28 September 2021
Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, spox of the Iranian parliament on board EP-IGD (IRAN03 - A321-231), leaves Tehran to Moscow Russia for a 3-days-long trip. Before his departure, he states: "I'm carrying an important strategic message"
7 month ago
Khamenei: Some governments' biggest mistake is that they want the US to bring them national security. They spend billions of dollars, are humiliated & in the end the US doesn't give them security when needed. Examples are what happened to US allies in Egypt, Tunisia, & Pahlavi in Iran
7 month ago
Khamenei: The US is truly declining, & this has distressed & stunned some of their allies in the region. The Zionist officials' nonsense stems from their fear of the US domestic situation & they've realized this well. The world is watching US power decline internally & internationally
7 month ago
Khamenei: One should know the US properly. Their recent events were a fiasco. Trump's fall wasn't just the fall of an unfit president. It was the decline of US power & social order. Speaking of US's decline from within & the start of a post-US era are the words of US experts, not ours
7 month ago
Khamenei: One of the "first-rate fools" in the Trump administration had said they would celebrate New Year 2019 in Tehran. He was thrown into history's trash can. His boss was also kicked into history's trash can, while the Islamic Republic is standing strong
7 month ago
Khamenei: The US miscalculated in understanding the Iranian nation during the 1979 Revolution, and so they failed. During the 2009 sedition, the Democratic president backed the sedition. Trump failed in his MaximumPressure policy too. They're still miscalculating
Gulf Cooperation Council: The Iranian interference through the Houthi militia in Yemen must be stopped
7 month ago
Khamenei: The side with the right to set conditions to JCPOA is Iran since it abided by all its commitments, not US or 3 European countries who breached theirs. If they want Iran to return, US must lift all sanctions. We'll verify & if it's done properly, we'll return to our commitments
Khamenei: Tehran will not back down from its nuclear steps until after America removes the sanctions first
7 month ago
Khamenei: Meeting with a number of Army Air Force commanders on the eve of the 42nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei spoke regarding the phenomenon of Trump's fall & also about Iran's condition for returning to JCPOA commitments RevolutionEid flag-irflag-ir
UN envoy Martin Griffiths visits Tehran for talks on Yemen
33.39143° N, 36.49120° E - Possible strike location at Damascus Intl. Airport
New reinforcements are arriving in Daraa, Most of them are Iranian militias
Bahrain interior ministry says it has foiled "terrorist plots" using bombs to explode two separate bank ATMS on Wednesday, arrests made
The online meeting between @SecBlinken and his European counterparts has ended but very little has been disclosed about their discussions on Iran. French FM said the talks were "important and in-depth
7 month ago
Netanyahu: The ICC proved again it's a political and not a legal body. The ICC disregards real war crimes & persecuting Israel - a democracy who is not a member of the court. We will continue defending our citizens and soldiers from legal persecution
7 month ago
Lebanese Hezbollah Deputy Chief Naim Qassem: "Hezbollah has one key issue, namely the Zionist presence in the region, so there is no room in the foreseeable future for direct talks between America and Hezbollah. Hezbollah is neither now nor later part of US-Iran negotiations
Commander of the Iranian Air Force: We are carefully monitoring the movements of foreign forces in the Gulf waters and the Sea of Oman
Feb. 5 - Shandiz, Mashhad, NE Iran Locals gathered today to protest the grabbing of their land by the police. Voice says police initially "borrowed" their lands years ago but then built a fence around it and confiscated the whole thing
Senior officials in Israel: Iran has increased the rate of arms smuggling to Syria in the past month. On the night of the attack on Syria a few days ago 30 SAM's were fired at IAF planes
Biden says Saudi Arabia is facing attacks from Iranian-backed forces, but war in Yemen must end
The French President: Iran has come close to being able to produce a nuclear weapon, and we must find a solution to the problem of its missile program
7 month ago
Unidentified aviation targets, with an air strike, a military vehicle of the Iranian militia in the vicinity of the town of Al-Tebniy, west of Deir Ezzor
Secretary of State Tony Blinken has asked newly appointed Iran envoy Rob Malley to form a negotiating team made up of diplomats and experts with a range of views on the path forward with Iran, U.S. officials tell
White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan: We are in talks with France, Britain and Germany to form a united front on the Iranian issue
7 month ago
UN human rights experts condemn Iran's execution of Javid Dehghan
Belgian court: Iranian diplomat Asadullah Asadi sentenced to 20 years after being convicted of terrorism
The Belgian Investigators Report: Iranian diplomat promised cell members a fancy reward
Fars Air Qeshm 747 EP-FAB en route to Syria from Tehran
A short circuit in the southern region, in conjunction with an intense flight of Israeli warplanes along the strip of the ceasefire line with the Golan Heights, Syria, Israel, Iran.
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