9 December 2021
The US will present a resolution at the UN on the arms embargo on Iran
Pompeo: We will not allow the Iran arms embargo to end
1 year ago
Khamenei: We sympathize with the dear citizens of Lebanon and stand by them in the painful tragedy of the explosion in Beirut port, which killed and injured a large number of people and caused severe damage. Patience in the face of this tragedy will be a golden page in Lebanon's honor
1 year ago
Iran records 185 deaths and 2,697 new cases of coronavirus in 24 hours
Earlier today, Mostafa Salehi has been executed by the government of Iran in Dastgerd prison, Isfahan
An explosion was heard in Sadra-Shura junction in Zibashahr Neighborhood in Zahedan, locals claim it was a sound bomb that injured 2 police officers. So far, 5 people were arrested. Sistan Balochistan, Iran
Top U.S. defense official refers to North Korea, Iran as 'rogue nations'
Iran has arrested 19 people in connection with Afghans raising Taliban flag in Tehran
Pakistan has played an important role in defusing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Prime Minister Imran Khan has told @AJENews in an exclusive interview, saying his country prevented a military escalation from taking place in the volatile region
1 year ago
Iranian Convoy of 70 Military Vehicles has entered IRGC-Held Areas in Deir Ez Zor
1 year ago
A fire in an Iranian industrial zone near the capital, Tehran
Iranian Foreign Minister said miscalculations and big mistakes made by the superpowers have resulted in catastrophes and a surge in extremism across the globe
Iran has sanctioned @rich_goldberg Goldberg, former NSC staffers and senior adviser @FDD, the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported
1 year ago
Khamenei: The Quran says Prophet Moses (pbuh) was frequently persecuted by the Israelites. Our enemies too, some of whom are also descendants of the Israelites, seek to persecute our nation that follows the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus, & the rest of the prophets (pbut)
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 36 km WNW of Mohr, Iran
Iranian artillery shelling Iranian Kurdish opposition party bases in Sidaka ,northern Erbil
1 year ago
Reuters: UAE and Iran foreign ministers exchange congratulations on Eid Al-Adha during a video call
New imagery from yesterday shows the capsized IRGC replica of the Nimitz Class Carrier appears to have listed more outside of Bandar Abbas Port, Iran. She appears more listed here than previous imagery from the 31st July. The depth here is a reported 14m
Groups of the assassins detained in Iran, responsible for the explosion in front of the house of Imam Juma Nahavand on December 15, 2009 and also involved in the assassination of the country's nuclear scientist, Massoud Ali Mohammadi
Iranian Caspian Airlines 747 EP-SHH heading back to Tehran from Damascus1 year ago
Iranian Caspian Airlines 747 EP-SHH heading back to Tehran from Damascus
Presidents of Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan stressed need for immediate completion of a project on connecting railroad networks of two neighbors
Iran's President @HassanRouhani holds phone talk with Iraq President @BarhamSalih
1 year ago
Iran's head of Commission of National Security and Foreign Policy Mojtaba Zonnour says Natanz explosion was probably caused by internal element. The possibility of drone or missiles attack was ruled out
1 year ago
Khamenei: Yes, sanctions create problems. But, the U.S.'s goals in sanctions against Iran have not been & won't be realized. They have admitted to this in their think tanks. Astute Iranians have taken advantage of sanctions & used them to increase national self-reliance
Washington: IRGC Construction Company has built the uranium enrichment site in Fordow
1 year ago
Khamenei: Nuclear energy is the nation's certain need in the future. In a few years, we'll need at least 30K MW of electricity produced by nuclear energy. How can we get this By begging the U.S. & Europe We should think about the future today. We can't achieve this in just 1 or 2 years
1 year ago
Khamenei: One of the benefits of U.S. sanctions has been a decrease in our reliance on selling crude oil & moving toward a non-oil economy. I had repeatedly asked this from various administrations, but it had rarely been realized. Now, due to lessening crude oil sales this is happening
1 year ago
Khamenei: Of course that doesn't mean we rely on our international friends. No. We rely on God & on ourselves. During Saddam's war on Iran, both the Eastern and Western blocs were against Iran & supported Saddam. We resisted for 8 years and finally struck down Saddam. StrongIRAN
1 year ago
Khamenei: Is backing off to U.S. the solution to sanctions Never. The more you back off, the greedier it will get. Solution to sanctions is Economy of Resistance by boosting domestic production & intl trade ties: 1. our potentials are limitless; 2. we have strong, good intl friends
1 year ago
Khamenei: In mentioning negotiations with Iran, this old man who is the current POTUS seeks personal benefits for elections, etc. Of course the U.S. political system seeks to eliminate Iran's defense capabilities & regional authority using negotiations, which will definitely not happen
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