9 December 2023
1 year ago
Rocket attack close to Kurdistan Region's largest oil refinery in Erbil governorate. The refinery is run by KAR Group. The KAR CEO was attacked by Iranian missile on March 13
Axios on an American official: Washington has abandoned the proposal to remove the Revolutionary Guards from the terrorist list
1 year ago
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator @Bagheri_Kani will meet members of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission next week to discuss political issues of ViennaTalks, according to the Commission's spokesman
Reuters: "One Iran cleric dead, two wounded in stabbing attack at holy shrine -state media"
US State Department: Disagreement in nuclear talks with Iran can be overcome
1 year ago
Khamenei: We should be able to train 10 million Iranian people who have memorized the Quran. This becomes possible if our young people enter the realm of memorizing the Quran. The best way to do this is in the Mosques and for every Mosque to turn into a Quranic center
1 year ago
Khamenei: One should read the Quran many times, continuously from beginning to end. The Quran is the miracle of the Prophet & the religion he brought is eternal, so his miracle must be eternal too. That is, people in any era can find the understanding they need for life from the Quran
1 year ago
Khamenei: Enjoying the depth and heart of the Quran is only possible through contemplation, learning and gaining understanding. Of course, the prerequisite to this is for one to purify his heart, and this is easier for you, the youth, to do than for those like me
1 year ago
Khamenei: When we read the Quran, God is speaking to us. His words are not just about the past and not just Quranic stories. They are also about our current situation being related to us in that particular language so that we can find our path
1 year ago
Homs: Nine members of pro-Assad forces and the Iranian militias supporting them were killed in an attack by the Islamic State on several military sites in Khirbet Al-Tiyas and Al-Hajjar, east of Palmyra desert
1 year ago
Khamenei: Ramadan is the month of the divine feast where God's infinite Mercy is widespread. If all of you, God willing, enter this feast in the best possible way,what will God give Divine reception includes granting opportunities to get closer to Him. Is there anything higher than this
Military mobilization of the coalition forces and SDF forces, near the outskirts of the train tracks in the town of Khasham, east of Deir Ezzor, after suspicious movements of the Assad and Iranian militias.
This morning, the "National Resistance of Ahwaz" - a separatist organization of the Arab minority in Iran - claims that its people are behind the explosion in the petrochemical complex in Mahshahr
Initial reports of explosion and fire in the Mahshahr petrochemical complex, southwestern Iran
The US State Department: We have "tactical, not strategic, differences" with Israel regarding Iran
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 20 km W of Behbahān, Iran
US State Department: Iran continues to destabilize the region through its ballistic missile program
Treasury sanctions key actors in Iran's ballistic missile program, including procurement agent Mohammad Ali Hosseini
"This action reinforces the United States' commitment to preventing the Iranian government's development and use of advanced ballistic missiles," says Under Secretary of @USTreasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, Brian Nelson
US announces sanctions targeting several suppliers to Iran's ballistic missile program: Treasury
1 year ago
Iran FM tweets in Chinese after arriving in Tunxi, east China's Anhui province to attend meeting of FMs of neighboring countries of Afghanistan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan alleges international conspiracy against him, accuses foreign forces of funding his enemies to topple his government. Iranian state-owned news network "Press TV" minces no words, says the unnamed foreign power here is clearly the United States
Iran condemns the Negev summit, says it considers the presence of Arab FM's as a betrayal of the Palestinian cause
Israeli Foreign Minister: Iran is not a problem for Israel, but for the world, which cannot bear the presence of a nuclear bomb in Tehran
Adviser to Khamenei: We are committed to removing the Revolutionary Guards from the US sanctions list
1 year ago
The US envoy to Iran: Our efforts in the region and our efforts to reduce tension in it will continue even if the Vienna negotiations fail
PM Bennett: Israel expresses its sorrow to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the horrific attack by the Iranian-backed Houthis. This attack is proof that Iran's regional aggression knows no bounds & reinforces the concern of Iran's IRGC being removed from the FTO list
Iran, Fars Province 20 y/o Zinat Mazidi, was beaten to death by her father because she wanted to get a divorce for the 2nd time. Not a week goes by without some form of honor killing making headlines. The government's laws are lax when it comes to honor killings
Iranian Foreign Minister: In the Vienna negotiations, we demand the lifting of all sanctions based on the agreement signed in 2015
Iranian Foreign Minister: We will not be a country that is dependent on America or Russia, and we will maintain the independence of our policies away from dependency