30 September 2023
Iran calls on Washington to negotiate a prisoner exchange
1 year ago
Iranian media: Parliament will hold a closed meeting today to discuss the latest developments in the nuclear negotiations
.@StateDeptSpox: We have gone over the big issues that are at core of the two key questions: 1- Steps Iran needs to take to resume compliance with JCPOA, 2- Steps US needs to take on sanctions relief. "We believe the big issues have been largely settled
US State Department: We continue efforts to release our citizens detained in Iran
1 year ago
Iran response received by EU. "Nothing too inflammatory in there," says source. Apparently there is nothing in there on the safeguards probe. It's mostly focused on sanctions and guarantees
1 year ago
The US Army: A drone attack targeted a US military site in the Al-Tanf area on the Syrian-Iraqi border
Iran's foreign minister says his country will respond to the draft nuclear deal submitted by the European Union by the end of the day
Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman: Salman Rushdie and his supporters are to blame for attack
1 year ago
Khamenei: The usurping enemy is becoming weaker, while Palestinian Resistance is becoming stronger. "There is no power or strength except from God." We continue to stand with you. May God's greetings be upon you, and our agreements are still in place
1 year ago
Khamenei: The Jihad movement, by connecting the fight in Gaza with the West Bank & by other Resistance forces supporting it, has demonstrated the solidarity of Palestinians' jihad to the vicious enemy. All Palestinian groups' efforts in Palestinian lands must be to protect this solidarity
1 year ago
Khamenei: With its courageous Resistance, the Islamic Jihad Movement has nullified the Zionist government's deceptive policy and proven that each section of the collective Resistance movement is able to crush the enemy on its own
1 year ago
Khamenei: Recent events in Palestine have added to the honors of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement and elevated the status of Islamic Jihad in the magnificent Resistance movement of the Palestinian nation
1 year ago
Khamenei: Imam Khamenei issued a message in reply to a letter from Mr. Ziyad al-Nakhalah, Secretary General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement. The text of his message will be published in minutes
Israeli Defense Minister: Iran transfers tens of millions of dollars to the Jihad movement in Gaza annually
Government forces and Iranian militias target with tanks and Shilka shells the southern neighborhoods of Tafas city in Daraa countryside
US Trade: A Chinese company breached export controls to Iran
Iran's Khayyam satellite launching from Kazakhstan earlier today
1 year ago
"Parties (to Vienna Talks) will leave Vienna in the next few hours. The negotiation is over. The EU has negotiated the best possible deal. It is up to the parties to take the deal," @StLiechtenstein reported, citing a senior EU official
Iranian Foreign Minister: Nuclear weapons are not part of Tehran's doctrine
Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard: The enemy is in a dead end to launch any military action against Iran
US National Security Council: Washington will use all tools to deter Iran's threats
1 year ago
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator: Washington should "seize the generous opportunity" given by the parties negotiating the nuclear deal
1 year ago
Grossi to Iran: Good statements are not enough for nations to be transparent
Iran: Pumping gas into centrifuges is a response to US sanctions
1 year ago
Iran has started pumping uranium gas into hundreds of IR-1s & IR-6 centrifuges as part of its plan to reach uranium enrichment capacity of at least 190,000 SWU, the spokesman for Iran's atomic energy organization said, adding that IAEA has been informed of the move
1 year ago
US-European statement stresses that Iran must not acquire nuclear weapons
Blinken: Iran is not willing to return to the nuclear deal
Iranian Foreign Minister: Any nuclear agreement must observe our red lines, and we have a serious will to reach a good and sustainable agreement
Blinken: We will continue to target Iran's oil exports until it returns to the nuclear deal
1 year ago
Iranian officials are likely to hold a new negotiating session in Vienna in the coming days
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