Map. History of Iran conflict

20 March 2018
1 week ago
Seeing "at a minimum deconfliction if not support" between Russia and Turkey in Syria per Gen Scaparrotti says Russia-Iran ties "one of convenience"
1 week ago
Khamenei: A woman can have active presence and deep influence on social arenas—as Iranian women are so influential. The features of today's Iranian woman include modesty, chastity, eminence, protecting herself from abuse by men, refraining from humiliating herself into appeasing men.
1 week ago
Khamenei: Today the flag of women's identity and cultural independence is at the hands of Iranian women. Iranian women today, declare their cultural and identity independence and export it to the world while preserving their hijab.
1 week ago
Khamenei: You have heard that a significant number of prominent women in the west declared one after the other over the past few months that while on their job, they have been violently and forcefully abused. They were prominent western women.
1 week ago
Khamenei: The western model for women is symbolic of consumerism, cosmetics, showing off for men as a tool of male sexual arousal. All they claim, including gender injustice and so on, is just talk. The reality is different.
Iran's Khamenei says won't negotiate with West over regional presence
1 week ago
Provoker of sedition and corruption, US gov. asks, Why do you have a presence in the region? Well, do we have to ask for your permission to be in our region? We should talk with regional govts on that, why'd we talk with you? If we ever want presence in U.S. then we'll come talk to you.
Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq: Iran can become our best and closest partner in Iraq. We welcome Iranian advisors in Sunni areas to help rebuild them. We face 2 challenges - expelling militants and the US occupation.
1 week ago
For 40 yrs enemies have plotted against Iran, spending billions to strike a blow to the IRI, but for 40 years this pure tree has been steadily growing, which makes us proud. There's never been so many plots against any nation, yet enemies haven't achieved even one of their goals.
1 week ago
By promoting modest dress (hijab), Islam has blocked the path which would lead women to such a dent lifestyle . Hijab is a means of immunity not restriction.
1 week ago
Today, according to the western model, the most sought after characteristics of a woman involve her ability to physically attract men and appease them: one distinct image (portrayed in society) of the western woman is her nudity.
1 week ago
In contrast, there has always been a dent framework; today, that different model for women is the one offered by the west.
1 week ago
The best people who can follow up and solve women's issues are women themselves. Apr 19, 2014
1 week ago
Women are stronger than men. Women can completely control and influence men with their wisdom and delicacy. May 11, 2013
1 week ago
If women do not take part in a social movement of a nation, that movement will not gain any results. July 11, 2012.
1 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 - 107km NNE of Minab, Iran
Afghan defense officials in Tehran for defense and security talks
1 week ago
Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani will meet in April
Iran's missile production has increased three-fold: Guards commander
2 week ago
Plantation of two saplings of fruit trees on the occasion of National Day of Plantation and National Week of Natural Resources, today
According to an Egyptian journalist who attended the meeting with KSA Saudi Crown Prince Mohamad Bin Salman: MBS talked to us about the "triangle of evil and they are the Ottomans(Turkey) Iran and the terrorist groups"
[email protected]: "Iran has not given up its nuclear ambitions," and is acting aggressively in the Middle East, thus "Iran must be stopped."
In Oval Office, @netanyahu says Iran is the biggest challenge faced in the Middle East
Collapse of Iran nuclear deal would be 'great loss:' U.N. watchdog chief
Iran: The missile program will continue despite US and European pressure
Iran foreign minister criticizes EU 'extremism' towards Tehran
French minister to lay out concerns on ballistics, regional role in Iran visit
The Egyptian president and the Saudi Crown Prince agree that terrorism and its supporting countries are at the top of the dangers that threaten the Arab region
Rouhani to Macron: There are war crimes in Yemen and the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia must stop
France urges Iran to pressure Syrian government over Ghouta
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