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23 April 2021
Iran: Many districts in Ahwaz SW of Iran in Khuzestan province engulfed in the flood Blackout reported in many areas.
Two PAF C 130 cargo jets arrive in Tehran on special directive of PM Khan
2 year ago
Blackout reported in many areas of Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, SW Iran. The districts of: Amaniyeh, Kianpars, Kian-Abad, Kuy Enghelab, Khorramshahr Intersection, Eyn Do, Lashkar, Ameri and Kianshahr have no electricity as a local power station in west Ahvaz is flooded.
Yemen's Ansarullah movement denounces US decision to designate IRGC as a terrorist organization
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah to give a speech tomorrow on Hezbollah's 'Wounded Fighter Day.' Hel'll also likely address US FTO designation of the IRGC2 year ago
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah to give a speech tomorrow on Hezbollah's 'Wounded Fighter Day.' Hel'll also likely address US FTO designation of the IRGC
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani: "This mistake will unite Iranians and the Guards will grow more popular in Iran. America has used militants as a tool in the region while the Guards have fought against them from Iraq to Syria."
Iranian Armed Forces: US forces in the region will be treated as a terrorist group and we will support the Guards in confronting them
Flooding in the streets of Shiban, Khuzestan
2 year ago
Khamenei: IRGC is an eminent body on the frontlines of confronting enemies on various fields; it is a pioneering force in confronting enemies at Iran's borders as well as 1000s km away, around the Shrine of Lady Zainab (a.s.), and on the fields of political confrontation against enemies.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Contrary to enemies' beliefs, IRI's dignity and power doesn't come from nukes. We've always stressed that nuclear weapons violate our religious principles and we don't need nukes. Iran's power and dignity in view of Muslim World emerge from people's resistance, sacrifice and insight.
2 year ago
Khamenei: U.S. and other stupid enemies have done all they could against the Islamic Republic for 40 years, yet they failed to achieve a single thing and today the Islamic Revolution and establishment enjoy more power in the region and in the world.
2 year ago
Khamenei: U.S. officials wishfully plot against IRGC, the Revolution and Iran. Certainly such vices won't get them anywhere as their plots and shams will hit back at themselves. Enemies of the Islamic Republic like Trump and the idiots around U.S. ruling apparatus are going down the drain.
Iran Khamenei says US has failed to stop Iran's advancements, praises Guards
Iranian lawmakers, from different political factions, and the speaker of parliament are today wearing IRGC uniform to show support for IRGC which has been blacklisted by the US government. Iran
Iraqi Foreign Minister: we reject US sanctions on Iran.
Rouhani: IRGC protected Erbil and Sulaimani from ISIS assaults.
[email protected] official calls Iran's launch of Mahan Air direct flight to Venezuela 'politically motivated gesture' with 'no commercial reason'
The Airbus A340 of the Iranian airline Mahan Air arrived in Maiquetía, which supposedly will have a regular flight between Teheran and Caracas. The aircraft is parked in the auxiliary terminal (Ramp 4).
Iran's conservative newspaper Kayhan following U.S. designating IRGC a terrorist group: Trump authorized killing of American military forces by his idiocy
Syrian government: Washington classification of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as terrorist organization is a "Medal of Honor"
The Iranian National Security Council classifies the US military as a "terrorist organization"
Iranian Foreign Minister: We recommend the National Security Council to include US forces in the region on the list of terrorist organizations
Washington: We take all measures to protect our soldiers from Tehran's reaction to the classification of the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization
Pentagon spox: DOD "is prepared to implement the President and Secretary of State's decision to designate" IRGC as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. "As a matter of policy, we do not discuss adjustments to force protection levels or measures for operational security reasons."
"I'll allow them (@DeptofDefense) to respond to that question" of whether IRGC leader will be targeted like the leader of ISIS, responds @SecPompeo.
Pompeo: Qassim Soleimani is responsible for the actions of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards
Pompeo: The Revolutionary Guard supports the regime in Syria
Pompeo: Revolutionary Guards support terrorism in Iraq and Lebanon
Pompeo: We will deal with the Revolutionary Guards similar as with Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Jihad movement(PIJ)
Pompeo: Revolutionary Guards support Hezbollah militia in Lebanon
IRGC "organizes and executes terror campaigns around the world," says @SecPompeo.
Trump: The Revolutionary Guard is actively involved in financing and supporting terrorism as a tool of the state
Trump: US classifies Iran's Revolutionary Guard(IRGC) as a terrorist organization
"Today, I am formally announcing my Administration's plan to designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including its Qods Force, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act," says @POTUS in statement.
People from Marivan city in Kurdistan providing support food and necessary items for flood-hit villages.
Qassem Suleimani speaking in Arabic to locals in flood-stricken Khuzestan Province
Iranian Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747-281 EP-FAB departed T4 Air base2 year ago
Iranian Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747-281 EP-FAB departed T4 Air base
2 year ago
Iran's Mahan Air launches direct flights to Venezuela
The European Union extends sanctions against Iran until April 2020 because of human rights violations
Majid Takht-Ravanchi, the former member of Iran's nuclear negotiating team and a current political deputy at President Rouhani's office, is set to be sent to New York as Iran's permanent UN representative
Iranian Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747-281 EP-FAB heading Damascus from Tehran. The Iranians did not fly to Damascus for more than a month, they were using Syrian IL76´s for logistic transport
Iranian President said his administration is committed to making up for damages inflicted on people across country as a result of recent floods
IRGC threatened repercussions if it is labelled "terrorist" by US; said US troops won't enjoy "calm" in Middle East and neighboring areas
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