Map. History of Iran conflict

20 September 2018
An Iranian drone is visible on recent sat images (Jan and March), precisely at the place indicated by Israeli army in DeirEzzor AB. Made possible with takeover of city from IS late 2017.
5 month ago
Israeli army sources said to confirm Iran has established air forces in Syria and are planning retaliatory attacks in Israel
Map of five Iranian airbases in Syria, could be targeted in any case of Iranian action against Israel
According to the article, IRGC Qods force commander General Qassem Suleimanei is overseeing the upcoming Iranian response to the Israeli strike against the T4 airbase that killed several IRGC operatives in Syria
Israeli military source to Sky News Arabia: our estimations indicate that Iran could respond with drones, guided directly by the IRGC
Israeli military source to Sky News Arabia: Israel will forcefully respond to any Iranian operation carried out from within Syrian lands
Three Iranian security personnel were killed by militants in a cross-border attack on the frontier with Pakistan on Tuesday, Iran's Revolutionary Guards said
More from the @ynet report: Israeli army spokesperson says Iranian air force presence in Syria has 3 arms: an armed and intelligence-gathering drone unit; a short- Intermediate-range missile unit and air defense unit
Israeli army publishes satellite images of the Iranian air force presence in Syria (via Israeli army spokesperson)
Spokesman for the Arab Alliance: The Iranian government is allied with the Houthi militias and groups by providing them with equipment, missiles and drones
Iraq executes 11 convicted of 'terrorism': ministry
Iranian intelligence announced the confiscation of arms shipment on the eastern border
5 month ago
Turkish foreign minister says French President Macron wanted to attend the tripartite meeting of Turkey, Russia and Iran in Ankara, but was not invited
Senior Israeli officer army says to @NYT that T4 attack was the first time that Israel aimed Iran|ian personnel in Syria. Seven IRCG killed, and Iran vows to revenge
The EU calls on Russia and Iran to help prevent the use of chemical weapons in Syria
"We are doing all we can to work with our American friends to make sure that all parties stay fully committed to the full implementation of the" Iran deal, says @FedericaMog
North Korea highlights Iran nuke deal ahead of summits with South Korea, U.S.
5 month ago
Turkey: We do not support any country in Syria and our position is different from Iran, Russia and the United States
Putin speaks with Iran's President Rouhani following US, UK and French missile strike in Syria5 month ago
Putin speaks with Iran's President Rouhani following US, UK and French missile strike in Syria
5 month ago
New Western Syria strikes would spark 'chaos': Putin tells Rohani
5 month ago
Khamenei: Thanks to the assistance and aid provided, as well as the courage of the Syrian forces, the resistance front managed to win over and defeat the militants created by the US, the Westerners, and their mercenaries such as the Saudis.
5 month ago
Khamenei: The reason for Iran's presence in Syria and in West Asia was to aid the resistance against oppression.
5 month ago
Khamenei: That it is said that the Islamic Republic of Iran seeks expansion is a false statement, a flat out lie. The great, developed, and united Iran does not desire expansion in the region nor in any part of the world.
Turkish Air Force drone UAV 20,000ft on the border with Iran TCS185 month ago
Turkish Air Force drone UAV 20,000ft on the border with Iran TCS18
5 month ago
Khamenei: For an Islamic country like Saudi it's no honor that the current president of the United States describes them, in his presidential campaigns, as "milking cows." There is nothing more humiliating than this: they receive money from a country then describe them in such a manner.
Baluch activists in Iran reported, directly shooting of Iranian security forces lead to death of 4 civilians including 3 years old girl. I
Casualties as result of explosion at Iranian base at Azzan mount in South Aleppo
Massive explosions heard near an Iranian weapon store in Azan mount southern Aleppo - Reports
Iran's Rouhani says Syria strike to lead to more destruction: Tasnim
5 month ago
Khamenei: I congratulate everyone on this great and unique Eid— the anniversary of the day when Muhammad (s.a.w) was appointed to Prophethood (Mab'ath). The appointment of Muhamad to Prophethood was the climax of Divine mercy upon all humankind.
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