28 October 2021
RSAF conducts 4 airstrikes on Iran-backed Houthi positions in Maarib
Ebrahim Raisi, the favourite in Iran's presidential election, has used his position at the heart of the judiciary for grave rights violations, including mass executions of political prisoners, activists say
Iranian navy vessels MAKRAN and SAHAND could on their way to Syria in order to engage in navy exercises with Russia. They will be able to pass Gibraltar on July 4th, which is the 2yr anniversary since the GRACE 1 supertanker was arrested en route to Syria.4 month ago
Iranian navy vessels MAKRAN and SAHAND could on their way to Syria in order to engage in navy exercises with Russia. They will be able to pass Gibraltar on July 4th, which is the 2yr anniversary since the GRACE 1 supertanker was arrested en route to Syria.
4 month ago
Ahead of @POTUS' meeting with Russia's President Putin, the U.S. and Russian delegations to the Vienna talks on the reviving the Iran nuclear deal met today
Israeli Foreign Minister: Israel must prepare for America's return to the nuclear agreement with Iran
Mashhad, NE Iran Reports indicate that security forces and riot police have come out in full force in Mashhad probably to counter villagers' protests demanding water. Iran
Jun 14 - Bandar-e Mahshahr Port, SW Iran Tehran Jonoob Construction Co. workers went on strike today to protest the company's employment of non-locals in the company
Iran Health Minister: Emergency certificate for use of domestic CovIran Barekat vaccine has been issued
Iranian Foreign Ministry: We do not rule out reaching a result in the Vienna negotiations before the deadline for the conditional agreement with the IAEA expires
Iranian Foreign Ministry: We agreed in the Vienna negotiations to lift sanctions in the oil, energy, banking and insurance sectors
[email protected]_ir says Iran has enriched uranium to up to 63%, says Iran can enrich uranium at any percentage
4 month ago
G7: We condemn Iran's support for proxy combat forces and non-state armed actors
4 month ago
The G7 supports the resumption of the nuclear deal talks and calls on Iran to stop its missile activities
[email protected] says Blinken and Lapid discussed the U.S. commitment to Israel's security, the importance of maintaining a cessation of hostilities, opportunities to deepen and broaden normalization of diplomatic relations & the threat posed by Iran
Netanyahu: We carried out very daring operations deep inside the enemy, and they reached Tehran, and there are things beyond imagination
4 month ago
Netanyahu: My message to those who are celebrating in Tehran is – we will be back soon
4 month ago
Netanyahu: The Iranians are celebrating today – they know that if not for our efforts they would have had an arsenal of nuclear bombs long ago. They know that the new Israeli government will be weak and align itself with the international community
4 month ago
Netanyahu: From the moment the Biden administration returns to the Iran deal the incoming government won't approve actions in Iran to stop it from getting nuclear weapons. All they are going to do is to say something for the protocol
4 month ago
Netanyahu: The PM of Israel must be able to say no to the President of the U.S. and back it by massive campaign in Congress and in U.S. public opinion. I did it in 2015 - Who will do it now Lapid who attacked my speech Congress They can't and won't stand up to the U.S
4 month ago
Netanyahu: Bennett doesn't have the international standing, the credibility or the knowledge that will allow him to oppose the Iran nuclear deal
4 month ago
Netanyahu: I told SecDef Austin that even though I hope it will not get to this but if I have to choose between friction with the U.S. and eliminating the Iranian threat I would choose the latter
4 month ago
Netanyahu: I told Secretary of Defense Austin that as Prime Minister I will do everything to oppose a deal that will lead to Iran having a nuclear weapon and I will do it both publicly and operationally
4 month ago
Netanyahu: In 1944 the president of the U.S. refused to bomb Auschwitz. He could have saved millions of our people. This is why I will not be silent on the Iran nuclear deal
4 month ago
Netanyahu: The Biden administration asked me not to make our disagreements on the Iran nuclear deal public. With all due respect to President Biden – I refused to do it
Bennett: Returning to the nuclear deal will be a mistake and will once again give legitimacy to the Iranian government. Israel will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Israel is not a party to the deal will continue to defend itself
4 month ago
Iran's chief negotiator in Vienna: There is no connection between the elections and the nuclear deal talks
"We're monitoring" @PentagonPresSec says of the 2 Iran vessels headed apparently to Venezuela
Iranian Foreign Ministry calls on Biden to abandon and effectively lift sanctions policy
Republican lawmakers introduce a bill giving members the right to veto any attempt to return to the nuclear deal
4 x 107mm rockets and a launcher were discovered and seized in the Diyala Governorate, Iraq earlier today. It is suspected that they were intended to be used against Balad Airbase
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