanctions is the army chief of staff
Reuters: The US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on nine people, one entity linked to Iran
1 year ago
"Until Iran changes this and its other hostile behavior, we will continue to impose crippling sanctions," says @PressSec in statement about the 40th anniversary of the storming of the US Embassy in Tehran
European Commission: We urge Iran to reverse the decision to launch centrifuges and respect the contents of the nuclear agreement
1 year ago
Iran says it produces 5 kg of enriched uranium per day
Iraqi Foreign Ministry Condemns the "attack of demonstrators" on the Iranian consulate in Karbala
1 year ago
The head of Iran's nuclear agency announced the launch of 30 advanced centrifuges
First official comment from an Israeli official on the protests in Iraq - Israel FM Israel Katz: "We support the fight of the Iraqi people for a better life, and oppose the oppression by Iran's IRGC"
1 year ago
Ahead of Iran's 4th step to reduce nuclear commitments, AEOI's chief Salehi will today pay a visit to Natanz enrichment facility to observe the progress made in relation with the previous steps, in particular 3rd step, to reduce nuclear commitments under JCPOA
Man decries Iranian dominance in Karbala:" In my own country, why does a foreigner ask me to show ID"
4 demonstrators were killed, 10 wounded by live ammunition in demonstration near Iranian consulate in Karbala
Protesters burning Iranian consulate in Karbala.
Iraqi protestors in front of the Iranian consulate in Karbala
Dozens of Iraqi demonstrators have attempted to storm the Iranian consulate in Karbala, lowering the flag and burning part of the outer wall
Demonstrations in Karbala demand the expulsion of the Iranian consulate
1 year ago
Khamenei: The U.S. demands are endless. The U.S. seeks the position it had before the IslamicRevolution, but the Revolution and the Islamic Republic are stronger than this. The Islamic Republic has a firm, iron will. It won't let the U.S. return to Iran
1 year ago
Khamenei: If Iran had negotiated with them, it wouldn't have gained anything, and there would have been new demands: don't have missiles with a range of +150 km, etc. Today, our youth make missiles with a range of 2,000 km and a precision of 1 m, capable of targeting any place they want
1 year ago
Khamenei: If Iran had negotiated w them,it wouldn't have gained anything, and there would have been new demands: don't not have missiles with a range of +150 km, etc. Today, our youth make missiles with a range of 2,000 km and a precision of 1 m, capable of targeting any place they want
1 year ago
Khamenei: The French president @EmmanuelMacron acts as a mediator. He contacts Iran and sends messages, saying that a single meeting with the U.S. president will solve all the problems. One wonders if he is really so naive, or just an accomplice and working with the U.S
1 year ago
Khamenei: Some imagine that negotiations will solve all the problems. This is %100 wrong. Cuba and North Korea's experiences are in front of us. They took photos and even expressed love for the North Korean officials. But they didn't reduce the sanctions even a little
1 year ago
Khamenei: Our most important confrontation with U.S. was to block U.S. political re-infiltration into Iran. Avoiding negotiations is also a way to block its infiltration. It means there is a nation in the world that does not recognize the usurpation, tyranny, & intl. dictatorship of U.S
1 year ago
Khamenei: After the victory of the Revolution, during the last 41 years, the U.S. has carried out all the hostile actions it knew against the Iranian people. Of course, we were not inactive and did everything we could to confront the U.S.; and in many cases, we managed to corner them
1 year ago
Khamenei: The Americans distort history & pretend that the Iran-U.S. disputes stem from the embassy capture. NO. It goes back to the 1953 coup, when the U.S. overthrew a national govt. – which had made the mistake of trusting the U.S. - and established its corrupt and puppet govt. in Iran
1 year ago
Khamenei: The U.S. has not changed since Nov. 1964 when its puppet government exiled our beloved @IRKhomeini. The same aggressive, vicious behavior and the same international dictatorship has continued. Today it has become weaker than in 1964, but it has become more brutal and impudent
1 year ago
Khamenei: Coming in minutes: Statements made in a meeting with school and university students from across the country on the anniversary of the seize of the U.S. Embassy
Deir Ezzor: A number of Iranian militia members were killed in Al-Bukamal desert after ISIS attack on its checkpoints
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