6 December 2022
1 month ago
Khamenei: The Muslim nations' current sufferings are due to their division. This is what happens when we're divided, not concerned about each other, & even hostile to each other at times. The Quran says, "When you're divided, you'll be humiliated." Thus, you'll help others to dominate you
1 month ago
Khamenei: Global imperialism rejoices at the suffering of Muslims. Why are Muslim nations suffering like this Why are the Muslims suffering economically, politically, & from aggression, colonialism, civil wars, etc. One of the most important reasons is the division of the Muslims
1 month ago
Khamenei: One of the lessons from ProphetMuhammad for the Islamic nation is, "The Prophet grieves for your suffering." Of course, this doesn't just refer to Muslims at the time of the Prophet. It means the sufferings of the Muslims in Palestine, Myanmar, etc. today grieve his pure soul
1 month ago
Khamenei: The Holy Prophet's character is unique in the entire universe. His birthday is a very important, great day. Calling the birthday of the Prophet an Eid is not just for holding a celebration & commemorating him. It is also for learning from him & setting the Prophet as an example
1 month ago
Khamenei: On the occasion of the anniversary of the births of the ProphetMuhammad & Imam Sadiq (pbut), the Leader of the Islamic Revolution met with the heads of the three branches of govt, a number of officials, & the guests participating in the International Islamic Unity Conference
Protest in Khorramabad, Iran
Use of molotov cocktails by protesters in Saqqez, Iran.
AFP: An agreement in the European Union to punish those responsible for the repression in Iran
1 month ago
Khamenei: Those who participated in the riots aren't all of the same type. Some are agents of or in line with the enemy. Others are just agitated. They shouldn't be judged the same. For the latter, cultural work is needed. For the former, judiciary & security officials must do their duty
1 month ago
Khamenei: The Iranian nation's taking the initiative in confronting the Arrogant Powers attracts other nations to Iran. The Iranian nation's moves reflect their religious inclination & the youth's high-spiritedness. This is naturally 180 degrees against what the US wants to see in Iran
Protests continue in Gohardasht, Karaj, Iran
1 month ago
Khamenei: The enemy saw the Iranian nation's successes & them emerging in the region & beyond. They couldn't tolerate it & tried to plan riots in Iran for early October. But what is important is that the enemy's action was reactive. It's the Iranian nation that has taken the initiative
1 month ago
Khamenei: The enemies planning in the recent riots in Iran has been a passive reaction, not initiative. In a short time, the Iranian nation has carried out several great movements that are 180 degrees against the policies of the global Arrogant Powers. That's why they had to react
1 month ago
Khamenei: These recent riots are not something spontaneous and coming from within. The onslaught of propaganda, influencing people's thinking, provoking excitement, actions such as teaching how to make Molotov cocktails, etc. are clear examples of what the enemy is doing
1 month ago
Khamenei: The issue of the enemies' interference in the recent street riots in Iran is recognized by everyone. Even impartial non-Iranian experts have explicitly stated this
Iranian judiciary charges more than 100 people over protests
Today the general strike in several Iranian cities continues. Footage from Dehgolan
Fouladshahr of Isfahan last night Fouladshahr of Isfahan also witnessed demonstrations and clashes with government agents
Israeli media: Iranian-backed Iraqi hackers hacked the Energean and Israel Gas websites
The police force joined the people in a part of Tehran.
1 month ago
One 107 mm rocket (typically associated with Iranians) was fired and hit the Rumalyn Landing Zone, a U.S. compound in northeast Syria. No US casualties, according to a senior US defense official. More rockets were found at the launch point but were not fired
Mashhad, northeast Iran Kowthar Blvd Protesters blocked the road and clashed with the government's security forces
Protesters in Tehran's Lalehzar Street are heard chanting "Seyyed Ali (Khamenei) Will Be Toppled This Year."
October 8 - Tehran, #Iran Protesters torched a state police trailer at the city Bazaar on 15 Khordad Street. #IranRevolution2022 #مهسا_امینی #نیکا_شاکرمی
In Mashhad: the shooting death of a young woman
The Iraqi parliament has tasked the committees of the defense and foreign affairs to cooperate with the federal and regional governments to investigate into the recent Iranian attacks on the Kurdistan Region
Today in Sanandaj, Iran
Iran summons Denmark's ambassador to Tehran to protest the attack on its ambassador in Copenhagen
Fire at Eram Lake in Tehran
The French Foreign Ministry: The video clip of the confessions of two of our compatriots detained in Iran is unacceptable
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