Map. History of Iran conflict

23 February 2018
Kianoush Zandi is another Kurdish activist who has been killed by Iranian security forces.
'No hope of survivors' in Iranian tanker fire: official
Iran says all 29 crew members on Iranian oil tanker in East China Sea believed dead.1 month ago
Iran says all 29 crew members on Iranian oil tanker in East China Sea believed dead.
ISNA: at the order of President Rouhani the temporary ban of Telegram is lifted.
Iranian media report that the popular messaging app Telegram has been unblocked. Telegram was filtered following Iranprotests.
1 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 46km W of Firuzabad, Iran
Billboard goes up in Qazvin warning Iran could become the next Syria if protests continue
Iran, 12.01.18: Truck drivers on strike in Angouran, Khourang dam workers on strike, gold retailers and power station workers in Yazd on strike. Strikes said to have reached 12 provinces
IRGC Seizes Explosives in SE Iran
Iran FM Zarif speaks with China FM over nuclear deal: Tasnim
Iran foreign ministry @JZarif : Tehran will do nothing beyond its commitments under JCPOA.
AFP: UN report finds Iran sent ballistic missiles and UAVs to Houthis, in violation of Yemen arms embargo imposed by UN Security Council resolution 2216 of 2015
Chairman of the Iranian National Security Committee: We will not back down from strengthening our defense capabilities and our missile program
Iranian Foreign Minister: The nuclear agreement can not be renegotiated
Iran: The Trump Declaration today amounts to a desperate attempt to undermine the nuclear agreement
A member of Iran's High Council Of Cyberspace: 5 messenger apps of Soroush, Wispi, Gap, iGap, and BisPhone will replace @telegram. It'll take years for us to compensate for the moral harm [caused by Telegram and Instagram].
Trump calls on his European partners to amend the nuclear agreement to end Tehran's attacks and support the Iranian people
President Trump says the U.S. will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal if the agreement's flaws are not fixed and says "this is a last chance"
Statement by the President on the Iran Nuclear Deal
Trump also wants amendment to US-Iran law to say US views Iran|'s long-range missile program as inseparable from its nuclear program
Trump waives Iran nuclear sanctions, but for last time, says White House
1 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 12km ESE of Mandali, Iraq
1 month ago
KCNA: "Lex Tillerson, secretary of State of the U.S., designated 10 countries including the DPRK, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia as so-called 'states of special concern for religious freedom.'"
1 month ago
"We haven't made a final decision on JCPOA (Iran)," says @PressSec.
1 month ago
Rescuers resume search for survivors from blazing Iran oil tanker
1 month ago
Call out Iran but keep nuclear deal, Germany says to U.S.
Zarif: Strong consensus in Brussels that Iranian people have every right to all its dividends
Iranian nuclear deal is working, says EU's @FedericaMog despite criticism from U.S. President @realDonaldTrump.
UK's @BorisJohnson says he is united with EU partners on Iran and no one has put forward better alternative to JCPOA nuclear deal (also note how well his pink tie matches his face)
M5.5 earthquake (زلزال) strikes 136 km E of Baghdad (Iraq) 7 min ago. Effects reported by witnesses