9 December 2021
11 month ago
British Foreign Office: We call on Iran to provide a full explanation of the causes of the Ukrainian plane crash
Iran's Red Crescent Society says the 150,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine which had been donated to Iran will not be imported anymore after Ayatollah Khamenei's remarks
11 month ago
Khamenei: Importing vaccines made in the US or the UK is prohibited. They're completely untrustworthy. It's not unlikely they would want to contaminate other nations. Given our experience with France's HIV-tainted blood supplies, French vaccines aren't trustworthy either
11 month ago
Khamenei: Iran's majlis & govt's decision to enrich uranium to 20% is totally logical& wise. When they don't abide by any of their JCPOA commitments, it's nonsensical for Iran to abide by all its commitments. If they return to it, so will we. Our logical demand is the lifting of sanctions
11 month ago
Khamenei: The US openly says its interests require instability in this region. The US wanted to start a civil war in Iran in 2009, & now God has afflicted them with the same predicament in 2021. The recent chaos reached a point where Congress members had to escape through secret tunnels
11 month ago
Khamenei: Have you seen the situation in the U.S. This is their democracy and this is their election fiasco. Today, the U.S. & 'American values' are ridiculed even by their friends
11 month ago
Khamenei: I thank God & the dear people of our country for their epic movement in commemorating the anniversary of the suicide attacks of dear Soleimani & AbuMahdi. I also sincerely thank the Iraqi brothers & sisters for their massive, stunning turnout in honoring these dead
Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says importing COVID19 vaccines from the UK and the US is prohibited, according to Reuters
The Iranian Leader: Our missile systems are defensive, important in deterring enemies, and they are outside of bargaining
Iranian Leader: America is the basis of instability and insecurity in the region because of its military presence and its arrogant policies
IRGC's Navy have unveiled a Kilometer Long Underground Missile City for housing Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles. Some reports suggest the base is near the Strait of Hormuz11 month ago
IRGC's Navy have unveiled a "Kilometer Long Underground Missile City" for housing Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles. Some reports suggest the base is near the Strait of Hormuz
Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard: Our missile systems are fully prepared to defend the country and thwart any plans against us
Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard: Tehran has no choice but to enhance its defense and offensive capabilities to counter any threats
Iranian media: The base belongs to the naval forces of the Revolutionary Guard and has sophisticated missiles with a high destructive capacity
11 month ago
Iranian media: The commander of the Revolutionary Guards inspects a missile base near the Gulf waters in the south of the country
Video of Israeli army air defenses deployed near Eilat following Iranian threats
11 month ago
Two U.S. strategic bombers flew another deterrence mission against Iran today, the fourth in last two months. The B-52 bombers flew 36-hours, nonstop to the Persian Gulf from a base in North Dakota
11 month ago
Mnuchin tells Netanyahu: The attack on the capitol was unacceptable. Now is the time to respect the democratic process
Iran's Rouhani says Western democracy 'fragile, vulnerable'
Families of victims of Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752 have been threatened and warned not to hold anniversary ceremonies. Some family member outside of Iran have also reported being threatened by Iranian agents
USAF B-52 bombers en route to the Middle East  27,000ft heading over the Strait of Gibraltar to rendezvous with the QID tankers out from RAF Mildenhall11 month ago
USAF B-52 bombers en route to the Middle East 27,000ft heading over the Strait of Gibraltar to rendezvous with the QID tankers out from RAF Mildenhall
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia arrests a number of its members in Albukamal
Israel deploys Patriot air defence batteries in the south to protect Eilat against possibly Iranian attacks from Yemen
Iranian Foreign Ministry: The objection of Saudi Arabia and some countries to our nuclear measures is meaningless, and these countries have nothing to do with it
Iranian Ministry of Defense: Identify all those involved in the assassination of the nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh
French, German, British statement: Iran's raising of the enrichment rate obstructs reaching an agreement with the Biden administration
The commander of the Quds Force threatens cyber attacks on America in response to the killing of Soleimani
Atomic Energy Organization of Iran: we are capable of 40 to 60 percent uranium enrichment
Iranian Defense Minister: Failure to respond to the assassination of Fakhrizadeh will encourage the repetition of these crimes, which means a less secure area
Iran Defense Minister says "we have the right to respond to the Zionist entity, and we are the ones who decide when, where and how the response will be"
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