Map. History of Iran conflict

23 April 2021
Iran is objecting to any government withdrawal from Tal Rifaat Pocket,that the Assad government and SDF control,Iran demands that the Syrian Opposition withdraw from 14 villages West of Nubl and Zahraa,in order to agree to withdrawing government Forces from Tal Rifaat Pocket
In Iran, workers at Haft Tappeh are chanting: "We are hungry".
IRGC Chief-Commander Jafari says Assad government has asked Iran to deploy peacekeeping units in Idlib and northwest of Aleppo. Currently there's no conflict in Syria, and peacekeeping forces will have a limited presence there
IRGC tells Press TV: Pakistan informs IRGC of freeing 5 of 12 Iranian border guards abducted by militants
US special envoy to Syria says goal to convene UN committee to revise constitution before end of year; its work is "critical step" toward advancing political process. US holding Russia to account to use its influence to bring Assad govt to negotiating table
US special envoy to Syria : getting Iranian forces out of Syria is not US military goal but should be outcome of process to end the civil war and only way to achieve lasting peace. The newly reinstated US sanctions against Iran will encourage it to scale back its presence in Syria
Iran executes 'Sultan of Coins' for financial crimes
Iranian military commander: The recent victory in Gaza is a new page of the victories of the resistance
Protests all over the country In Yasouj, marketers opened an empty tablecloth in protest of an increase in rental rates and their short circuit in front of the Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad Governorate.
The Arab Coalition: targeting by Houthi militias of civilian facilities with ballistic missiles confirms the continuation of Iranian support for them
2 year ago
Belarusian Bank "Trading Capital" cut of the SWIFT cause of violations of the sanctions imposed by the US against Iran
2 year ago
Khamenei: A chador-waring lady as the flag-bearer of your caravan meant you're uniquely standing against indecency in the world; you fortified your religion, national values and national clothing, i.e. Chador and hijab, in an intl' arena. I thank you ladies. It was a display of cultural power.
Iran's president says US has chosen the wrong path in sanctioning Iran and will be defeated
Baghdad is seeking US approval for an agreement with Iran to exchange food for gas after US sanctions are imposed on Tehran
2 year ago
Khamenei: That disabled war veterans and differently-abled athletes play sports represents stimulating hidden potentials in mankind. All of us- regardless of age, but particularly the youth- should learn from you. You are doubly influential in inspiring the people to do sports.
2 year ago
Khamenei: You shined at this field despite physical challenges. That is why I say achievements by you the disabled war veterans and differently-abled athletes are worth twice as the championship of those without physical problems. Your championship represents firm, manifold determination.
Nov 13 - AL-Ahwaz , National Steel Group employees on strike and chanting: "Our enemy is right here; they lie and say it's America"
The State Department: Hamas and Hezbollah are getting arms from Iran
2 year ago
OPEC, Russia crude production rose in October, offsetting Iran losses: monthly report.
2 year ago
Iran honouring nuclear deal as new sanctions hit, IAEA report shows
U.S. Treasury official Mandelker says: Iranian central bank has been disconnected from SWIFT messaging
President al-Assad receives Hussein Gabri Ansari, Assistant Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs and his accompanying delegation.
Top Saudi intelligence officials close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman asked a group of businessmen last year about using private companies to assassinate Iranian enemies of the kingdom
Unconfirmed reports have suggested that Iran allegedly executed more than 22 people, accusing them of being behind the ISIS-claimed attack on a military parade in the southwestern Iranian city of Ahwaz last October.
2 year ago
Iraq has halted oil exports to Iran, says official
2 year ago
Khamenei: Martyrs are the source of the flourishing of spiritual life in the country. Spiritual life represents morale, feeling of enjoying an identity, being purposeful; it means moving towards the ideals—without a cessation. This is what the dead do and what the Quran teaches us.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Before they depart, dead devote their life, their bodies and their movement to serve Islam and Islamic society. Their spirituality, their voice is heard only after their suicide attack; they talk to the people. We should not be hard of hearing so that we can perceive the voice.
2 year ago
Khamenei: Commemorating the dead helps convey this awakening and alerting voice to everyone and revolutionizes their hearts. Accordingly, the spirit of selfless endeavor (jihad) and suicide attack will thrive and inclinations towards East and West, disbelief and incredulity will perish. 5/11/18
2 year ago
Nasrallah: To Jublatt and PSP, you said Iran and Syria is obstructing and intervening where is your evidence Before saying we are obstructing you can write down when we refused to give names and wait 4 months but calm down
2 year ago
Nasrallah: First they said Hezbollah wants quick government before sanctions on Iran and they say we are obstructing, make up your mind. I tell you neither Syria or Iran is meddling. The independent minister is Sunni's right
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