19 September 2021
Abu Dhabi Crown Prince discussed with Trudeau developments in the region
1 year ago
Private sources reported that four people disappeared in the Badia village of Al-Toub east of Deir Ezzor - Shamiya today afternoon, Wednesday, and the sources said that the disappeared people are working in sheep grazing, where an armed group of Iranian militias stole the herd of sheep and kidnapped the four shepherds.
Iran's FM: We did not sign an 'Obama deal' to go for a 'Trump deal'
US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy: The Pentagon is studying the possibility of sending new missile defense systems to the Middle East after the Iranian attack on American forces in Iraq
Muqtada al-Sadr's (Khomaini/ Islamic Revolution-inspired) motto: "Neither East, nor West, the revolution is an Iraqi one," as he's leading "million-strong" protest against US military presence on Friday. — "Neither East, nor West. Islamic Republic."
French Foreign Minister: The nuclear agreement is in danger and Iran must fulfill its obligations
The Jordanian King: What is happening in the Middle East affects the whole world
The Israeli army intelligence unit is assessing that the probability of a full blown war with Hizbullah in Lebanon is very high this year as turmoil in Iran and Lebanon continues
1 year ago
Britain says its ambassador to Tehran has returned to London on a routine trip and will soon return to Iran
Iran announces the departure of the British ambassador shortly after his arrest
Solemimani has planned attacks in Bulgaria, Germany, Bosnia, Kenya, Bahrain, and Turkey, according to the BBC's Serbian service
Rouhani: European Union countries forces in the Middle East may be in danger in the future
Rouhani: Foreign forces must leave the Middle East
Rouhani: American forces are not safe in the region today
Rouhani: The Europeans must fulfill their obligations under the 2015 nuclear agreement
Iranian Foreign Minister: We are not interested in negotiating with the United States
Zarif: We sent a message to the United States via Switzerland on the night of the missile attack in Iraq that it was self-defense
Iranian Foreign Minister: We did not ask for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq
New Delhi - Iran's Foreign Minister: Our economy has suffered in the past two years with hundreds of billions of dollars
The Iranian foreign minister accuses the European countries that signed the JCPOA of violating their obligations under the agreement
1 year ago
The public prosecutor and the Ukrainian security service ask Iran to provide them with the black boxes of the crashed Ukrainian plane
1 year ago
[email protected]: Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, @BorisJohnson, stated, "We should replace the Iran deal with the Trump deal." I agree
The Syrian Ministry of Defense: At approximately 10:22 the Israeli air forces launched a new air strikes on Al-Tefour Airport from the direction of the Al-Tanf area. Air defense shot 4 missiles, but other caused limited material damage
The airstrikes on Deir Ezzor a little while ago targeted the "panorama area" at the entrance Deir Ezzor city near the 137th Brigade, these areas contain factions affiliated with Iran
Iraqi CTS force arrests three members of Iranian backed al-Nujaba group and seizes weapons and equipment in their possession in Al-Karma western Baghdad, according to some sources they launched 8 rockets toward Taji military base which hosts US & German trainers
1 year ago
Netanyahu calls on Western countries to immediately impose automatic sanctions on Iran
1 year ago
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: We will not allow Iran to possess a nuclear weapon
Security forces arrest a number of Isfahan University students
At current pace, Iran to develop nuke strike capacity in two years: Israeli army
In its annual assessment, Israeli Army estimates Iran will have enough enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb by end of 2020
Iran Foreign Minister @JZarif says E3, by triggering JCPOA disupte resolution mechanism, has "bowed to U.S. diktat."
U.S. State Department Spokeswoman: Iran continues to violate U.N. resolutions
Muqtada al-Sadr, from Iran, calls for million-strong protest to condemn "the US presence and its violations," in Iraq. Says the move will be followed by other popular, political and parliamentary moves to protect "Iraq's dignity and sovereignty."
1 year ago
Iran warns the European Union of the consequences of activating the JCPOA dispute settlement mechanism
1 year ago
British Foreign Secretary: We have a responsibility to protect our armed forces personnel in the Gulf
1 year ago
British Foreign Secretary: Britain and its allies are ready for a broader initiative to address concerns about Iran
Today's rally of university students in Tehran
Students at Shahid Beheshti university in Tehran continue their protest on Tuesday by shouting don't be scared, don't be scared . we are all together. Tens of Thousands of people have protested over the last 4 days the government  failures on PS752 jet1 year ago
Students at Shahid Beheshti university in Tehran continue their protest on Tuesday by shouting "don't be scared, don't be scared . we are all together". Tens of Thousands of people have protested over the last 4 days the government failures on PS752 jet
The RedCrescent teams are also on the ground in western Iran, distributing relief in villages surrounded by snow in Khuzestan Province. @Iranian_RCS
Saving Iran nuclear deal 'more important than ever': EU's diplomatic chief
French-British-German statement: We launched the JCPOA conflict resolution mechanism because Iran did not adhere to the nuclear agreement
1 year ago
France, UK, and Germany trigger Iran nuclear deal dispute mechanism
Iranian cleric threatens to kill the British ambassador unless he leaves Iran
1 year ago
Iranian, Ukrainian and Canadian officials hold a meeting in Tehran on the plane
1 year ago
Germany, France and Britain will activate today mechanism to settle the JCPOA dispute with Iran
1 year ago
Iran's judiciary says arrests have been made over the shooting down of an Ukrainian aircraft that killed 176 people on Wednesday
1 year ago
British Prime Minister: We do not want a military conflict between the West and Iran
1 year ago
PM Justin Trudeau says the victims of the Ukrainian jetliner shot down by a missile that killed 176 people including 57 Canadians would be alive right if tensions had not escalated in the region
US Secretary of State: We hope Iran will return to the negotiating table and share the desire for peace
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