20 April 2021
After talks on Syria, the presidents of Russia, Iran, Turkey and Belarus held an informal meeting
2 year ago
Khamenei: Imam Khomeini's verdict regarding Salman Rushdie is based on divine verses and just like divine verses, it is solid and irrevocable. 1990-06-05
2 year ago
Khamenei: The hands of criminal mercenaries has once again been stained with the blood of our country's pious rioters, martyring a group of human assets who dedicated themselves to protecting borders and nation's security, in an attack carried by the disgraceful, barbaric militants.
2 year ago
Khamenei: It is evident that the perpetrators of this crime are connected to the intelligence organizations of some countries inside and outside the region; government bodies in charge should heed, seriously follow up on that.
Brian Hook: We seek to prevent Iran from getting the billions of dollars it uses to destabilize
UN ambassadors of Russia, Syria, Iran, China, NK, Nicaragua, Palestinian observer, and ForMin of Venezuela preparing to brief the press
Poland's Foreign Minister: Iran's interventions in Syria are negatively affecting the region
US Secretary of State: Iran supports Hezbollah and its activities in South America
Pompeo: We need to tighten sanctions on Iran
Pompeo: Iran, Hezbollah and the spread of terrorism are threats to the Middle East
Pompeo in Warsaw: We hope that this conference will establish stability in the Middle East
2 year ago
S.Korea's Iran crude imports for January down 76 pct y/y -customs
Erdoğan: "The end of terror is the final. The terrorist organisations targeting both our country and Iran are doomed to lose eventually. "
Rouhani: We are surprised at the silence of the United Nations on the repeated Israeli attacks on Syria
Rouhani: This phase of counterterrorism must continue
Putin: "The provision of peace in Syria and the need for the reconstruction of Syria has been agreed by Russia, Turkey and Iran"
Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel Al-Jubeir: Iran's aggressive policies are what led to its isolation
Saudi MFA Adel Al-Jubeir: The Warsaw Conference is an important step in the world's response to Iran's aggressive policies
Russia President Putin to the Presidents of Iran and Turkey: We should not tolerate militants in Idlib
Iranian President Rouhani: The United States, unfortunately, protects terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.
Rouhani: Guarantor countries to maintain Syrian territorial integrity
Putin at the opening of the Sochi summit Tripartite: It is important that the work of the Constitutional Commission in Syria begin as soon as possible
Putin: Russia, Turkey and Iran is trying to return Syria to normal life
Putin and Rouhani emphasize the importance of cooperation between their two countries in Syria
Mike Pence: The Europeans should cooperate with us and with the Iranian people against the danger of the Tehran regime
Mike Pence: Sanctions against Iran are historically harshest
US Vice President: The Iranian regime is arming militias in the region and suppressing the freedom of its people
Pence: Iran is the biggest threat to the region
Erdogan and Putin meeting before the pre-triple summit talks ended.
The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard: We will take revenge for the terrorist attack in Zahedan from our enemies and agents of global arrogance
IRGC commander: We expect Pakistan to deal aggressively with terrorists on the common border
2 year ago
Bahrain foreign minister on meeting Netanyahu: It will happen when it happens
President Erdoğan meets with Iranian President Rouhani in Sochi
A meeting between Erdogan and Rohani began ahead of the Sochi summit
Pompeo: There is no way to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East without confronting Iran
The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Our response to the Baluchistan attack will not be confined to inside Iran
2 year ago
Hezbollah: Iran bombing coincided with the Warsaw Conference reveals the full harmony between the US administration and the terror organizations
2 year ago
Khamenei: The full text of the statement on "The Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution", addressing the Iranian nation, on the threshold of entering the 5th decade of the Islamic Revolution Revolution2ndPhase
Israel PM Netanyahu account deletes the Tweet saying "War with Iran" and replace it with "Combatting Iran". It is still on the @IsraeliPM Foreign Ministry website
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Revenge is coming for the perpetrators of the attack against the Revolutionary Guard bus and their supporters in the region
2 year ago
Death Toll Rises to 41, Including IRGC Members and Civilians
IRGC: Bus carrying soldiers back home after border patrol mission targeted by terror attack
2 year ago
Reports: Jaish al-Adl group claims responsibility for attack in southeastern Iran
State media reports suicide bomb targeting Revolutionary Guard personnel kills at least 20, wounds 20 in southeast Iran.
