9 February 2023
Iran's Fars News Agency announces the death of a senior navy officer while "performing his duties"
China Vice FM Ma Zhaoxu had an "in depth" phone conversation with Iran DepFM and chief negotiator @Bagheri_Kani, discussing Iranian nuclear issues, per a Chinese diplomat in Tehran
6 month ago
A Russian delegation has visited the Kashan Airbase in central Iran at least twice in the last month to examine weapons-capable drones, according to national security adviser Jake Sullivan and satellite imagery obtained exclusively by CNN
Al-Kazemi to Al-Arabiya: Iraq seeks to open the door for American-Iranian dialogue
Iran FM denies in a phone call with Ukraine FM that Tehran would deliver combat drones to Russia, as US has claimed
Reuters from an Emirati official: We are open to anything that protects us without targeting a third country
Israeli FM Lapid said the only way to stop Iran's nuclear program is to put "credible military threat on the table." Pres Biden committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons but said: "I continue to believe that diplomacy is the best way to achieve this outcome
Lapid asked Biden in their meeting how long the U.S. Will continue talks with Iran. Biden told Lapid U.S. wants diplomatic solution with Iran but won't continue talking forever if there is no deal
Biden and Lapid met in 4 eyes for more than an hour. The two main issues were Iran and Saudi Arabia, an Israeli official said
Sullivan: Russia deepening its relationship with Iran to kill Ukrainians is a serious threat to the world
Iran President Raisi says Biden Middle East trip won't bring 'security' to Israel
Iranian Foreign Ministry: The security alliances that Washington is talking about will not serve the interests and security of the region
7 month ago
Putin to meet Erdogan and Ebrahim Raisi in Teheran on 19th July
Jake Sullivan with some news: Says US has intelligence that Iran is preparing to provide Russia with UAVs to use in Ukraine and is preparing to train the Russians how to use them
7 month ago
Iran switches to advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment — IAEA
7 month ago
Khamenei: The Arrogant West has become weaker by the day in our region &, more recently, throughout the world. The failure of the United States and its criminal accomplice, the Zionist government, can clearly be seen in the recent events of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen & Afghanistan
7 month ago
Khamenei: A media emperor, warmongering, & threatening & bribing are employed by the United States to separate the Islamic world from its path of awakening and felicity. The Zionist government is yet another tool they use for this all-out effort
7 month ago
Khamenei: The situation in Palestine is a manifestation of the phenomenon of Resistance that has been able to bring down the Zionist government from its state of aggression to a defensive stance & impose problems on it. Brilliant examples of Resistance can be seen in Lebanon, Iraq & Yemen
7 month ago
Khamenei: Islamic self-awareness has created a miraculous phenomenon in the heart of the Islamic world & this poses serious problems for the Arrogant Powers. The name of this phenomenon is Resistance, and its reality is manifested in the power of faith & relying on God
7 month ago
Khamenei: Today, liberalism & communism, as significant contributions of Western civilization, no longer have the same appeal they did 100 years ago. The credibility of capital-driven Western democracy is being seriously questioned, &Western thinkers admit they are at a theoretical loss
7 month ago
Khamenei: Enemies of Islam strive to weaken spirituality by promoting a western lifestyle that is devoid of spirituality & is rooted in materialism, & undermine Islamic unity by promoting baseless factors that foster division, such as differences in language, color, race, and geography
7 month ago
Khamenei: In recent history, the enemies of Muslim nations have undertaken an extensive drive to weaken the two bolstering elixirs of Islamic unity and spirituality among Muslim nations
7 month ago
Khamenei: The unity of the Muslim nation is one of the two basic foundations of the Hajj Pilgrimage which, when combined with spirituality and remembering God (dhikr), can take the Islamic nation to attain the heights of honor and felicity
7 month ago
Khamenei: Praise God, the Almighty and Wise, for having made this path of His grace and mercy available to Muslims. The Islamic nation can once again observe its unity and harmony in this clear, timeless mirror, and turn away from factors that lead to disunity and division
7 month ago
Khamenei: Coming in minutes: The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khamenei's, message on Hajj2022
7 month ago
Associated Press: British Navy seizes shipment of advanced Iranian missiles destined for Yemen
Belgium: the judicial treaty with Iran would create confidence to reduce tension
Israeli Prime Minister: The current Iranian nuclear impasse will lead to an arms race in the Middle East and threaten world peace
Defense Minister Benny Gantz reveals satellite images he says show unusual Iranian maritime activity in the Red Sea in recent months. He says it is the most significant such activity in the past decade7 month ago
Defense Minister Benny Gantz reveals satellite images he says show "unusual" Iranian maritime activity in the Red Sea in recent months. He says it is the "most significant" such activity in the past decade
Macron: We need to defend the nuclear deal with Iran and take into account the interests of regional partners like Israel
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