Map. History of Iran conflict

25 January 2021
11 month ago
Khamenei: A fundamental solution to the Palestinian issue is the IranProposal: Conduct a poll of all Palestinians in the world, including Muslims, Christians & Jews —not immigrants who settled in the occupied lands— to choose a govt. That govt decide on immigrants & people like Netanyahu
11 month ago
Khamenei: The Palestinian armed organizations will stand & continue to resist. Fortunately, this resistance in W Asia is not limited to Palestine & encompasses a vast area, & will grow daily. Iran considers it its duty to support Palestinians & will help them in any way it can
11 month ago
Khamenei: They will try to further their plot with bribes, weapons & enticements. What's the remedy It is bold resistance by the Palestinian nation & groups in order to force out the Zionist enemy & the U.S. through Jihad. All Muslim nations & the world of Islam must support them too
11 month ago
Khamenei: Don't look at the presence of a few, traitorous Arab heads of state for the 'Deal of the Century'. They're incompetent and have no respect among their own nation. The unveiling of this plan caused Palestine to be spoken about more in the world and revived this issue
11 month ago
Khamenei: The DealofCentury" has hurt themselves since day one. The Arrogant Powers have tried to make Palestine forgotten. But, their efforts gave the opposite results, & revived the question of Palestine. the world is talking about Palestine & the rights of its oppressed people
11 month ago
Khamenei: Moreover, this plan is indicative of the U.S.' viciousness and manipulation. They have come to negotiate with the Zionists over what belongs to the Palestinians. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Who are you to make a decision on it
11 month ago
Khamenei: The so-called plan of the 'Deal of the Century' is foolish, because it will definitely NOT have any result. It is foolish to come and sit, spend money, invite, create an uproar, and unveil a plan that is doomed to failure
11 month ago
Khamenei: You saw that the U.S. aggressors and highwaymen unveiled the plan of the so-called DealOfTheCentury. They have wishfully chosen a big name for it hoping to achieve it, but this plan is: 1. stupid; 2. a sign of viciousness; 3. detrimental to themselves since day one
11 month ago
Khamenei: The American plot of the 'Deal of the Century' will die before Trump dies
11 month ago
Khamenei: In minutes: Speech on the anniversary of the days of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, regarding the so-called "DealOfTheCentury"
Trump in his "State of the Union" speech: The Iranian regime must give up its desire to acquire nuclear weapons
Trump in his "State of the Union" speech: US forces killed Soleimani on my orders to end his crimes forever
Trump in his "State of the Union" speech: Qassem Soleimani was responsible for killing thousands of US military personnel in Iraq
Iranian Foreign Minister confirms in contact with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Iran's rejection of the "deal of the century"
Iranian official: We want to solve our differences with Saudi Arabia and the UAE as soon as possible
The Iranian Ambassador in Baghdad: We want to resolve differences with Saudi Arabia and the UAE as soon as possible
11 month ago
Khamenei: The enemy plans to identify the effective points of the Revolution & damage its fundamental principles. Seminaries are one of their targets. Protecting revolutionary fervor & young seminary students, according to what Imam Khomeini said at the end of his life, is necessary
Footage shows SAA and IRGC-trained militias on the receiving end of HTS/TIP ATGM strike near Hmeira, SW Aleppo11 month ago
Footage shows SAA and IRGC-trained militias on the receiving end of HTS/TIP ATGM strike near Hmeira, SW Aleppo
Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, in a meeting with the European Union foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, criticized the EU's weak stance on the US government's non-commitment to international agreements
Iran judiciary spokesman says two individuals spying for the CIA have been sentenced to jail
Russian Deputy Defense Minister Fomin met new Ambassador of Iran in Russia Kazem Jamali11 month ago
Russian Deputy Defense Minister Fomin met new Ambassador of Iran in Russia Kazem Jamali
11 month ago
Denmark said on Monday it had arrested three leading members of an Iranian Arab opposition group on suspicion of spying for Saudi Arabia
11 month ago
Iran knew its military had shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet as soon as it happened, a leaked recording suggests
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman denies supplying the Houthis with weapons
Iran oil minister says China's virus impacted oil demand
Iranian Foreign Minister has sent a 14-page letter to EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, disputing a decision by the three European members of the 2015 nuclear deal to trigger the snapback mechanism, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman said
The Iranian foreign minister says that the Swiss humanitarian channel is not a "goodwill signal" from the United States
A spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry says that Tehran will never hold bilateral talks with Washington
11 month ago
EU top diplomat expected in Tehran Monday: Iran foreign ministry
11 month ago
USAF B-52H callsign GRIMM21 departed Diego Garcia heading northbound over the Indian Ocean
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