14 June 2021
The U.S. Military has triggered a massive surge of its wartime sealift ships
US satellites spotted Iran preparing drones and missiles ahead of attacks on Saudi oil facilities, Pentagon officials say
KRG Minister of Peshmerga meets with Iran's Consul General in Erbil
"The administration needs to brief Congress fully and if the president is considering military options, his first stop must be Capitol Hill, not Riyadh," says @RepEliotEngel, chairman of @HouseForeign
1 year ago
British Prime Minister stresses to the Saudi Crown Prince the importance of a collective response to attacks on Saudi oil facilities
Secretary of State Pompeo flying to Saudi Arabia to meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Wednesday following attack on Kingdom's oil facilities. Pompeo also going to Abu Dhabi to meet UAE Prince Mohammed bin Zayed: State Dept. statement
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 27km SE of Paynjuwayn, Iraq
Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer says we will receive secret briefing tomorrow on recent attacks on Saudi Arabia
US embassy to Germany says Iran trade conference taking place in Berlin is terror funding1 year ago
US embassy to Germany says Iran trade conference taking place in Berlin is terror funding
Pentagon prepares to release report on Aramco attacks within 48 hours: Bloomberg
Saudi Energy Minister: All international parties will be informed of who is responsible for the attack after investigation
Saudi Minister of Energy: attack on Aramco is not covered by insurance companies because it is "an act of war"
Saudi Energy Minister: Saudi production capacity will return to 11 million barrels per day by the end of September
Saudi Energy Minister: We are working to find out the mastermind behind the attack on Aramco and its participants
Trump: I am not looking to meet Rouhani on the sidelines of UN meetings
Top US general- Chairman Joseph Dunford- says US provided forensic support to the Saudis for attack
Dunford- says Centcom is providing expertise to the Saudis and confirmed we have a team in the ground at the oil field breaking
President hasn't asked for any action but planning yet on Saudi situation, says Dunford
Dunford on what's next in mideast Gen Mackenzie hasn't asked for more forces. US established force protection for deterrence in May
We are letting the Saudis make an assessment, says Dunford on the attack on the oilfield over the weekend
Aramco: It took us less than 7 hours to put out the fires after the attacks
Saudi Minister of Energy: Attacks on oil facilities and international shipping lines affect all countries, whether developing or advanced
Saudi Energy Minister: attack on Aramco led to the interruption of 5 million and 700 thousand barrels per day of crude oil
"Iran continues to violate int'l norms & instead has chosen to promote instability & danger" per SecDef @EsperDoD at top of mtg with Bahrain's Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa. Esper also thanked Bahrain for working with US to "deter further provocative acts by Iran"
Iranian proxies have not been deterred from attacks on Saudi Arabia, this looked different from previous Houthi attacks. Dunford says to reporters
Macron worried attack on Saudi oil may hurt moves to ease U.S.-Iran crisis: diplomats
The US has identified the exact locations in Iran from which a combination of more than 20 drones and cruise missiles was launched against the Saudi oil facilities—from southern Iran at the northern end of the Persian Gulf, per a Sr. US official to @CBSDavidMartin @CBSNews
1 year ago
Khamenei: No negotiation will take place between the officials of the Islamic Republic and the U.S. at any level, whether in New York or anywhere else
Pence: Iran is the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism and the greatest threat to stability and security in the region
Cruise missiles used in attack on Saudi Arabia: US official
Pence: Pompeo will discuss in Saudi Arabia "ways to respond" to the Aramco attack
Pence: Our intelligence is reviewing all the evidence in the Aramco attacks
Pence: Pompeo visits Saudi Arabia today in the wake of Aramco attack
Vice President Mike Pence: The US military is ready after the attacks on Saudi Arabia
The @DOTMARAD, in conjunction with @MSCSealift and @US_TRANSCOM, has ordered a no-notice turbo activation of between 23 to 25 ships from the 46 ship Ready Reserve Force. This is the largest activation since 40 ships were used in Op Iraqi Freedom in 2003
USAF C130J TORQE97 tracking over the Gulf1 year ago
USAF C130J TORQE97 tracking over the Gulf
Kuwait Foreign Minister: Armed forces must be ready to face any destabilizing events of security and stability
Houthi spokesman for the Al Jazeera: There are no red lines in front of us and we will target all countries involved in war in Yemen
Spokesman for the Houthis: It is time for Saudi Arabia to realize that its bet on US protection is a losing bet
Saudi Cabinet: This act of aggression is an extension of previous attacks on Aramco with Iranian weapons
Houthi spokesman: The coming defensive operations will be harsher and more painful if the aggression and siege continue
Saudi Council of Ministers: This unprecedented aggression threatens international peace and security
King Salman: Saudi Arabia will defend its territory and facilities, whatever the source of these attacks
