Map. History of Iran conflict

20 October 2019
Reports the Coalition hit an "Iranian militia position" in Suwwaya just over an hour and a half ago.
8 month ago
Khamenei: The lands on the north of US-Mexico border— i.e. California, Texas, etc—all belonged to Mexico. They're actually part of Mexico. US snagged them by coercion, weaponsand massacres and they want to build a wall. It's not only about Trump; it's about the US government and establishment.
8 month ago
Khamenei: Would not a system that grants itself the right to usurp the lands of a country, feel it as its right to manipulate the minds Or the European countries; UK, France and others each in a way. They have an evil record before the world. We should always suspect them. 2019-01-23
Iran plans to launch a satellite in orbit despite US and EU warnings that this benefits ballistic missile program. M.Jahromi,Minister of Information and Communications(ex-MOIS officer):"Satellite is ready to be launched. We are waiting for defence minister and head of IRGC Intelligence org."
8 month ago
7 Iranian pilgrims wounded in shooting attack in Iraq
Iran's top judge says EU's preconditions for new non-dollar trade channel 'unacceptable'
Report: Iran sentences 13 protesters to jail
Video of missile test of Khorramshahr 2 (new generation of Khorramshahr ballistic missile). Missile has a range of 2,000 km and equipped with guided warhead.
Iraqi President Barham Salih says that President Donald Trump did not ask Iraq's permission for US troops stationed there to "watch Iran"
8 month ago
Khamenei: Progress despite sanctions is Iran's strength. We advanced in nuclear science, biotechnology, new energies, aerospace, supercomputers, stem cells and simulations, radiopharmaceuticals and nanomedicines: top sciences. We did so while scientific exchange was shut to us. 07/08/11
8 month ago
Kremlin: Russia, Turkey, Iran leaders to meet in Russia on Syria on Feb 14
Syrian Air, IL76T heavylift cargo flight SYR9823 YK-ATB out of Damascus Syria - looks to be Tehran-bound.8 month ago
Syrian Air, IL76T heavylift cargo flight SYR9823 YK-ATB out of Damascus Syria - looks to be Tehran-bound.
The deputy chief of Iran's Revolutionary Guards has warned Europe against forcing the Islamic Republic into boosting the range of its missiles by trying to halt their development
Three staff members of Iran's Space Research Center have died in a fire, Iran's communication minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi is quoted as saying by domestic media.He added that the fire went unnoticed due to an unspecified "ceremony." Not clear when the incident happened.
Al Bukamal, Deir Ez-Zor: two raids by international coalition aircraft on Sunday night targeted the positions of the Iranian militia at the entrance to the town, at the village of Sukkariya, and the artillery site of the SAA in the village of Suwayyah
Russian delegation: A Russian delegation discussed in Tehran the launch of the constitutional committee in Syria
Two Israeli officials told the possible summit was discussed during a meeting between Netanyahu and Putin envoys last Tuesday. One Israeli official told: "A meeting with Putin will take place very soon"
Iran in successful test of long-range cruise missile: minister
President Rouhani: Iran to continue to develop bilateral ties with friendly state of Venezuela
Iran Baluchistan Jaysh al-Adl claims attack on IRGC base in Nik Shahr during Iranian Revolution anniversary celebrations
Iran unveils new surface-to-surface missile dubbed Hovayzeh. Appears to be based on the Soumar (itself based on Soviet KH 55). Iran claims it has a range of 1350 and was successfully tested recently.
Iran unveils long-range cruise missile on anniversary of revolution
An IRGC Personnel killed and 5 others wounded in a terrorist armed attack in the city of Nik Shahr, in southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan
Iranian television reported that the attack that took place in the south of the country, in which one person was killed and five others were wounded, was defined as a "terrorist incident," but no further details were provided
One person was killed and 5 wounded in an attack on a Basij base in southeastern Iran
8 month ago
Khamenei: Feb. 1, 1979 is the day of a determining movement that united all voices of a nation, moving an ocean of humans to flow like a single wave towards a divine and humane destination. On this day the world witnessed one of the most amazing popular uprisings of history. 1/31/82
8 month ago
Khamenei: In West, provoking sexuality is an issue that is gradually scaring and startling Western intellectuals; they're right, but they've been alarmed too late. These are deep, dangerous pits ahead of a civilization. They're a startling slip that'll give them a very hard time. 11/5/13
8 month ago
Khamenei: Hijab is a source of character and freedom for women. Unlike idiotic, superficial promotions by materialists, it's not to subjugate women. By removing hijab, a woman humiliates and devalues herself. Hijab grants women serenity and respect. Islam is appreciated for hijab. 5/12/12
8 month ago
Khamenei: On women, it is the West that should be blamed, not Islam. They've humiliated women by promoting sexual unrestrainedness in their commercials or in their credo of rendering women to a tool for selling goods. Is there any greater insult to women than this HijabDay
8 month ago
[email protected]: Just concluded a great meeting with my Intel team in the Oval Office who told me that what they said on Tuesday at the Senate Hearing was mischaracterized by the media - and we are very much in agreement on Iran, ISIS, North Korea, etc. Their testimony was distorted press..
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