According to US officials, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard used New Horizon conference to collect intelligence and recruit spies for Iran.
US imposes sanctions on nine individuals in latest Iran sanctions move – Treasury Dept. statement
U.S. imposes sanctions on Iran-based Net Peygard Samavat company and New Horizon organisation
US indicts former Air Force counterintelligence officer as a spy for Iran and the IRGC.
Washington: Sanctions against institutions linked to the US officer accused of spying for Iran
Washington: Iran targeted official institutions and vital facilities with cyber attacks
Washington: U.S. officer is accused of spying for Iran's Revolutionary Guards
UK foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt to break ranks with other JCPOA signatories to attend Pompeo Middle East conference in Warsaw to chair a meeting on Yemen with "US, UAE and Saudi Arabian" counterparts
US Vice President Mike Pence lands in Warsaw
Ayatollah Khamenei: U.S. will be defeated in any confrontation with Iran
Iran FM Zarif says Warsaw summit is dead from its start
Ayat. Khamenei: Iran considers U.S., some European states as deceitful, untrustworthy
2 year ago
Khamenei: And if then, US assumed it can defeat Islamic establishment and Iranian nation with a few Iranian sellouts or a few aircrafts, today they feel they need to a coalition of tens of hostile or daunted states to politically/militarily confront the Islamic Republic, and yet they fail.
2 year ago
Khamenei: If on those days, the West's concern was to prevent Iran from purchasing basic weapons, today their concern is preventing the transfer of advanced Iranian weapons to the Resistance forces.
2 year ago
Khamenei: If the challenge then concerned exposing the spy den [US embassy] or closing down Zionist government's embassy in Tehran, today it concerns Zionist government's borders, ending US intrusion in West Asia and Iran's support for Palestinian cause in occupied lands, Hezbollah and Resistance.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Today, just like the first days of the Revolution, the sovereign Iran faces challenges posed by the arrogant powers; yet, with a very significant difference [in terms of its growing power]. Revolution2ndPhase
2 year ago
Khamenei: Since its inception, the Revolution hasn't been merciless, or shed blood, nor has it been passive or hesitant. It has assertively and boldly stood up against bullies and defended the oppressed. This range of global and regional actions is a source of pride for Iran and Iranians.
US State Department spokesman: The Iranian regime will eventually change its behavior
US State Department spokesman: We seek to bring closer views with the Russians on the Iranian file
2 year ago
Khamenei: Iranian nation's Islamic Revolution has been powerful, yet compassionate, forgiving and even oppressed. It's never shot the first bullet in any conflict even against the U.S. and Saddam and in all cases, it has defended itself; of course strongly blowing the defensive strikes.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Iranian nation's glorious Revolution—which is the greatest and most popular revolution of the new era—is the only revolution that has safeguarded the dignity and nobleness of its slogans and has entered the 2nd phase of self-development, society-making and civilization-creating.
2 year ago
Khamenei: In the beginning of the new chapter in the life of the Islamic Republic, I—this very humble person—would like to address my dear youth: the generation that is taking to the arena to start another section of the jihad for construction of the great Islamic Iran. Revolution2ndPhase
'No problem with America can be resolved,' Iran's Khamenei says
Brian Hook: Getting out of Iran's nuclear deal gave us freedom of movement to impose more pressure on Iran
US Special Envoy to Iran Brian Hook: The Warsaw Conference aims to discuss the challenges in the Middle East
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to #Syria from #Tehran towards T4 Air Base
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to Syria from Tehran2 year ago
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to Syria from Tehran
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