Egypt FM Shukri: We will be with Saudi Arabia to face the challenges it faces
1 year ago
Khamenei: Sisters and brothers who hear these words, know that the improvement of the affairs of a country lies in the hands of the people of that country, particularly the youth. There is no hope in the foreigners and the decaying Western capitalism
1 year ago
Boris Johnson's spokesman says the Prime Minister has agreed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to work with energy and determination to reach a Brexit agreement and will discuss it at a meeting of the United Nations next week
Trump said he does not want to go to war with Iran, although he warned that the US is "better prepared" in case a conflict arises between the two countries
1 year ago
Johnson discussed with Merkel the attack on Aramco's oil facilities and the need to work with international partners on a collective response
1 year ago
British Prime Johnson has held talks with Merkel on Iran and agreed on the need to reduce the escalation in the region
Kuwaiti FM: Kuwait condemns the attack on Aramco facilities
Air strikes kill at least 10 pro-Iran fighters in eastern Syria – AFP citing war monitor
[email protected] has learned that low altitude cruise missiles were used in Saudi oil attack and they were flown from the north. A source tells CNN there is a very high probability the missiles and drones were launched from an Iranian base near the Iraq border
1 year ago
The Kremlin says Moscow has received no new information about attacks on Saudi Arabia that could lead to any conclusions
1 year ago
Chief of Foreign intelligence service of Russia Naryshkin: there is a threat of military scenario after drones attack on Saudi Arabia
1 year ago
Khamenei: Over the past 40 years, Iran has been encountered by various tricks & enemies have failed to defeat Iran.Their policies have been defeated one after the other by Islamic Republic's policies& Islamic Republic will continue to overcome them, coming out of the battle as victorious
1 year ago
Khamenei: By negotiations the U.S.'s doesn't seek a fair solution, rather -as they say- they want to make demands for Iran to submit. For such negotiations they should go after those who act as their 'MilkingCows'. Islamic Republic, is a Republic of believers in God & of dignity
1 year ago
Khamenei: If U.S. repents & returns to JCPOA it withdrew from, then it can join & talk with Iran among other members of the deal. Otherwise no negotiation will take place between Islamic Republic& U.S. officials at any level, whether in New York or anywhere else
Iranian supreme leader says no negotiations 'on any level' with US
1 year ago
Khamenei: 1. Negotiation with U.S. means imposition of their demands on Iran 2. Negotiation means a show of the success of U.S.'s policy of maximum pressure. That's why the respected President, FM & others unanimously declared we won't negotiate with U.S. bilaterally or multilaterally
1 year ago
Khamenei: Statements will be released in a few minutes on the issue of negotiations with the U.S
Tanker Trackers:The AdrianDarya1 is STILL FULLY LADEN. A @planetlabs hi-res SkySat tilted angle satellite image shows that she's deep in the water. Shadows & time of day confirm it as well. Also compare height of side ladder with photo captured in Gibraltar. Right pic: ladder example
Saudi Foreign Ministry statement on attacks
@POTUS says he will send @SecPompeo to SaudiArabia soon after the Saudi Oil attacks
Stopping for more Q&A before boarding Marine One, @POTUS was asked if a lethal US military response would be proportional to the attack on Saudi Arabia. "I think that it would," he said
Asked if a US military strike on Iran would be proportional to the attack on Saudi oil facilities, @POTUS responds: "I think that it would."
Trump says he agrees with Secretary Pompeo on Iran's responsibility for Aramco attacks
The USArmy, with its inter-agency team, "is working with our partners to face this unprecedented attack and to defend the order based on respect for international rules that is being undermined by Iran," said the Defense Secretary Esper
1 year ago
Iran, Turkey, Russia leaders condemn US decision on Golan Heights as violating international law and threatening regional peace and security
Putin: we are ready to help Saudi Arabia, supplying them with S-300 and S-400 like Iran and Turkey had already done. They will protect Saudi oil industry1 year ago
Putin: we are ready to help Saudi Arabia, supplying them with S-300 and S-400 like Iran and Turkey had already done. They will protect Saudi oil industry
1 year ago
Iran's Rouhani says Saudi attacks were self-defence by Yemen rebels
1 year ago
Speaking in Ankara after talks with Erdogan and Rouhani, Russian President Putin proposes Russian weapons for purchase to Saudi Arabia if it wants to protect its oil industry
1 year ago
There are militants east of Euphrates River in Syria, and that area is controlled by US - Iran's Rouhani
Felt earthquake (زلزله) M4.5 strikes 55 km NE of Bandar 'Abbās (Iran)
1 year ago
Russian President Putin: Syrians must help set constitutional frameworks for their country
NATO expresses deep concern after attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia
1 year ago
Iranian President Rouhani: "The US supported militants in Syria, tried to divide Syria. This is not acceptable."
