28 September 2021
Senior officials in Israel: Iran has increased the rate of arms smuggling to Syria in the past month. On the night of the attack on Syria a few days ago 30 SAM's were fired at IAF planes
Biden says Saudi Arabia is facing attacks from Iranian-backed forces, but war in Yemen must end
The French President: Iran has come close to being able to produce a nuclear weapon, and we must find a solution to the problem of its missile program
7 month ago
Unidentified aviation targets, with an air strike, a military vehicle of the Iranian militia in the vicinity of the town of Al-Tebniy, west of Deir Ezzor
Secretary of State Tony Blinken has asked newly appointed Iran envoy Rob Malley to form a negotiating team made up of diplomats and experts with a range of views on the path forward with Iran, U.S. officials tell
White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan: We are in talks with France, Britain and Germany to form a united front on the Iranian issue
7 month ago
UN human rights experts condemn Iran's execution of Javid Dehghan
Belgian court: Iranian diplomat Asadullah Asadi sentenced to 20 years after being convicted of terrorism
The Belgian Investigators Report: Iranian diplomat promised cell members a fancy reward
Fars Air Qeshm 747 EP-FAB en route to Syria from Tehran
A short circuit in the southern region, in conjunction with an intense flight of Israeli warplanes along the strip of the ceasefire line with the Golan Heights, Syria, Israel, Iran.
Iranian Foreign Minister in meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister: the best way to address the terrorist assassinations of Qasim Soleimani & Abu Mahdi Muhandis is the end of the US presence in the region
"Any assessment like that would be necessarily classified," replies @statedeptspox on the official US estimate on how quickly Iran could ramp up enrichment of uranium to nuclear bomb-fuel purity. "Iran is closer. That breakout time is shorter"
A man identified as Khalil Sarmasti was shot by security forces while driving in Minab, southern Iran. He was carrying fuel. His car swerved from the road after the shooting and caught fire. Khalil died at the scene but another man in his car survived the incident
7 month ago
Khamenei: While protesting & warning of the danger of deviation in Islamic concepts, the two stern sermons by Lady Fatima after the Prophet's demise were articulated with strong terms yet without uttering a single offensive word. The AhlulBayt school does not use gossip, slander, etc
Ethiopia has arrested 15 people over a plot to attack the United Arab Emirates' embassy in Addis Ababa. A second group was preparing to attack UAE's consulate in Sudan. It was undertaken at the direction of "foreigners"
Two of Iran's 747-200 freighters visited Damascus, Syria today: Qeshm Fars Air EP-FAB as QFZ9951, first delivered 1991, Iran Air Force/Saha Airlines/Caspian Airlines 4-8113/ EP-SHB as CPN7961, first delivered 14 years earlier: in 1977
Two killed, one injured by security forces in southern Iran - Iran security forces opened fire on 2 Baluch citizens riding a motorcycle in Saravan, killing 1 man & injuring another. In Minab, security forces shot and killed a man carrying fuel
Interesting and important: Axios reports Blinken has asked Rob Malley to bring in people who are "more hawkish" on Iran, according to a source close to the administration
Foreign Minister Zarif says UN court sanctions ruling a 'victory' for Iran
International Court of Justice: We have the authority to rule on the issue of US sanctions against Tehran
"Security sources have said in recent days that Iran is constantly trying to avenge the assassinations of senior officials including Quds Force commander Suleimani and father of the nuclear program, Fakhrizadeh, but the Israeli intelligence community is thwarting most actions
IRNA: Iran's intelligence forces carried a successful operation in southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan to release two borderguards abducted by Jaish al-Zolm terrorist group two years ago
7 month ago
Khamenei: Islam's outlook on women paved the way for emphasizing the pivotal role of family & motherhood since the strongest columns of intellectual/spiritual training are formed in family. Western propaganda & westernized sets try to underrate/eliminate mothers' pivotal role in family
7 month ago
Khamenei: Western propaganda claims that Islam & Hijab impede women's progress. This is a blatant lie. Throughout history, there has not been any other time when Iranian women were as educated & active in political, social, & other fields as they are after the IslamicRevolution
7 month ago
Khamenei: Islam's outlook toward women is based on respect, while the West views women as objects and commodities. In Islam, there's no difference between men & women in terms of divine, human values. We're proud of Islam's viewpoint, whereas we totally object to the Western outlook
7 month ago
Khamenei: Video conference with a group of eulogists on the birth anniversary of Lady Fatima (pbuh)
The Iranian National Security Council: The exit of US forces from Iraq is a prelude to their exit from the region
Secretary of the Iranian National Security Council: The presence of foreign forces, especially the US, is a major cause of instability in the region
The Secretary General of the Iranian National Security Council receives the Iraqi Foreign Minister
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