The United Arab Emirates is ready to cooperate with Saudi Arabia to face any possible disruptions to oil supplies, according to UAE Minister of Energy Suhail al-Mazrouei
PM @netanyahu tells @GLZRadio: Israel is prepared for the possibility it might be drawn into any U.S.-Iranian confrontation over a strike on a Saudi oil plant
1 year ago
Iranian President Rouhani with Putin and Erdogan in Ankara: The U.S. has no right to be in Syria. US forces must leave the region immediately
President Trump and senior administration officials met at the White House on Monday to discuss how to respond to the Iranian attack on a Saudi oil facility
1 year ago
Russian President Putin: we are deeply concerned about the situation in Idlib
1 year ago
Russian President Putin: We are working on the success of the political process and reconstruction in Syria
1 year ago
Rouhani: "Iran believes that the Syrian crisis can only be solved by political means and that this will happen with the participation of the Syrian people"
US envoy to the United Nations: Information indicates that Iran bears responsibility for the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia
Attack on two oil installations in Saudi Arabia came from Iranian soil - US officials tell
Spokesman for the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen: Preliminary results of investigations into the Aramco attack indicate that it was not carried out from Yemeni territory as the Houthi militias claimed
1 year ago
[email protected]: Remember when Iran shot down a drone, saying knowingly that it was in their "airspace" when, in fact, it was nowhere close. They stuck strongly to that story knowing that it was a very big lie. they say that they had nothing to do with the attack on Saudi Arabia. We'll see
Trump: We will help our allies in the Middle East even though we don't need the region's oil
1 year ago
[email protected]: Because we have done so well with Energy over the last few years (thank you, Mr. President.), we are a net Energy Exporter, & the Number One Energy Producer in the World. We don't need Middle Eastern Oil & Gas, & in fact have very few tankers there, but will help our Allies
1 year ago
Turkish President Erdogan and Russian President Putin meets before Russia-Iran-Turkey Trilateral Summit on Syria
1 year ago
The Russian Foreign Ministry condemns the attack on the Aramco facilities and considers it very worrying
Iraq: Pompeo assured Abdul Mahdi that the information available to Washington confirms the statement of the Iraqi government that Iraqi territory was not used in the attack on Aramco
Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi assures US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a telephone call on Iraq's determination to prevent the use of its territory to launch attacks against any country
Iran's Fars news agency says Revolutionary Guards seize ship cause of "smuggling diesel" in the Strait of Hormuz
1 year ago
British Prime Minister's spokesman: London stands with its ally Saudi Arabia
1 year ago
Putin has arrived in Ankara for trilateral summit on Syria
Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar met with his Iran ian counterpart Hatami in Ankara. The two officials discussed regional security issues during the meeting1 year ago
Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar met with his Iran ian counterpart Hatami in Ankara. The two officials discussed regional security issues during the meeting
US Energy Secretary accuses Iran of involvement in attack on Saudi oil facilities
US Secretary of Energy: Iran must take responsibility for action and this behavior is unacceptable
The European Union calls for greater restraint after the attack on Aramco plants
1 year ago
Turkish President Erdogan and Iranian President Rouhani started bilateral meeting before the start of Trilateral Summit of Turkey-Iran-Russia
1 year ago
Russia's Novak says commercial oil stocks enough to cover Saudi losses
Iran: The fourth step of reducing our commitments to the nuclear deal is under preparation
US Sec of State Pompeo calls Iraq's prime minister. No info of what was discussed
HMS Kent escorting Kamilla Kosan through the Persian gulf this morning1 year ago
HMS Kent escorting Kamilla Kosan through the Persian gulf this morning
1 year ago
British Foreign Secretary: Attack on Saudi oil sites is a flagrant violation of international law
1 year ago
Houthis warns foreign firms to leave Saudi oil facilities at Abqaiq
Iran says there will be no meeting between Rouhani and Trump at UN General Assembly
Iran says it will release detained British carrier soon as legal proceedings are completed
1 year ago
The Kremlin does not rule out discussing attacks on Aramco facilities today in Ankara on the sidelines of the Russian-Iranian-Turkish summit
1 year ago
Russian Energy Minister: Attacks on Saudi Aramco could negatively affect global energy security
Iran says accusation of attack on Aramco facilities "unacceptable and baseless"
Iran launched nearly a dozen cruise missiles and over 20 drones from its territory in the attack on a key Saudi oil facility, a senior Trump administration official told @ABC News
1 year ago
[email protected]: The Fake News is saying that I am willing to meet with Iran, "No Conditions." That is an incorrect statement (as usual.)
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